Zee World: This is fate Spoiler! Karan to Marry Preeta


If you are among those asking if Karan and Preeta will get married, then here’s your answer….

In the course of This is Fate series,  Karan will  learn that Prithvi is Sherlyn’s ex-husband. He does all he can to warn Preeta against it but of Preeta is stubborn and won’t listen.

After confessing to Preeta about Prithvi’s evil agendas Preeta will not listen to him and so finally Karan will sacrifice his bachelorhood for Preeta.

He will fool every one and take Prithvi’s place in the wedding Mandap saving Preeta from the misery that Prithvi has prepared for her.

Preeta and Karan

He takes Prithvi position, wear his clothes and performs the wedding rituals with no one finding out.

However, Preeta who has no idea how evil Prithvi is, will get annoyed on realizing that she has married Karan and not Prithvi. She will not accept Karan as her husband and even blame her sister Srishti for siding with Karan and spoiling her life.

If this gossip around Kundali Bhagya spoiler is true, we are sure it will be quite a fun. After all, Karan and Preeta would be together as husband and wife, something which we have been wanting for long.

And it is sure that Karan will finally get to convince Preeta as she too loves him but haven’t realized it yet, and maybe they will finally confess their love for each other.

Do you think Karan did the right thing?

Update: There are some speculations among those that have watched ahead on this series, That Karan will lose his life and Preeta will later marry Rishabh! We don’t know how true this is but we hope it doesn’t happen because Karan and Preeta are the goal! 

More Updates: Karan will not die just that he will be involved in a car accident pritvi planned for him, but his body will not be found because of the blast and so it will be concluded that he died. However he will later comeback on the day of Rishab and Preetas wedding. The wedding will not take place because Preeta will stop it and say she doesn’t love him but she loves karan 😔


14 Responses

  1. I says:

    I wanted Rishab to marry prita not karan as he is more genuine and he loved her first. Plus I feel they are a good match

    • Admin says:

      But as it is now, Preeta actually loves Karan and not Rishabh, even though she isn’t accepting it. In essence, they both love themselves and will complement each other.

  2. ellah white says:

    preeta actually love karan and not Rishabh

  3. Hajara says:

    I love dis match be cause all along karan really loves her.

  4. Joseph says:

    Karan is best with preeta because their argument each time portrays how much they love each other but with risharb it will be a boring relationship

  5. Grace says:

    In my opinion preeta and Karen are the perfect match

  6. Primmie says:

    I love preeta n Karan together their arguments makes the series very interesting

  7. Evelyn says:

    I want preeta and karan together.
    they will both make a wonderful couple and make the series more fun.

  8. Daisy says:

    Honestly pree preeta rishabh are ok and all but with Preeta and Karan there will be more drama, romance, action and comedy cause in my opinion rishabh is too calm

  9. Enoh says:

    Preeta and Rhishab are perfect for each ther

  10. tynoe says:

    i’m all for preeta and karan. Yes Rishab might be good looking, a gentle man and all but in my opinion he is too calm and composed he won’t do for preeta.She needs someone who will crush the ego she has and I believe that karan is the best guy to do that.Besides Preeta will also tame the wild karan into a more considerate man.Bringing a lot of fun and exciting drama along the way for the viewers to enjoy.

  11. Pauline says:

    yes Karan and Preeta are a perfect match

  12. NJI SOLOMON says:

    KARAAN is a perfect match for PREETA cause the way he loves her is the best way for a man to love a woman…..In the other hand, PREETA do not feel anything for RISHAB I mean the only feeling she has for him is not more than that of a friend……..Guys, i want KARAAN to marry PREETA Pls…….#karpreeta.

  13. Brenda Faith says:

    Preeta getting married to Rishabh will be a waste coz both get quiet when they meet. So karan is the best match for Preeta coz their different attitudes can change each of them accordingly.

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