Zee World: Sunday 27th Update on Gangaa January 2019


Sagar comes to his room and says that Ganga is mad, he also says that she is stubborn since childhood and this will ruin her life. He is confused about what to do.

He takes Gangaa’s anklet and tells himself that he will not let Gangaa play with her life. He adds that Gangaa is still living in the past and he will have to change her. He looks at himself in the mirror and tells himself that there is no other way. He firmly says that he will do this for Ganga so that she does not get ruined because of him. Sahil takes Ganga’s picture and he starts looking at it.

Gangaa stops him and tells Sahil that she cannot marry him. He asks her why? and also asks if anyone told her anything. Sahil tells Gangaa that Sagar and Niru has told him that she (Gangaa) has agreed for the marriage. Sahil tells Gangaa that he can wait all his life for her if that was what Gangaa wants.

Gangaa tells Sahil that there is no need for him to wait for her as she cannot love or marry anyone in this birth of hers. Jhanvi asks Sagar to open the door. He opens the door and she hugs him and cries asking him why he doesn’t want to talk to her. He recalls Ganga’s words and thinks this is the only way that Ganga will forget him. He asks Janvi if she really loves him.

Jhanvi says yes and also reminds Sagar that he wanted time to decide. She asks him as to what has happened. Sagar replies that he has made his decision and that he is sure about his feelings. He also tells Janvi that she doesn’t need to wait anymore. He takes her to Ganga. Sagar looks at Ganga. Jhanvi smiles as Sagar holds her hand. Ganga gets upset. Madhvi looks for Ganga and sees them. Sagar informs Gangaa that he want to tell him something.

He tells Gangaa that Jhanvi was not his friend but his girlfriend and that he loves her a lot. Madhvi smiles happily while Ganga gets shocked. Ganga congratulate them and she goes. Jhanvi hugs Sagar and proclaim her love to him. She tells Sagar that she will tell her friends that he (Sagar) has finally proposed to her as they felt Sagar will never tell her that. She goes.

Sagar tells himself that he hopes Ganga will think about her life and make a new start after the step he has taken. Ganga goes to her room and shuts the door. She cries and checks the old things she has kept. She checks the old letters and memories. A flashback is shown as the little Ganga writes letters to Sagar that she misses him a lot. She has kept letters for him. Madhvi asks her what she is doing.

Ganga asks Madhvi to send the letters to Sagar on her behalf. Madhvi smiles and says that Sagar will get sad and miss home by her letters. She also asks little Ganga how will Sagar study if he continue to read all her letters. Madhvi asks Gangaa to keep all the letters and when Sagar comes, she can give the letters to him. The Flashback ends. Gangaa tells herself that she wrote so many letters and she did not send it. She recalls Sagar’s bitter words and cries her heart out.

Gangaa tells herself that since Sagar doesn’t love her there’s no need for her to keep the souvenirs. She trashes the letters and burns them. A sad song plays and she sits crying. Amma calls her and she cleans everything. Amma asks why she shut the door. She then asks if she was sleeping. Ganga lies that she was cleaning her saree. Amma tells Gangaa that Supriya’s house caught a cylinder blast and the priest got burnt.

Amma asks what Gangaa is burning. Ganga replies that the paper got burnt while she was burning an incense stick. Amma reminds her that Supriya’s family is coming to their house for marriage and she doesn’t like such things. Amma also says that Madhvi decides everything and Niranjan should have told them that the girl’s family should do the arrangements but Niru has the habit to do social service.

Gangaa tells Amma she would go out and check if anyone needs her help. Jhanvi tells her friends that Sagar propose to her and that Madhvi also likes her. She shares her excitement. Madhvi tells Jhanvi that she will inform Niranjan about it so that they can keep her in their house always as their daughter in law.

They both smile. Niru asks Sagar to make all the preparation. Sagar sends Sahil somewhere while Prabha is worried thinking how she will make all the preparation in such less time and plus they will have to bear all the expenses. She smirks and says that Supriya’s family would rather save their money. Sagar speaks to the priest as to when he is coming.

He notices Ganga doing some work all by herself. He offers to help her but instead she seeks Maharaj’s help. Yash checks the imported watch for the brides father. He says that it must be expensive and he keeps it in his pocket. Sagar comes to talk to Ganga. She tries to excuse herself but he makes her stay back. Yash looks at them from outside. Sagar wants to know why Ganga is so upset with him.

He asks her why can’t she start her life afresh? Gangaa tells Sagar that she has said it 10 times already that Sagar made fun of her feelings and that he lowered her down before his girlfriend. She tells Sagar that the humiliation is enough. Sagar asks Gangaa why would he do anything like that. He tells her that he will never hurt her feelings. Gangaa tells him that she cannot take it anymore.

She asks Sagar to let her be. She leaves. Sagar sadly looks on. Yash is intrigued. He crushes the flower under his feet. Pulkit and Supriya are getting married following all the rituals. Ammaremarks that the widows are really unlucky as her grandson is getting married and she cannot be part of it. Sagar and Ganga look at each other.

Yash observes them. Ganga imagines little Ganga and little Sagar getting married. Yash notices Janvi clearing off the petals from Sagar’s head. She excuses herself. Yash looks at Ganga and follows her. Ganga sits sadly in her room. Yash closes the door from inside. Gangaa is taken aback to see him.


Janvi holds Sagar’s arm and smiles lovingly at his face. Sagar gets uncomfortable as Prabha and Madhvi are looking in their direction. Madhvi keeps on smiling. Prabha wonders if they are just good friends or more than friends.

Madhvi tells her that kids decide everything on their own nowadays. Prabha is surprised to see her cool reaction. Yash tries to go closer to Ganga. She warns him to stay away, but he tells her that she gave so many rights to Sagar. He adds that both of them are enjoying together and he should enjoy as well. Gangaa points out that Niru wont spare him if he finds out about this. Yash tells Gangaa that Niru does not know about Sagar and her relationship as of now so how will he know about them.

Yash tells Gangaa that it will stay between them. He tries to force himself on Gangaa. Sagar keeps his hand on his shoulder just then. Sagar slaps Yash. He angrily asks him how dare he touch Ganga. Yash looks angrily at him whiles Ganga is in tears. Meanwhile, Janvi is looking for Sagar. She asks Amma about his whereabout. Amma shares that Sagar went towards her room to find Ganga.

Yash is not at all sorry about what he has done. He lies to Sagar that he came to give company to Gangaa as she was getting bored all alone. Sagar tells him to be quiet. He furiously tells Yash that he is only quiet because of his mother and aunty as he doesn’t want to embarrass them. Sagar warns Yash to stay away from Ganga or he will kill him if he sees him around Ganga after today.

Yash apologies to Ganga before leaving the room feeling all shameless. Janvi asks Yash about Sagar. Yash replies that he is with Ganga like always. Sagar asks Ganga if she is alright. He asks her why she didn’t inform him that Yash was troubling her? Gangaa moves his hand away. She tells Sagar that he doesn’t have to fake sympathy with her. She tells Sagar that he knows how much she value her self-respect.

She tells Sagar that she will manage things of her own. Sagar asks her if she is mad. He asks her if she didn’t know what Yash was trying to do with her? Gangaa replies that she knows it too well as there will be many more people like him in the world. She asks Sagar if he will always come to save her? She tells Sagar that she will save herself so he doesn’t have to worry about her. Sagar says he cannot do that.

Ganga requests Sagar to leave her alone and that she will take care of herself. Sagar reasons that he cannot overlook what was happening. She suggests Sagar to close his eyes then as she will bear whatever that happens to her. She tries to go but Sagar holds her close. He tells Gangaa that she wants to talk to her. They share an eye lock. Sagar tells himself that he knows Gangaa is upset as he has hurt her a lot.

He feels bad for putting her in this state. Janvi notices them thus she calls out for Sagar. Sagar turns to look at her. He leaves from there without saying anything. Janvi comes inside Gangaa’s room. She asks her how she can stoop so low to get Sagar? She tells Gangaa that she can try as much as she want but she wont let her win. Ganga boldly tells Janvi that she doesn’t know her. She firmly tells Janvi that what is hers will come to her.

She tells Janvi that Sagar is hers and he will come to her one day. Gangaa tells Janvi that she can try as much as she wants. She leaves from there while Janvi is tensed. Sagar again tries to talk to Ganga but she walks away. Pulkit and Supriya seek the blessings of the elders. Sahil is packing his bags. Janvi asks him about it.

He tells Janvi that he has understood that Ganga loves Sagar. He asks Janvi to understand it as well but Janvi denies. She tells Sahil that Sagar himself told her that he does not love her and that Ganga is after him for no reason. Sahil tells Janvi that it isn’t so as they both love each other. Janvi insists that Sahil is wrong.

She tells Sahil that he doesn’t know anything about relations. Janvi says that she knows Sagar loves him and she will do everything to gain his love. She tells Sahil that he can leave if he wants.

Pulkit and Supriya perform the rest of the rituals that are done after the wedding. Madhvi dips a ring in a bowl filled with milk and water. Prabha asks Pulkit to win or he will have to follow his wife for life. Supriya looks at Pulkit as they play but he keeps looking away. Ganga tries to say something but Amma tells her to come back.

They are doing the rituals. Everyone looks at them. Amma scolds Ganga. She reminds her that widows cannot go near such pious rituals. On the other hand, Janvi is happy. Supriya finds the ring. Supriya notices Pulkit’s distant expressions and she gets sad. Madhvi hopes to find an equally good girl for Sagar while Janvi smiles. Ganga apologizes to Sahil. She tells him that she cannot lie to him.

She tells Sahil that she doesn’t want to build any relation for which she has to hide the truth. Sahil nods. He tells Gangaa that he is happy about her feelings for Sagar. He also tells Gangaa that he wish everyone had such guts as a lot of many people would have been happy. Sagar comes to bid him goodbye as well. Sahil leaves and Ganga quietly goes back inside.


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