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About the series:

Not without my family is a Bollywood series that premiered alongside three others on Starlife TV channel last month August. It is noted to be the longest bollywood seasonal film currently running, with over 60 official seasons and 2,737 episodes as at September 14th 2018. That notwithstanding production is still going on as new episodes are being released daily.

Although the series had started showing in India and other countries since 12 January, 2009 on StarPlus, it only just began showcasing to the African audience in August 2018 with the inception of Starlife TV on Gotv and Dstv satellites.

The shows features an ensemble of star casts, but the lead characters are Naira (Shivangi Joshi) and Kartik (Mohsin Khan). At inception, the series initially focused on Naira’s parents, Akshara (Hina Khan) and Naitik (Karan Mehra).

Plot / synopsis of ‘Not without my family

The show which will consequently run different parallel plots is about a young couple named Akshara and Naitik Singhania who live in a Marwari joint family in Udaipur.

The series first takes us through their life as they adjust to marriage as young couples, as parents of young children, and as their extended families mature.

Later in the series, Naitik Singhania is involved in an accident that leaves him in a coma; four years later he returns to the family and then struggles to gain acceptance from his five-year-old son, Naksh. Along the line Naitik’s mother dies and his father marries a divorcee with two children.

Suffice to include that the setting of Not without my family is an extended family set up with all its attendant conflicts. Therefore through some misfortune, the husband of Naitik’s elder aunt dies, she blames his wife Akshara for his death and kicks her out of the house; Naitik, Akshara, Naksh and newborn daughter Naira leave their extended family and relocate to Cape Town.

The family live in Cape Town for several years but when Naksh becomes an adult, he returns to Udaipur and counsels his great aunt to forgive and let his family return to their home town. She is later convinced to forgive Akshara and so the family returns.

Now back in Udaipur, Naksh falls in love with a woman called Tara and wedding plans are made, but unfortunately she breaks up with him minutes before the ceremony, leaving him devastated.

Going further, Naira who is now a teenager runs away from her mother Akshara to live in Rishikesh for a time. When she eventually returns, she is soon smitten by her father’s employee named Kartik.

Their love soon results  to a love triangle because her cousin Gayu already likes him. Naira considers setting aside her feelings for Kaitik so Gayu can be happy, but after some time Naira and Kartik confess their love for each other.

Later, Niara’s mother Akshara dies in a car accident and a drunk Kartik is blamed for her death, this incident divides the families, but a determined Naira eventually proves his innocence and her family accepts him.

Naira and Kartik are married, and later learn that Kartik’s cousin, Mansi was responsible for her mother’s death. The couple later work together to help his sister gain a divorce from her abusive husband.

On the other hand, Naksh is pressurized into marrying Keerti, the sister in law of Naira. We are then treated to how life blossoms for each couple with all its attendant conflicts.

Parallel story arcs to the show.

As previously stated, Not without my family follows the common India story telling style where a series is likely to have subsequent years of leap, sub themes, sub plots and inclusion of new characters with distant or close relationship to the series starters.

Consequently, Akshara and Naitik’s stories, stories of their respective siblings, stories of their children e.t.c later form significant story arcs in the series.

Past plots have been built around the lives of Naitik’s sisters Nandini and Rashmi; Naitik’s step-siblings; and then Varsha and Shaurya (Akshara’s best friend and her elder brother respectively)

After several leaps, Naira and Kartik becomes the leads of the show this in parallel with the story of their siblings: Naksh, Gayu, Keerti and Shubham.

In summary, not without my family is a story that celebrates family relationships, sibling connection and the ability of love to withstand trials along the way.

The Main casts, pictures and real names

  • Hina Khan as Akshara Naitik Singhania, née Maheshwari (Dies later on km the show) – Vishambhar-Rajshri’s Daughter, Naitik’s Wife, Naksh-Naira’s Mother (2009–16)
Hina Khan as Akshara
  • Karan Mehra as Naitik Raj Shekhar Singhania – Gayatri-Raj’s Son, Akshara’s Husband, Naksh-Naira’s Father (2009–16)
Karan Mehra as Naitik (former)
  • Vishal Singh as Naitik Raj Shekhar Singhania – Akshara’s Husband, Naksh-Naira’s Father (2016–present)
Vishal Singh As Naitik, present. Credit: India forums
  • Rohan Mehra as Naksh Naitik Singhania – Akshara-Naitik’s Son, Naira’s Brother, Naintara’s Ex-fiancé (2015–16)
Rohan Mehra As former Naksh
  • Rishi Dev as Naksh Naitik Singhania – Kirti’s Husband, Akshara-Naitik’s Son, Naira’s Elder Brother (2017–)
Rishi Dev As current Naksh
  • Shivangi Joshi as Naira Kartik Goenka (née Naitik Singhania) – Kartik’s Wife, Akshara-Naitik’s Daughter (2016–present)
Shivangi Joshi As Niara
  • Mohsin Khan as Kartik Manish Goenka – Naira’s Husband (2016–present
Mohsin Khan As Kartik
  • Mohena Singh as Kirti Naksh Singhania, née Manish Goenka – Naksh’s Wife, Kartik’s Sister (2016–present)
Mohena Singh As Kirti

There are several other recurring casts, but these are the main casts, both the past and present cast for a particular character. Check out other casts here

Not without my family original Indian name is Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.


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