Zee World: Sunday 27th Update on Twist of Fate January 2019



Pragya is still in danger while Abhi recovers as Dadi, Dasi and Aliya enter his room with the doctor. Simonicka too follows them worried that Abhi might remember her and recall her trying to kill him.

The doctor tells the family that Abhi is out of danger and that he can go home. Abhi looks at Simonicka and she feels scared. Aliya tries to tell Abhi that he has to take rest but he insists on meeting Munni. Aliya tries to divert him and refrains from telling him that Munni is in a critical situation.

Abhi leaves the hospital and as Aliya tries to open the cupboard, Simonika panics and tells Aliyah that her bag has already been taken away by the driver. Simonika happily leaves the hospital after Aliya. Aliya tells Dasi that Abhi has left the hospital to go home and so they should also go.

Dadi replies that Abhi is still weak. Dasi also says Abhi should have met Munni before. Aaliya angrily tells Dasi that she doesn’t care about Munni. Dadi asks her why she decided to hide Munni’s condition from Abhi. Aaliya tells her that she hasn’t hidden anything and tells them that Abhi went home by himself.

She asks Raj to take both Dadi and Dasi home. Abhi reaches home calling out to Munni. Tanu hugs him but Abhi pulls her away warning her to keep herself away from him. The family tells Abhi that Munni saved his life the same way Pragya would have. Abhi is shocked as he decides to leave for the hospital so that he can be with Munni.

Aaliya tries to stop him but he leaves. She furiously shouts at everyone. Dasi asks her to shut up and also says that Abhi should know that Munni saved him. A flashback is shown, Abhi recalls how Munni saved him from Sangram Singh and how Pragya saved him from the snake.

He thinks about Munni’s words telling him to love Pragya and no one else. Abhi thinks as to why did Munni save him? He recalls Dadi and Dasi’s words. Tanu tells Aaliya that if Abhi fall in love with Munni then they would be ruined.

Aaliya says that she is sure and she also tells Tanu that Abhi went to the hospital. Tanu asks her to confirm her doubt and says Abhi might fall in love again with Pragya. Aaliya asks her not to call Munni Pragya again. She angrily says that she is Munni.

Abhi reaches the hospital and asks the doctor about Munni. The doctor tells him that he is really lucky to have a wife like her who risked her own life to save his. Abhi asks if she is out of danger. The doctor replies that the snake was poisonous and the poison went into her stomach.

The doctor also tells Abhi that Pragya loves him very much and he is still alive because of Pragya. Abhi asks the doctor where she is? The doctor tells Abhi that Pragya is in her room. Abhi looks at her from the door and a romantic song plays at the background. Abhi reaches her room and sits by her.

He thanks her and thinks of why a random girl would do something like this for him. He wishes well for Pragya’s life and sits by her looking worried and holding her hand. Pragya wakes up to find Abhi by her side. She is happy to see him sleeping and knows that even though he keeps calling her Munni he knows somewhere that she is his Pragya.

Abhi wakes up and asks her who asked her to risk her life for him and act like a hero. Pragya taunts him for being by her side all this while. He also says he was there to save her from falling and also reinstates that he will never love her. They both argue. Pragya threatens Abhi that she will call the NGO women again.

Abhi recalls the NGO woman saying that Pragya will be in his house until he gets divorce. On the other hand, Purab and Disha are enjoying the wedding when Disha’s cousin notices the distance between the two and tries talking to Purab who gets furious.

Disha is surprised to see Purab angry and asks her cousin what went wrong. Suhana tells Disha that she tried to play the mediator. Disha tries to convince Purab and make him understand that she never told her cousin to say anything to him.

Purab thinks that Disha asked her cousin to talk to him and he tries going off but Disha stops him saying that she loves Purab and she does not care whether he returns her love or not. She holds his hand and asks him to stay till the marriage is over. Disha cries and a sad song plays at the background.

A guy informs Sangram Singh that they have come there to attend a relative’s marriage. Sangram comes to know about Purab and Disha being in town and he happily plans to take all his revenge. The family awaits Abhi and Pragya to return home from the hospital while Aliya and Tanu get irritated to keep hearing about Munni’s name.

Abhi gets Pragya home as Dadi and Dasi welcome the two and wholeheartedly wish for Pragya’s well-being. Dadi asks Abhi to take Pragya to their room as she appears weak. Simonika is irritated to see the two back home safe and healthy. Aliya and Tanu are curious to learn how Munni seems to be copying everything about Pragya.

Meanwhile they are also scared that soon they might have to bend in front of her. Simonika decides to kill Abhi while Pragya is still recovering as she knows once Pragya is well she will once again save Abhi. Simonika starts loosing it as she feels Pragya destroys her plan every time and also saves Abhi. Simonicka tells herself that her moto in life is to kill Abhi and she would take Pragya out of her way at all costs.

She looks at a knife and says that Abhi would have to die. She stabs on the watermelon and tells herself that she will kill him then only she will get the peace she needs. Simonika furiously adds that nobody can save him

Abhi takes Pragya to their room and they fall on the sofa. A romantic song plays as they stare at each other. Abhi accuses Pragya of slipping all the time as she wants an excuse to stick to him. Pragya says this was his conspiracy. They start bickering.

Abhi asks her to start working and accuses her for not being learned. Pragya tells him that she actually is Pragya and she was once a teacher. She falls down due to weakness and Abhi carries her to the bed. Pragya teases her saying he is a good nurse. Abhi gets irritated.

Abhi asks her to rest and also tells her that she can ring the bell and call Robin or him if she needs anything. At the wedding avenue, The groom Nitesh comes with his family to marry Suhana.

Disha and the other family members welcome him and asks the groom to search for the scissor per the marriage rituals. Purab flirts with Disha by brushing her hand with his. Everyone goes inside the wedding venue and Disha stumbles while Purab catches her in his arms and they share a romantic moment.


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