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Radha Mohan 29 February 2024: Radha asks Mohan if he fell asleep informing those who are pure at heat never tend to fall asleep when they are angry, she explains she knows he is acting and slowly places her hand on his shoulder, Radha apologizes to Mohan admitting she should have talked so loudly with him, she accepts she made a mistake so asked for his apology,

Mohan asks if she is going to stop talking saying he will otherwise sleep in the hall, Radha assures she will not talk with him but requests him to go and sleep on the bed as she knows he does not like to sleep on the floor. Mohan says it is his punishment for trusting her, he instructs her to go and sleep on the bed otherwise he will himself sleep on the hall which neither Gungun nor Maa will like. Radha sits on the bed thinking that they must praise Damini for ruining everything when they feel it is going perfectly, Mohan angrily says he should praise Radha for once again renewing the wounds in their hearts. Radha thinks she knows what is wrong and then prays to Bihari jee that everything should be fine once again.

Radha walking in the hall thinks that when she did not love Mohan then desired to bring happiness in his life but now when she is in love then feels that happiness has gone away from them both, Radha is suddenly scared by Gungun who is smiling informing that she was just going to bring the water, Gungun asks what has happened between her and Mohan since she knows Radha has not slept the entire night, Gungun vows to go and talk with Mohan when Radha stops her mentioning she was not able to sleep since Mohan is snoring, Gungun smiles explaining that she knows Mohan snores very loudly sometimes, Radha explains it is not right as they should end something that is wrong.

In the morning Mr Trivedi is walking out of the house when Radha stops him asking where is he going without drinking this juice, Mr Trivedi says that he would certainly not drink it since it tastes very bad, Radha says that she knows ever since she has gone to the office he would have stopped drinking it, he asks how is she feeling working when Radha replies that she has just started and it would take her some time to learn everything, he advises her to be careful as he should not lose because he has placed a bet on her.

Radha mentions then she would need his help, he says that no one has asked for her help in this house, Radha explains Ketki said that he maintains a diary containing the numbers of all the employees in the office then she would need it, Mr Trivedi questions why does she need it, Radha replies he once told Mohan how they must know about all the employees this is why she needs it. Mr Trivedi takes out the keys to the wardrobe instructing her to take it out from there, Radha refuses asking how can she do it herself when he informs that he completely trusts her, revealing how the situation in this house has changed ever since she came, Radha smiling leaves with the keys, Mr Trivedi is smiling.

Radha sitting on the desk is trying to find the number, she gets worried when she is not even able to find the number in the diary of Mr Trivedi, Radha starts reading it loudly, Mohan coming from behind questions what is this number so asks her to read the number once again but Radha stops, he angrily demands it after which she agrees, he completes the contact number which stuns Radha who asks the person to whom does this number belong to, Mohan mentions this number belongs to Tulsi, hearing this even Tulsi is worried explaining if it is her number then should be in the records of the office.

Radha asks him to say it once again and corrects him informing in the end it is seven and six, Mohan mentions he cannot forget this number since he has called it a lot of times, so will not forget it till his death. Radha confirms if he is sure this number belongs to Tulsi, he asks what has happened when Radha informs this number is quite similar to that of Tulsi, as even he thought about it revealing sometimes they do not even read the number till the end, Radha explains there is just a difference of two digits, Radha remembers when Mohan showed her the texts of Tulsi.

He says he asked her to not interfere in these matters, Radha makes him swear on the life of Gungun, he mentions it is the right thing to make him do whatever she desires. Radha checks the mobile but is not able to find the number, Mohan says all the messages got deleted when the phone changed, Radha after thinking for a moment remembers when the phone of Mohan broke because of her, she asks when the phone broke who gave him the new mobile, Mohan says it was Damini. Radha asks when Tulsi died and his phone also broke at that time then who did bring the phone for him. Mohan informs Damini used to bring all the things that he desired. He asks why is she asking all these questions,

Radha replies because the number which he thinks belongs to Tulsi never belonged to her, he asks if she is trying to say that Tulsi did not send these messages, Tulsi praises Radha as now Mohan finally realized she did not send him those texts. Radha says that someone else send him all these texts, so he does not trust Tulsi, and he started to think like she desired. Radha says someone who is very close to him would send these texts only because they would benefit if he and Tulsi got separated. Radha once again blames Damini hearing which Mohan is stunned.

Damini standing beside the window wonders why is Radha trying to support whatever happened in the past, she quickly sits down and Radha tries to look and even runs out but is not able to see, Radha is sure Damini was listening to their conversation, she asks if he trusts her or not. Once again goes back inside without saying anything, Damini is really scared.

Mohan is furiously standing in the room, Radha asks why is he quiet and not saying anything mentioning he has found out about such a big secret of Damini, he asks what kind of truth is she talking about. Mohan asks if Radha has any proof of what she said, Radha requests him to think if anyone else can do anything like this, Mohan demands if she has any proof, saying she is just like always is falsely accusing Damini and does not have any proof. Mohan says she said Damini is not suitable for this house but was she able to prove it and even said that Damini desired to kill Gungun, he questions if she was able to do it.

He asks her to reply when Radha informs, she was not able to prove it. Mohan says she forcefully married him and after that does not even justify her actions, Mohan explains this changed Radha does whatever she desires however not gives justification for her actions while has now started this new trick because she knows she would not be able to live with him after six months, he will surely marry Damini. Radha replies she does not know if their relation is going to last that long, but now that he has said it they will see it after six months. Radha informs today she has proven that Tulsi did not send him those texts, Mohan asks how did she prove it, he asks what does it change that Damini send those texts, he asks if she is sure that Damini send them informing he has the screen shots and he only had the contact of Tulsi. Radha once again mentions Tulsi did not send them, Mohan agrees to it but asks how does it prove that Damini sent those texts, he says according to Radha whenever anything wrong happens to this house it is because of Damini.

Mohan says Tulsi committed suicide and never even thought about Gungun, he gets frustrated so throws the phone. Tulsi wonders how can she tell him that she never committed suicide revealing if Bhagwan jee allowed her to ask for a single wish then she will desire to live her life with him and Gungun. Radha tries to talk with him but he stops her saying she will not say anything else, Mohan informs Tulsi left the blame of her death on him as she died once but he dies each and every day,

Mohan blames Tulsi was not able to be a good wife or mother, Radha angrily stops Mohan explaining that she is not going to listen to anything, mentioning even Mohan does not have any proof to blame that Tulsi was not a good wife or mother, she says how can Mohan say it mentioning it is just because Tulsi has died so cannot defend herself, Mohan angrily asks how does Radha know Tulsi was not like that, Radha angrily says Tulsi herself told her, hearing this Tulsi is stunned and even Mohan is shocked.

Mohan asks Radha how does she know Tulsi was good, questioning who told her all these things. Radha replies Tulsi herself told her these things, Radha gets stunned when Mohan questions if she has lost her mind, Radha hesitantly explains she has felt the presence of Tulsi around her and she is in immense pain, and just wants to say that Damini is the reason behind her death. Mohan starts crying, he praises Radha mentioning she has played a lot of games till now but this game is the best of them all, Radha tries to inform she is telling the truth, he asks if she would say anything to prove her point. Mohan says that Tulsi was selfish but Radha is one step ahead of her, as she is taking advantage of the death of Tulsi for her own gains, Radha asks why would she do anything like this, Mohan replies he thought she loved him but she just wants to win him over for which she can cross all boundaries.

Mohan informs he thought Tulsi has given him most pain but Radha is the one who has done it, he says she asked if he is questioning marrying her, then he says the worst thing which has happened to him is that he married her, he hates the day of their marriage. Mohan informs he hates the day when he sent her near to Gungun, and hates the moment when he thought she was right remembering when he stood up for Radha in front of the entire family. Mohan exclaims he hates that he gave her a place in his heart. So Radha is not suitable to stay with him.

Ajeet enters the room when he asks if Ketki got ready before the tea, Ketki says she is worried that Radha might suffer the same fate as Tulsi, Ajeet gets a call from his mother and informs she would be asking if they will come to Banaras, Ketki explains they donot have children so would go to Banaras in the winters, Ajeet answering the call tells his mother all these things however Ketki is really furious.

Mohan says Radha is not worthy to stay in his life, Tulsi seeing Radha cry collects all of her tears mentioning they have to fight and not break, so she must not feel bad for anything which Mohan has said since his kind behavior is the biggest problem with Mohan while the strength of Damini, as he feels he has wronged her and so he punishes himself each and every time but she does not have to cry, Radha notices the tears and realizes Tulsi is with them in the room so she takes her name, Mohan angrily says he has gotten tired after hearing the name of Tulsi, he wishes that just like Tulsi Radha should also leave his life and never come back.

Mohan angrily walks away while Radha is still crying, Mohan stopping at the window is also emotional while Radha starts crying, she turns to look at Mohan who is still standing beside the window. Mohan tries to control his emotions, remembering how Radha helped him and he felt nice when she was around. Radha picks her bag before slowly walking out of the room, she also stops at the door once to look at him while crying, Mohan immediately turns to look for her but she has stepped out of the room. Radha sees the Mandir, she putting down her bag walks straight to the Mandir.

Damini is really emotional sitting in the room thinking how Radha mentioned that the number does not belong to Tulsi while the text were sent by someone else, who could benefit from his separation with Tulsi, meaning Damini. Kaveri noticing Damini siting on the floor comes to her asking what is she afraid off, Kaveri asks what is Damini hiding and demands to see her, she taking the phone is shocked to see and questions if Damini has lost her mind, she questions what was the need to keep this phone save for so many years, Damini mentions that everything would be ruined since Radha has realized she sent Mohan all these texts, and will surely find some proof so explains that Radha can do anything revealing that she first reached her office and now has even found the numbers, Damini falls after hitting her feet against the chair and even the carpet starts burning,

Kaveri starts panicking so she pours water on the burning carpet while Damini keeps crying mentioning that everything will be ruined, Kaveri says Damini should stop because when they do not even speak about such things why is Damini yelling, she mentions Radha will find out about their secret and tell Mohan after which the police will come and send them both to jail. Kaveri exclaims they will only go to jail when Radha will find out the truth about them, mentioning it is not the time to be afraid but to attack Radha in such a manner that there will not be any mistake, Kaveri explains Radha will die in the same manner as Tulsi but only the means to it will be different, she exclaims today is going to be the last day of Radha.

The person in the black dress is making their video thinking this is what it means to take advantage of the situation and now they have to see if Radha lives to see the sun of tomorrow morning or die tonight.

Radha standing in the Mandir asks if he heard what Mohan jee said when she just wants to reveal the truth of Damini, however she does not have proof due to which Mohan got angry and then in a moment said that he also wants her to leave just like Tulsi. Radha sits down crying when Tulsi tries to cheer her up, Radha refuses to do anything of the sort, Tulsi informs she has also gone through this same situation however Radha must stay with Mohan in these difficult times otherwise Damini would take advantage of the situation and ruin the life of Mohan.

Tulsi informs Damini knows that Radha will reach to her using the contact however she feels Damini will do something even worse then it however Radha has to find out the truth before it, she requests Radha to stand up before once again signaling her to stand. Radha mentions she knows what Tulsi wants to tell her that she cannot lose hope so easily, Radha taking the Matchbox lights the Diya placed in the Mandir, Radha standing prays that each and every word that came out of Mohan’s mouth has caused tremendous pain, she has understood the reason when she was sent here as she has to not only make his future good but also his past. Radha mentions Bihari jee has to help her since she will not leave without finding out the truth about Tulsi’s death.

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