A love to die for update Tuesday 17 May 2022

A love to die for 17 May 2022: Arohi asks Deep’s dad what is deep going to do? Tell me what dangerous game is he playing? He takes wasu to room. Arohi says please tell me too. She waits outside and he tells wasu something. He comes out and says I can’t say anything until I have a proof. Wasu says arohi what do you want. Leave my son’s life and go from here.Arohi follows Deep’s dad. Someone (Tarank) gives him a file. Arohi says what is that file? And who gave it to him? Arohi comes home after him. Arohi locks wasu in room.

A love to die for 16 May 2022

She screams and says someone open the door. Deep’s dad runs to her. Arohi checks the file in his room. Dad asks Wasu what happened? She says someone locked me here. arohi checks the file. Arohi leaves saying I took pictures of this file. I will see what’s in it.Kiya comes in Arohi’s way. Kiya says why do you come in my way when I am going to meet deep? Arohi says he is a disgusting human. Kiya says where were you when I was in trouble? He was there. What you suffered from must be your mistake as well. You interfere in other people’s life. Arohi says give me one day’s time. I will give you all the proofs. Kiya picks vase and says let me go.

Tarank comes to Ranbir and says there is a letter for you. He says the place where deep had to be, what was ranjit doing there? Tarank says it must be a misunderstanding. Arohi comes there. She shows a video to Ranbir. Arohi says what information is there. He says this is criminal information. Arohi says if deep is planning all this he can be very dangerous. Tarank says I am coming. Tarank calls Ranjit and says Arohi got all the information. You are in trouble. Ranbir comes and says who is in trouble? She says nothing. Ranbir gives Arohi a camera and says place it in Deep’s room.

Arohi comes to Deep’s room and plants the camera there. Deep makes her fall and says I asked you not to spy on me. Or you will be responsible for your family’s loss. Aroi says you can’t threaten me. what is this plan? First Tara then Netra and now a third person? Who do you plan on killing now? What is all this? Tell me. He says go and ask your File .Arohi comes to Ranjit and says deep said you have all answers to my questions. Why is deep doing all this? He says I am also trying to stop him and find answers. I don’t know anything myself.
Arohi comes to Deep. He says you got the answer? Arohi says enough. I wont sit silently until I get to know everything.

This is my right. You are playing with lives for power. He says would you be able to take the truth? I will tell you everything. Come with me first. He picks her and locks her in a suitcase. Arohi screams. Deep takes the suitcase to a dark place. Arohi says what are you doing. Her hands are tied. Deep takes out an injection. He gives the injection to deep. He says this poison will kill you. I was there to die. I want to be the most powerful in the world and no one is important to me. Neither my dad nor you.Arohi says my world starts with myself. I don’t love anyone. There is no place for anyone in my world.

It started from the beginning. Deep tells how he was called coward and bullied in school. He says and when I used to come home my own father used to hit me for mistakes I never did. Ranjit used to hit him. Deep says he was a demon. He wouldn’t let me live or die. He used to exercise his power on a poor child.. This is why I decided not to bow down in front of anyone. I was power and wealth. If you can help me then come with me if not then.. Don’t come in my way. Aroi comes home. Arohi sees Kiay with deep. He says do as I ask.Arohi comes to her room and sees a gift box in her room. Arohi says Kiya.. There can be a bomb in this box. Kiya opens it. Arohi says sto.. There is a stuffed toy in it. Arohi sees a letter with I am sorry di. It has their mother’s watch. Arohi says you did all this? Kiya says this watch was always yours. She makes her wear it. Kiya says this is our childhood watch. I could never understand you. You all loved me so much. Arohi hugs her and says my sister grew up. Arohi says someone asked you to do all this? Kuya says deep is a very nice person. There is someone else.. Ranjit comes in. He says kiya are you okay. I saw deep with you. Kiya leaves. Ranjit says you didn’t tell her about Deep? He leaves.

WAsu says Arohi why don’t you go away from my son’s life? arohi says he doesn’t let me go. He has my family. Wasu says it that’s the case I will can help you. Arohi says did Ranjit used hit Deep? Wasu is scared. She looks behind Arohi and says it wasn’t always his mistake but sometimes it was. Arohi coms to her room and recalls everything. Arohi says why are you not with me ma. I am alone. She cries and sleeps. Deep comes to Arohi’s room adn caresses her face. Arohi says you.. What are you doing here. Deep says you are my wife. I know my wife is mad at me. This is my room and yours. My every breath has your name on it. Listen to it.. He hugs her. Arohi smiles. Arohi says no I don’t hear anything. You only know how to deceive. You only know how to use people. I can’t trust you. Deep hugs her and says how can you say everything is a lie?? Look into my eyes. ARohi says love and trust do not sound good from your mouth. He says look in my eyes don’t you see love and protection for yourself.. Deep dances with her.

Deep comes close to her. Arohi says someone is knocking. He says nothing is more important than this.. Arohi was dreaming all this. Ranjit is knocking on the door. He says why were you not opening.. He says we have to expose deep. Here is the proof. Deep has a destructive plan. We have to stop Deep. He is going to do something big.Deep says on call I want to do a big blast this time. I will go with the stuff myself. So many lives will change. Ranjit says we have to save many lives Arohi.

Arohi comes to ranbir and says we have arrest deep. Deep is there disguised as police officer. He looks at Ranbir. Deep came to Ranbir. He said you have to come with me so my stuff gets to its right place. You have to show your loyalties. Ranbir says okay Arohi you go I will handle it. Arohi leaves. Deep says don’t act smart with me. Ranbir says in heart if I can’t my men will stop you. Deep comes a shed. He says all these packets should be in my car right now.. 5. 4. 3. 2. Arohi comes and says 1.Arohi says I know you are smuggling weapons. He says I can do anything for money. I told you I want to be the richest in the world. You can shoot me.

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