Zee world: Iron lady takes an 8 years leap, read highlights here


Rati Pandey as Zara Malik. Credit: India forums

Iron lady will take on an 8-year leap this September. Following that, Indira is presumed to have died, and her daughter Indu is introduced in the show.

It is also revealed that while the surgery to remove the brain tumor had left her in a coma, she had actually been pregnant and eventually her baby was saved by the doctors.

Indu, her daughter, is very similar to her in nature – stubborn and self assertive. For this reason, she is always at loggerheads with her dad Rishi.

Indu Rishi Kumar

Meanwhile, Rati Pandey, who plays the character of Indira, is also shown as inspector Zara Malik Khan post the leap, she lives in Mumbai, is married and has friends and family.

But eventually Indu, Rishi and Zara paths will cross and a whole new level of conflicts begin. We will later find out as the series progresses in October that Indira sharma wasn’t actually dead and she is re-introduced as a mentally unstable character.

There would conflict as it concerns Indu’s real mother between Zara and Indira, Rishi’s feeling will also be conflicted and his love for Indira put to test. You just have to keep watching to figure it all out.

The double role stunt was introduced to iron lady after the show lost viewership and ratings when the initial storyline lost some excitement, the leap was meant to pick things up and make Iron lady more refreshing.

Playing double roles as both Zara and Indira resulted in lots of work for Rati Pandey. Earlier she had started Iron lady as the character of Indira Sharma but due to the post leap she played double roles as both inspector Zara Malik Khan and Indira sharma.

Describing this experience in an interview years ago with India Times, Rati Pandey had this to say:

“The journey has been amazing no doubt, but the double role of Zaara and Indira is becoming a bit tasking now. The whole team is worked out as we have been shooting non-stop with no episode banks. Since Zaara and Indira are present in every scene, I need to change my get-ups very frequently and this increases the work load. The combination scenes of Zaara and Indira are again very difficult to handle.”

Currently, they are conflicting stories about her coma, death and the appearance of a daughter. Africa viewers would have to keep watching the show to know what had happened during the gap created by the leap.

Follow this link to catch the October teasers and keep yourself updated.

So guys, what do you think about this new turn of events and the incessant use of leap as it concerns Bollywood series? 



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