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Preeta and Karan are still in the kitchen. Preeta says she believes that Rishab is a very nice man and Karan also has a little of that factor in him. She accepts that it is possible she provokes Karan to be rude to her sometime. Karan was happy about her confessions.

Preeta was irritated and says whenever she begins to consider herself right, Karan proves her wrong. She recalls exactly what she said. Preeta adds that Karan is obviously a bad boy and that sometimes he get nicer and as soon as she thinks he is nice he ruins that reputation of himself. Karan smirks that now Preeta has proven she is the bad girl. Preeta shouts at Karan that she will now get dizzy because of his boring talks.

Kareena speaks to Beeji and asks her to convince the Luthras to leave but it seems nobody was ready to go and moreover they find out that Karan and Rishabh have entered the building to save Preeta. Kareena further lashes out at Sarla for putting their kids life in danger but her mother scolds her this time and shouts at her to shut up. Mr. Luthra comes to ask them to fetch enough water to prevent the fire from spreading. Rishab jumps into the kitchen through the window.

His sleeve caught fire, Karan puts it off and hugs Rishab. Preeta thanks Rishab for coming to save her. Karan reminds Preeta that he also came there to save her as well. He later shows Rishab that there was no way out for them to leave as the window Rishab came from has also caught fire. Shrishti cries outside their house as the bucket of water fell off her hand.

She questions why this happened to them. Sameer comes there, she hugs him. He tries to calm her down and assures her that Rishab and Karan have gone inside to save Preeta. He also assures Shristi that nothing will happen to Preeta. He tries to console her, then he helps her get up. Rishab tells Preeta that he needs her help too. He tells her that until the fire brigade arrives, they have to attempt to put the fire off. Rishab asks Preeta for the tap but Preeta tells him that there is no water in it. Rishab was sure there will be some way out through the window he came from.

Karan fools around as the hall burns around him even as Rishab tries his best to find a way to get out of the impending danger. Preeta asks Karan to stop with his funny ways as they are in a serious situation. Karan offers the two some food and says that they should eat as they are trapped in the kitchen. Rishabh asks Preeta to ignore Karan.

Karan tells himself that he can now be rest assured as his brother will handle it all. Preeta fights with Karan and they find it impossible to get out as one after the other all the ways get blocked.They start coughing when the smoke started spreading out. Karan covers Preeta’s nose with his handkerchief as Preeta helps the two brothers with her veil.

They sit by each other and Preeta wonders how lucky she can be to get such a good friend like Karan and a boss like Rishabh who risked their own lives to save her. Meanwhile, Sameer consoles Srishti who is in tears. He also tells himself that he never wants to see this vulnerable side of Srishti as that is unbearable for him to watch. Kareena keeps up with her job of trying to manipulate her family to leave with her. Her mother reprimands her for being so insensitive and also not thinking about anyone.

Sherlin hears Kareena and Dadi’s conversation. She smirks and tells herself that she always knew that Rishabh was in love with Preeta but now she is sure that even Karan has feelings for Preeta too. Prithvi tries to calm Sherlin but she is worried that this incident will arouse some feelings in Preeta’s heart and that she might fall for Rishabh thus risking her marriage. The fire brigade arrive.

They begin their operation and looks around the house for anyone inside. Rishab gets a call from Sameer. He puts the phone on loud speaker. Karan tells Sameer they are having a party in the kitchen as there is ot of food. Preeta tells Sameer Karan has gone crazy. Sameer calls Shrishti who speaks to Preeta.

Shrishti assures Preeta that she is fine. Shrishti goes to inform the fireman that the three are together in the kitchen. Rishab places a cloth over Preeta’s nose. She shares with them her veil to place over their noses. Preeta was thankful for them to risk their lives for her.

Prithvi comes to Sarla and assures her that Preeta would be safe as the fire brigade team will save her. Sarla questions Prithvi if he would ever be able to protect Preeta during her entire life. She angrily tells Prithvi that on their engagement day, Preeta was stuck but he didn’t go to save her. She also says that Karan and Rishab are better off as Preeta’s friends as they are the ones who saved her by staking their lives.

Sarla wasn’t ready to listen to Prithvi’s explanations, she regrets selecting him as Preeta’s life partner as he doesn’t even care for Preeta’s life. Both Karan and Rishab hold Preeta as she felt dizzy. Karan keeps the mood light and keeps his hand to cover her face with the handkerchief.

He forbids Preeta to cough like an old lady. Rishab also starts coughing. Preeta places her dupatta over his face as well. Kareena stops Sarla and she questions why she and her family always create problems for them. She tells Sarla that today is the limit as two of their sons have jumped into the fire just for her daughter.

Sarla explains she always pray for both of them. Kareena was furious and asks Sarla that what is the guarantee of her prayers? She also asks her that what if something bad happens to their kids. Rakhi forbids her from speaking such ill-fated talk, but Kareena says Sarla and her daughters are ill fated.

Sarla warns Kareena to speak positive things about her daughter, else she would forget she is their guest. Kareena shows Rakhi how Sarla is showing her true colors. Rakhi tells Kareena that she compelled Sarla. Rakhi holds Sarla’s joint hands and asks her to pray for their children to be safe.


Sherlin feels that Sarla might just cancel the wedding while Prithvi is still hopeful that Preeta might not make it alive through the fire. Sherlin tells Prithvi that Preeta would back up from marrying him and even Rishab would break the proposal with her. She tells Prithvi that she has read that two people fall in love in such situations and this would ruin them.

Prithvi says this would only happen if Preeta comes out of the fire alive. The fire brigade team comes out to inform them that there is no one inside. The three were dizzy in the kitchen. Karan had placed his head over Preeta’s shoulder and Preeta considers herself lucky to have a friend like Karan. Both mothers cry as the bodies were carried out by the fire brigade.

The doctor inspects Karan. Rakhi asks the doctor why they aren’t opening their eyes. Prithvi thinks he and Sherlin finally won today. He adds that in this world, the devil always win. Sherlin also says that Preeta was the biggest trouble of her life. Just then Preeta wakes up. They help her and also gave her a sip of water. Sarla was relieved, so was everyone else. Preeta asks about Karan and Rishab and goes looking for them by pushing Sherlin aside.

Sarla comes to the fire brigade to asks about Janki. Preeta comes home to find the Luthra family there. Mr. Luthra was tensed that Karan and Rishab are in the room as the doctors are inspecting them. The doctor was irritated by the cries of Rakhi and Kareena. Kareena blames Rakhi for being responsible about Rishab and Karan’s condition.

Preeta runs into the room. Kareena stops her there and wonders when she would get away from her family. She says that it’s because of Preeta that her sons are in such a condition. Preeta wasn’t concentrating and goes to wake Karan up. Rakhi calms Kareena down. Preeta asks the doctor why they aren’t opening their eyes.

The doctor replies that their smoke inhalation is very high. The doctor says that Rishab is better but.. Preeta confirms if they will get better. The doctor replies that Karan is in a critical state as he has inhaled a lot of smoke and it harmful to his body.


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