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I do 17 May 2022: Episode starts with Munisa wondering where her other bangle is … Her Perv husband remembers that he had gifted the other bangle to Haya in a frolicy mood.In kitchen Sanam tries to coax information out of Latif about the prisoner in the house … Latif almost blurted it out but controlled himself at the last minute.Munisa sees the bangle on Haya’s hand and confronts her. She is sure that Haya is a thief. Haya uses sign language to say that Munisa’s husband had given her the bangle. The husband tells Munisa that Haya is lying. Munisa slaps Haya.

Sanam is sure Aahil has something to do with the prisoner since he is definitely a jallad. She decides to ask Begum sahiba who is constantly counting beads on a rosary ( super pious Billo rani) … She cannot possibly lie. Sanam doesn’t get the chance to ask cos joker Khala Khalu has brought pest controller to clear pests in the house and are busy seeking permission from Begum Sahiba ( why does Khala Khalu call her begum sahiba , they are sisters after all)

Rahat tries to apologize to Haya since he didn’t realize that she was deaf and mute earlier. Munisa tells him to stay away from her …. She is not as innocent as she looks, says Munisa.Billo rani asks Sanam to come to her room to serve tea. Sanam masters courage to ask about the BLUE room ( where a person is locked )! Billo is annoyed. Nazia comes to see mama and Billo gets away without answering the question about the prisoner in that room.

Billo is angry at Khala for letting Sanam get close to the blue room. Sanam at night sees some guy in blue uniform ( the exterminator) standing outside the mansion. She tells Latif about it .. Latif says he must be smitten by latif’s beauty.next morning the exterminator comes with 4 more guys in blue uniform. Khala Khalu wants to get rid of some of them but they inform that Begum sahiba has already paid for them. Sanam accidentally sees some wire in the bag pack that the exterminator has brought. She realizes something is not quite right.

Ahil is talking on the phone, he yells at the exterminators for messing up the wire system in the house …Sanam gets dilshad’s call, and informs her that haya is safe as she finds her approaching towards the haveli. Meanwhile, Maqsood calls someone and tells that the time has come for the implementation of their plan. While ahil and other afmily members are busy, mnaqsood points the gun at them and he, along with his team, get the entire family captive. Ahil asks whats this nonsense. Maqsood says that this haveli is now captured by them.

all are shocked and scared. Meanwhile, Haya is about to enter inside when sanam comes and takes her to the lawn to sit unaware of the danger that looms inside. Meanwhile, inside ahil stealthily takes the phoner, but one of them stops him and takes the phone in lieu of his sisters’ safety.In the lawn, Haya is tensed. Sanam notices this and asks if everything is okay and if she is treated nicely, as she looks very lost. haya doesnt complain. Sanam explains her enormous workload here due to which she hasnt been able to come. Sanam is about to enter inside when she finds the people captive inside, while one of them calls up someone and says that the work has been done.

Ahil unable to take it any longer, engages singlehandedly in a scuffle and is about to overpower the situation, when their boss comes in claiming to be a terrorist, says that they finally shall prove their existence and be taken seriously once they explode this haveli. Ahil tries to enter into a scuffle, but the boss gets ahil helpless at the point of the gun. tanveer pleads not to hurt ahil. ahil vouches for his mother. The boss smirks at the situation, that ahil wants to sacrifice for the country, and the mother wants to sacrifice for the son, and tghat everyone shall die today, the question being who would die first. He starts going to everyone with his gun pointed at them, while they all are scared and finally settles on tanveer, when ahil says that he should leave his family and his mother, and take his life instead.

the boss says that they should take his life first then.Sanam tells haya that something is definitely wrong inside, and that they have to do something. haya offers to call the police, while sanam leaves to call someone frpom the outside. She almost collides into someone, seeing who she is shocked.While the terrorist is about to shoot ahil, Sanam comes in a Burqa dramatising, to be the lover of ahil, and saying that she wanted just an apology from him, and nothing else, but if that doesnt happen, then so be it, and that she would die herself first before seeing her husband die.

ahil is shocked to see sanam like this. The boss says that he hasnt been sent by her brother and ass who is this brother she is talking about. She shows them towards the door. They identify the person as Captain Virat aka Akshay kumar. Ahil and others are shocked to see him too. Virat manages to beat the hell out of the terrorists, but their boss activates the bomb and then tells virat that its over. Virat tells ahil to get evereyone out of the haveli as its been planted with bombs. Ahil complies. Virat manages to retrieve the bomb and diffuse it safely and grab hold of the master terrorist, as he continues to threaten.

Meanwhile, Sanam finds movement in the locked door. She says that they have to rescue that person too and rushes towards there. Tanveer is tensed that she might know the truth and referring to that captive person as Badi Begum, she rushes after sanam, so as she doesnt get to know too much. but sanam manages to open the door, and is shocked to find an old woman lying down on the bed, muttering in semi conscious state. she places her hand at the woman and she is shocked and scared to see her. sanam identifies herself and asks her not to be scared as she works here only as the cook.

Meanwhile, ahil finds tanveer on the stairs while she is concerned for that room, ahil rushes to save her, while tanveer is frustrated that she isnt able to stop ahil from seeing the person thats been locked from so long. Ahil refers to that lady as Badi Ammi, and rushes to sanam’s aid as she finds her supporting badi ammi. they both get her down the stairs, past tanveer asking her to come down too. tanveer is very tensed.While virat captures their boss, the police too comes in with haya, who nab the terrorists and take them away. sanam thanks virat, while he compliments profusely for their bravery, especially sanam and ahil.

He explains the way terrorists function as sleeper cells, while all listen intently, to his work and his job profile. ahil is shocked that he is a secret agent, while virat says that even his family doesnt know it, to keep them out of danger. Ahil says that he was on holiday. But then sanam recapitualtes how she had collided into virat, who’s ahil’s childhood friend, and then asked for help, while virat says that when he was talking to ahil, he got to know of the disturbance in their house and came here. He hugs ahil happily.

Azhar’s mother, latif and sanam lie her down on the bed, while azhar’s mother tells sanam to come along now, for her to rest. sanam doesnt want to leave, but is insisted by azhar’s mother and latif to rush along and finish the remaining work. She resignedly gets up, but her hand is held by badi ammi. Sanam says that she feels that she wants to say something. Azhar’s mother says that for years, she has opened her mouth just to eat, and never to speak, and hence they shouldnt get her angry. Thery leave along with sanam. tanveer comes in, seeing who badi ammi is scared. tanveer closes the door, while badi ammi keeps lying down. The screen freezes on tanveer’s tensed face.

Ahil is reprimanding sanam for being extra protective of badi ammi, and that in doing so, she is unbdermining them. sanam says that she feels that she wanted to talk to someone. But ahil doesnt listen to anyone, and says that she wont be near that person. tanveer tells them and particularly sanam, that its not that they dont feel good about hjer or take care of her, but tells that they are doing so, keeping her in captivity on the doctor’s orders, as she gets vilent when she sees someone, and ios helpless to keep her locked like that inhumanly, and tells that shee did this for the kids, so that badi ammi herself or the kids arent hurt.

Sanam says that dilshad says that in this age, people dont need meds, but blessings, and a company to talk to, and since all are busy in their own lives, she thought that she could take care of her. Sanam offers to take care of Badi Ammi, from Begum Sahiba aka Tanveer. She is super frustrated having been cornered. Rehaan suggests to Ahil that Sanam is right and that its correct to give Badi Ammi’s caretaking in Sanam’s hands. Ahil is tensed. He refuses point blank saying that she is an outsider. Rehaan says that despite everyone being here, only sanam could save her and in fact the whole family too. Tanveer tells him that this is right and that she would never be able to thank sanam anough.

Ahil refuses to accept that sanam saved them and did a favour, but rehaan and others too convince him, while rehaan suggets that this might work and that they should consult a specialist to find out what badi ammi needs. Tanveer is boggled and irritated, as things arent going the way she thought. tanveer thinks that if the doctor comes, then he shall find out that badi ammi isnt ill but is made to be, and that she cant let that happen. she tells ahil that it isnt needed and expresses faith on sanam, to let her take care of badi ammi, and says that she would definitely pray for badi ammi and she herself. She smiles evilly and leaves. Ahil eyes sanam tensedly, while she walks past him.

Sanam puts a lep on badi ammi’s legs, thinking that god may have given her everything, but rendered her helpless to use any of it. she wonders what happened that caused her to be like this and hoeps that even her enhemies arernt in such a state, feeling pity. She leaves. tanveer comes from behind, along with azhar’s parents. They discuss how badi ammi would recover soon, if sanam continues to take care like this. they ask why did tanveer give sanam this responsibility, as she would cure her and this isnt what she wants. They discuss that even if badi ammi recovers she wont be able to do anything. tan veer tells them that they shouldnt use their brains which arent there, and asks them to do what she says, and hence asks them to think once before thinking, that whatever she does, she does it for the safety of her kids and the family.

They get scared and agree. tanveer asks them to wat she says. She tells them that they dont need to be bothered, as this isnt destiny’s doopr but misfortune’s wall which cant be moved, as she has kept badi ammi unhealthy for 12 years and she wont be alright in 2 days. She says that a normal village girl would easily succumb to her vicious plan.While haya is drawing clothes on the rope, she eyes rahat intently, as he plays the mouth organ. Munisa comes and reprimands her to work fats as there’s lots of other work too. she leaves. Haya hurts herself in the finger, and rahat’s attention is instantly drawn. rahat rushes to help her but then remembers munisa’s warning and stops himself. Haya leaves from there.

Ahil is chatting up with his friend candidly, Heda, on the phone, when he guards himself when tanveer comes in. Tanveer picks up the topic of his girlfriends, and that he should get married now, as his bachelorhood would reflect badly on her and their step relation. ahil gets deeply affected and says that noone can say that about her. Tanveer asks what if she selects a girl for him. He says that he wont midn but he also knows her that she wont force him into something that he doesnt want. tanveer changes the topic and reminds him about the function in the evening, another ritual of azhar’s marriage. Ahil complies.

Tanveer asks ahil if she is going somewhere. Ahil says that he is going to pick up heda. While they are chatting, ahil gets tensed seeing sanam working. Tanveer understands that its sanam who got him upset, and tells him that she has never seen him change so much with someone’s presence. Tanveer advises ahil to keep his friends close and his enemies closer, so that their weaknesses can be known, so that when the time comes, it can be put to an advantage. Ahil asks if she too doesnt like sanam. Tanveer tells that she is just trying to undeerstand that woman.

She thinks to herself that she is just trying to figure out how to keep sanam away from badi ammi.

Sanam turns around to find ahil talking on the phone and not to herself, and then she realises that she had been a fool to think that ahil has changed, while he actually tries to calm his girlfriend down. Sanam is happy nevertheless that he atleast accepted his mistake in front of someone, and then says that she forgives him. sanam gets frustrated at ahil, when she finds him reverting back yet again.sanam gets food for rehaan, so that he can work easily late night. Sanam tells about her history of the dhaba, and then starts talking evil again about ahil, who is always inconsiderate about anyone’s needs.

rehaan asks if she thinks that ahil cant be good for anyone. He again tries to clarify her misunderstanding. sanam starts talking about her hopes and dreams when she landed in Bhopal, and compares it to the life that she is currently leading, under ahil’s debt, without having any friends. Rehaan asks whose he, if not a friend. she asks him to have food, and adds that he has indeed supported her many a times, and thanks him.While sanam is walking in the lobby, she collides into Tanveer and apologises profusely.

Tanveer asks why didnt she sleep. She says that she has to go to change Badi ammi’s sheet, and hence is going there. Tanveer is frustrated with all these problems, with badi ammi and sanam. But is determined not to let her get away with what she has always dreamed of.In the room, sanam changes the sheets, while badi ammi sits on the chair, and then says that she had given an extra blanket for cold and also talks about morning walks daily, so that her knees have movement. Tanveer is tensed in her room, remembering the snake incident with Badi ammi and throws off a glass in disgust.

She wonders where that will is, as she has waited 12 long years, and kept her ill and helpless, and hopes that badi ammi doesnt destroy the will and deprive her son of his right. She is frustrated when would badi ammi talk, and that now her condition is like she isnt able to even speak, and is disgusted when would she knows the secret to that will.While haya is lighting candles, farhad comes and tries to be intimate with her, while she runs away somehow and hides in rahat’s room’s curtains. Rahat turns her around asking who’s there.

An awkward eyelock follows, wherein she apologises in signals to rahat for dusturbing him, and then rushes out. rahat looks on.At the dinner table, while haya is serving dinner to munisa and her husband and he leers on her, munisa sees this and gets disturbed. Munisa starts reprimanding haya for being slow and lazy and asks her to hurry up and leave and give rahat his food in the room. Her husband eyes haya as she goes. Munisa is upset with his attention at haya.

In his room, rahat sits with memories of his past girlfriend, as he eyes a picture. He hears a knock on the door, and then finds haya entering with food. She serves him dinner and also lights up his room. Their eyes meet. He asks her to go. She complies. Later in the might, while haya starts looking for food in the fridge, munisa eyes her evilly remembering how she had thrown off all food in the dustbin so that haya would be hungry, as a revenge for the way she had tried to lure her husband. she leaves. haya satiates her hunger by eating Parle G biscuits, while tears roll down her cheeks. rahat comes in for water and finds haya like that and no food in the fridge.

he is apalled, after first trying to be careless about it. he leaves. Munisa finds rahat paying the delivery boy, as he hands him a pckage. Rahat begins to go to the kitchen, while munisa stops him, saying that if she doesnt eat one day, she wont die, and that a girl like her deserves this. Rahat tries to prove his point, but she asks why is he so caring all of a sudden for her. He eyes haya praying, while munisa too watches. Munisa comes in his way, and asks if seeing her erased Zaiba’s memories, and if his love was so easy to be forgotten. Rahat leaves in disgust.

Munisa is frustrated with haya trying to lure both her husband and brother and is determined to get rid of her soon.As sanam begins to go, after tending to badi ammi, she is surprised as she clutches tight at her hands, and turns around, while she eyes sanam apalled. She asks badi ammi if she is trying to say something, and encourages her to say it. She fumbles with words and tries to say something about the Red Wall, and Sallauddin and kabristan, and sanam wonders what she means by saying all that. finally badi ammi gives up and doses off. sanam asks her to try without hurting herself.

She treis but isnt able to. Sanam thanks the lord that she is able to speak finally, and decides to tell this to everyone, especially begum sahiba, and that she mightnt understand but others would definitely. she goes to get others. Badi ammi says that if tanveer gets to know that she can speak, then she would do something very dangerous. Sanam relates it all to tanveer, while tanveer is shocked. she demands to be taken there. sanam enters with tanveer. badi ammi is really scared to see tanveer. The screen freezes on her face.

Badi ammi is scaredf to find tanveer with sanam, who’s excited about her talking. Tanveer thanks the lord and asks badi ammi to speak, after so many years, and she has waited dearly. sanam asks her to say what she was telling her right now. tanveer waits for her to speak, but badi begum stays mum. sanam is shocked and thinks that she was just speaking. sanam thinks that she would call everyone, so that she gets the sterngth to be able to speak. tanveer refuses her to do so. sanam asks why. tanveer says that she knows that badi begum wouldnt say anything. sanam says that badi begum was trying to speak something, and mentions the words, salauddin and red wall.

tanveer is tensed. Tanveer says that all those things would happen as before. Sanam asks what. tanveer says that they all feel that badi begum would speak but it never happens. She says that badi ammi suffered a huge trauma after nawab’s death, and the doctors havwe told that she observes things, and whatever is in her heart, she feels the same too. sanam says that they should tell this atleast to ahil, as he had instructed her. tanveer vehemently refuses as ahil hads gotten really happy the last time, but things again were doomed and hence he doesnt want to have hoeps that would be dashed. Sanam says that she understands, but she doesnt want to, and feels again and again that badi ammi is trying to say something.

While latif is getting ready, sanam asks if she has worked long enough here, and when she complies, sanam asks if she knows anything about Saluddin. latif denies knowing anything. Sanam remembers badi ammi talking, and is tensed that badi begum wanted to say something, and there’s something amiss but wonders what.As badi ammi wakes up in her room, she finds tanveer sitting by her side, smiling evilly. She gets scared. tanveer says that she is very weird, and can talk with the servant, but not her.

She clutches at her face tightly, and asks why does she hate her and her son so much. She tells badi ammi, that enough is enough, and that she should reveal the secret of the will, and asks the meaning of Salauddin and Red wall, and asks her to talk, when she tries to refrain away. tanveer says that her ability to speak is out in the open. tanveer says that she has sacrificed enough for the will, marrying the old Nawab, spent so many years in jail, rotting away, but she never got weak and she never will, as she would get her son, his rights in the house.

Sanam talks to badi ammi, the next morning, telling how tanveer had wanted to hear her voice, and she would soon do so too. Badi ammi tries to tell sanam about some danger. Sanam asks whats the matter. Badi begum struggles to be able to speak and tell sanam about this. Sanam remembers tanveer’s observation abouit badi ammi, and relaxes her that there isnt any danger. Sanam is finally able to hear, 4 sided way. she wonders what she means.

While munisa is frustrated, her husband comes and asks whats the matter. Munisa tells that rahat has locked himself again and hasnt eaten since last night. he says that she must have said something. Munisa gets angry at him. He calms her down and asks why is he doing this. She says that he is always aloof, and ridden with memories, of the trauma that he suffered. Munisa says that he has lcoked himself again and last time came after 2 days, and god knows when he would come out now. He asks what does she mean. She says that if rahat locks himself, he doesnt realise anything that happens outside.

He thinks leeringly, and then reminds her that she had to go to her friend’s house, and that he would take care of everything in the house. Munisa doubts her intentions and he flirts with her and rives her worries away. She agrees to go.

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