Lost in Love update Monday 16 May 2022

Lost in Love 16 May 2022: Virat tells Pakhi that he shouldn’t have accepted Gadchiroli’s posting; he wouldn’t have been blamed if he had not taken it. He says if police department suspends him, his name, career, and dreams will all end and he will not get a second chance to prove himself; he will lose the dignity which he earned with his hard work. He scolds Sayi that she is responsible for all this, even then she came to feed him food; how can he when he is in deep sorrows. Pakhi says he shouldn’t blame himself and think about a solution calmly. He says Vithal is very powerful in Gadchiroli and its not easy. Pakhi says there must be some way out to prove that he is forcefully married. Sayi asks why she interferes when she doesn’t know anything, she asked him to take department’s help and escape from Gadchiroli; does she know.

Pakhi says she doesn’t want to know anything and knows to just help her best friend. Sayi blames Virat that she pleaded him to not marry her, but he did and now he is trying to prove that she is wrong in front of his best friend. Virat asks if she means he was eager to marry her. Pakhi asks him to calm down and think of a solution. Sayi yells that instead of discussing issue with her, he chose to discuss it with most intelligent person here, his friend, she will not forget this insult and will not let him to forget it.Karishma notices Sayi walks towards Usha’s room with pillow and thinks definitely Virat and Sayi must have fought. Sayi knocks door and sleeps on Usha’s bed. Usha asks if damadji told anything. Sayi says nobody told anything, she should sleep now as they need to go out tomorrow.

Usha asks where will they go in this unknown city; if she fought with damadji, she should be thankful instead that she got such a good family, she doesn’t know that Damadji started liking her. Sayi fumes. Virat knocks door and asks if she saw Sayi. Usha says yes she is inside room. Sayi signals not to. Usha says she asked Sayi to sleep here tonight. Virat says he is a policeman and knows what is happening, if Sayi doesn’t return to her room, she has to stay here permanently. Sayi shouts she will sleep in this room forever and doesn’t want to hear his taunts. Virat walks to his room and doesn’t get sleep without her, thinks why he is feeling weird, if he is habituated to her blabbering. He finds Sayi’s clip on bed and thinks he is thinking wrong. Sayi also doesn’t get sleep reminiscing Virat’s words.

Next morning, Bhavani and Saloni write down grocery list. Karishma asks Saloni to order oats as she wants to lose weight. Bhavani yells there is no need to increase expenses, already waste people barged into house since a few days. She asks Pakhi to order if she likes something and insists. Pakhi says she likes cornflakes. Bhavani permits her and yells at Karishma again. Ninad asks her to order both cornflakes and oats. Bhavani sees Sayi and Usha leaving home and asks where are they going. Usha says Sayi has some work. Virat walks down. Ninad yells at Virat to teach his wife to take permission from vahini wherever she goes. Sayi says she doesn’t need anyone’s permission to go. Saloni says this is not jungle raj and everyone takes vahini’s permssion and inform her where they go. Virat asks Sayi to inform badimaa where she is going. Sayi says she doesn’t have to. Shivani says Virat is worried for her, so she should inform him at least where is she going.

Sayi gets adamant. Virat insists to tell and go. Sayi argues with him. Badi maa warns if she doesn’t inform, she will break her legs and not let her go out of this house. Sayi brings stick and asks her to break her legs, she will go out at any cost. Bhavani angrily throws stick away. Virat says if Sayi’s rude behavior continues, it would be difficult for her to stay long in this house. Sayi says she already informed him that she will not stay here for long. Virat says it is difficult to follow promise made to Kamal sir. Sayi says its up to him and she is not forcing him though. Shivani asks her to calm down. Pakhi asks him not to bother about Sayi’s drama and go to office. Sayi walks towards door. Usha pleads to let her go with Sayi. Bhavani warns Sayi that she will not let her step out of house until she informs where is she going. She says she will after returning home.

Sayi walks out of Chavan Mansion angrily. Usha stops her. Sayi asks what happened now. Usha asks if she didn’t see what happened inside. Sayi says who are they to stop her from going out. Usha asks if its necessary. Sayi says yes. Usha says they are her sasural people and not her Gadchiroli friends. Sayi asks if family behaves like this, elders should not be so rude. Usha says her sasural is worried for her as we are strangers in this city, after marrying Virat this is her house. Sayi says she realized marriageis nothing, but compatibility is. Usha insists her to inform her in-laws where she is going. Sayi says she will not and continuing to argue with her gets into cab and leaves. Ashwini returns from temple and seeing Sayi calls her, but in vain.

Pakhi takes tea for Virat and says the way Sayi ignored family and insulted her, especially him who supported her going against famil, she felt really bad. Virat says he doesn’t know why Sayi adamantly denied to inform where she is going. Pakhi says that is because he is fulfilling all her demands; if he doesn’t stop entertaining all her demands, it would be troublesome for him and his family in the future; he should forget Sayi. Virat looks at her. She says she means for the time being and concentrate on how to prove himself innocent.

Sayi reaches police head quarters. Usha asks why did she come here. Sayi says she will meet Virat’s boss and inform him how Virat’s family misbehaves with her. Usha asks if she is mad. Sayi drags her in. At Chavan mansion, family is still shocked seeing Sayi’s adamancy. Saloni comments this is new bahu’s manners. Omkar asks her to calm down or else tigress may attack even her. Bhavani comments that every intelligent person is in her house, Virat married an uncultured and rude girl and forced her on them. Ashwini walks in and asks Bhavani why did Sayi go out angrily, if she scolded her. Saloni asks her to find out what her bahu did before alleging vahini. Ashwini asks why would Sayi do that. Bhavani says Virat married an uncultured and rude girl and they are suffering because of that; Sayi forgot that she is Chavan family’s bahu now, she didn’t even felt important to inform elders and then go out with maid. Ashwini says Sayi must have some important work. Pakhi says she should have seen how Sayi misbehaved with elders.

Ashwini says there is some misunderstanding. Bhavani says she taunts other’s bahus and is protecting her bahu. Ashwini asks if she is referring Pakhi, she doesn’t taunt Pakhi unncessarily. Ninad yells at her to think well before arguing with vahini. Omkar says Sayi doesn’t respect elders or value their culture. Ashwini says Sayi is bad mouthed, but is not bad. Bhavani says she herself is ruining her son’s life. Ninad yells Virat is also his son and Ashwini cannot insult Bhavani and Pakhi repeatedly. Omkar asks Pakhi to stop insulting Pakhi repeatedly. Ashwini says she is not insulting anyone, problem is they all are hell bent to prove Pakhi right and Sayi wrong, so they always praise Pakhi and insult Sayi. Bhavani warns her again to stop supporting Sayi and hide her mistakes, asks if she knows where Sayi went. Ashwini says no. Saloni says her bahu Karishma never goes out of house without informing her. Sunny walks in and seeing their angry faces asks Pakhi if something happened. Karishma informs that Sayi left home without informing anyone.

Sunny asks how can she go like that. Karishma asks if Sayi went to police station to complain against Virat as she saw Sayi sleeping in Usha’s room last night.Sayi walks into DIG office and requests constable to let her meet DIG. Constable says she cannot meet DIG without appointment. She asks him to inform DIG that Sayi Joshi who topped 12th exam in whole Maharastra wants to meet her. Constable goes in, returns, and says DIG is free for a few minutes. Sayi walks in and introduces herself again. He says he knows her as even his daughter passed 12th exam this year, asks why did she marry at such an young age. She says she had to due to uneventful situations and shifted to Nagpur recently, he knows her husband. He asks who is he. She says ACP Virat Chavan. He says she is the one, why did she come here. She says she came to inform that Virat is innocent and had to marry her due to villager’s pressure and to protect her.

He asks why did Vithal complain against Virat. She says he wanted to get his son married to her and explains whole story and how Jagtap even killed her father inspector Kamal Joshi and how Virat saved her, etc. He asks if she is not afraid to come to DIG office and speak truth. She says she had to come to prove Virat innocent who married her to full his promise made to her father. Virat enters and reminds DIG about their meeting at 12 noon. DIG asks him to wait and gives his phone number to Sayi to call him anytime she needs his help. She thanks him. Virat hears her voice. DIG calls him in. Virat seeing Sayi asks what is she doing here. DIG sends Sayi away. Back at home, family eagerly waits for Sayi worried for her. Bhavani asks someone to call Sayi’s number. Karishma calls, but Sayi’s phone rings in her room. Sunny returns and informs Bhavani that he couldn’t find Sayi.Bhavani insists Ashwini to tell where her bahu is. Ashwini says even now she is telling that Sayi is a good girl and prays for her safety.

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