Zara’s Nikah update Thursday 12 November 2020


Zara’s Nikah 12 November 2020: Alina’s bidai ceremony starts. Kabir stand away and is emotional. Alina tries to go to Ayesha but she looks away. Alina says Ia m sorry for any mistake, I love you and I am because of your upbringing. Ayesha recalls making small Alina learn things.

She breakdowns and hugs her. Alina brings Amir to her. Ayesha gives money to poor for them and hugs Alina. Alina goes to Kabir, Kabir says its time to send you away when I made you learn to make you walk, you are going away, I am miffed with you but I am always with you. Alina hugs him. Kabir hugs her and cries. Zara hugs Alina as well. Kashan says to Alina that I am sorry. Alina says I forgive you both, God can punish you, please take care of my parents and my family. Shahbaz hugs Alina and consoles her. Amir greets Kabir. Kabir greets him. Amir takes Alina away. Zara hugs Kabir as he cries.

Salamat is calling Zeenat. Zara shows it to everyone. Kabir glares at Zeenat. Zara puts calls on speaker. Salamat says Zeenat? its good you took my call, you are ignoring me? you couldnt bring Kabir and Irfan’s truth out, you said that you took sim on Zara’s name and could trap Alina but you couldnt do anything. Zara ends call. Shahbaz says I feel like killing you both. Zeenat says we did a mistake, dont send us away. Kabir says you think you both will change if we throw you out of house? you both broke relations for some money?

I feel pity for you both, I pray that God doesnt give thinking like you to anyone, Alina was right that God will deal with you, I pray that you atleast do anything, we will not throw you out of house but we break all relations with you and will not trust you. Zeenat and Kashan leaves. Irfan says I should leave. Zara says lets go baba. She starts leaving with Irfan. Kabir recalls how he threw her out earlier.

Scene 2
Zara is in car with Ayesha, Kabir and Shahbaz. She cries and says Irfan’s elder brother Bary abba always wanted to become sharia board head but our dada chose Irfan, since then they dont meet us much, bary abba was not feeling well since last few days and died today. I am worried about his son Rizwan. Ayesha consoles her.

Zeenat throws kerosene in house and says I will burn this all. I will kill everyone. Kashan comes there and asks if she has gone mad. Zeenat throws match stick on a chair. Kashan runs there and dozes off fire before it can grow. Zeenat says I will kill them. Kashan says calm down, I will not spare them, dont worry, he hugs her. Zeenat cries. Samir comes there with gun and glares at them. Kashan says Ia m sorry. Samir points gun at him but its empty. Samir says dont say much, take me to Kabir’s room.

Irfan says to Zara that everyone has to go but they didnt inform us that he died last day, I will go to his prayers tomorrow. Zara says I will go with you. Irfan says no, they are miffed with us. He takes Kabir from there.

Samir comes to Kabir’s room and asks where is Kabir? Kashan says he is not here. Samir slaps him and says why didnt you tell me before? I am ready to kill you both, where is Alina? I will kill Kabir when he comes.

Kabir says to Irfan that you want me to become city priest? Irfan says I am tired, my father gave me head priest position but my brother was always miffed because of that, today he is no more so this is a burden for me, I know you can be a good priest, you wont do anything wrong, I want you to become head priest so I can support Rizwan and be free from this position. Kabir is stunned and says you think I can become head priest? I will take this position, its a pride for me. Kabir hugs him. Irfan leaves.

Irfan comes to family and tells them that I took a decision and Kabir agreed. He says I want to leave head priest position for somedays and till then Kabir will take this position. Zara smiles and says why this decision? Irfan says I want to mourn over my brother’s death.

Samir says to Kashan that I will kill Kabir. Kashan says thats not right.

Scene 3
Amir is waiting for Alina to come in room. Alina comes there with food plate. She says this is a gift for you. Amir says this is beautiful for me, thank you. He makes her eat with his hands, she does it for him. Alina asks where is my gift? I want your togetherness. He hugs her. Alina says I have a request. She holds his hand and says Kabir didnt accept this relation, I want that we dont have husband-wife relation till my brother accepts our relation. Amir smiles and says what you want will happen.

Zeenat calls Salamat and says your son is going mad, he will kill Kabir, stop him. She takes water for him. Samir sees Salamat calling. He says I will kill Kabir in his room.


Kabir arrives at his house with family. Shahbaz says congrats Kabir. Kabir looks at Zara, she nods. Kabir hugs him.

Salamat calls Samir and says comeback, if you try to ignore my order then I will kill you, come here, dont do anything there. Samir says okay but I will kill him later. He ends call and leaves. Zeenat and Kashan have sigh of relief. Samir comes down and glares at Kabir. Kabir doesnt see him.

Shahbaz says to Ayesha that I am so happy that Kabir is head priest, this was my dream, whole city will pray behind him, once he takes that seat then I will have peace. Ayesha says but when Irfan comes back then he will take seat again. Shahbaz says no, Kabir will be so responsible and I will talk to Irfan that he is our son, let him carry on.

Zara offers prayers for bary abba. Kabir says I will pray for him. Zara nods and sits with him, she says congrats. She makes him eat sweets. Kabir holds her. Zara says I prayed that my husband can fulfill his duties. Kabir says you think I cant? Zara says you think your thoughts are right, other people have different thoughts. Kabir says you have started arguing? Zara says you will get many cases like Alina when you become head priest then you have to have broad mindset. Kabir says I have read God’s instructions and I follow them.

Scene 4
Amaan wakes up Zeenat and says Kabir has become head priest. zeenat says what? Amaan says yes. Zeenat tells Kashan about it. Zeenat says we have to tell Salamat about this. Kashan leaves.

Ayesha hugs Kabir as its his first day as head priest. Shahbaz hugs him and says I waited for this day a lot, congrats.

Salamat says to Kashan that how could this happen? Kashan says I am with you but I had to tell you this. Kashan leaves. Salamat says I cant let it happen. Samir says what? Salamat says Kabir is becoming head priest but I wont let it happen.

Zeenat sees Ayesha tying sacred thread on Kabir’s arm and prays for his protection.

Salamat asks Samir to kill Kabir before he can reach sharia board. Samir says I wont spare him. Salamat says do anything but make it look like accident.

Zara says I have to meet Salma today. Ayesha says go. Kabir says I can drop you, she says no, I will be late. Amaan comes there and asks Kabir if he can drop him to school? Kashan is not here. Kabir says sure. Amaan says you have to get ice-cream for me, Kabir nods. Zara hugs Kabir. He leaves with Amaan.

Kabir and Amaan are in car. Kabir stops and gets ice-cream for Amaan. Samir follows him in his jeep. Kabir sees a car nearby them. He makes Amaan wear seat belt and calls Shahbaz. He says some people are behind me. Shahbaz asks what? I cant hear you.

Zara is in Salma’s house. Salma coughs. Zara brings water for er. Zara gets Shahbaz’s call, he tells her about Kabir’s call. She ends call and dials Kabir. He doesnt pick up. Zara calls Amir and asks him to trace Kabir’s location, nothing is fine. Amir calls his friend and asks him to trace Kabir’s location.

Zeenat asks Shahbaz if everything is fine? Shahbaz tells her. Zeenat says Amaan is with Kabir? oh God.

Samir is following Kabir and tries to hit him. Kabir keeps driving fast to avoid him.

Ayesha and Zeenat cries. Zara comes there. Zeenat says Amaan is with him. Zara says I have asked Amir to trace Kabir’s location. Amir calls her and says I will let you know once location is traced. She goes with Shahbaz. Amir consoles Alina.

Samir hits Kabir’s car. She falls off from road and goes in jungle. Kabir tries to control it but it falls from cliff. Kabir applies break before it can fall down. Samir sees smoke around cliff. He video calls Salamat and says I threw Kabir from cliff. Samir says goodbye Kabir. He leaves. Salamat says now I will rule sharia board.

Zeenat calls Kashan and tells him everything. She asks him to find Kabir, Amaan is with him.

Amaan wakes up in car and sees Kabir fainted. He asks him to wake up. Kabir wakes up and sees car hanging from cliff. He asks Amaan to not move.

Zara brings police to cliff site and says Amir’s friend traced this location. She finds Kabir’s phone. Inspector takes it. Zara looks around. Police says lets look around. Kashan comes there too. They ask from people around.

Amaan falls from car’s wind-shield. Kabir holds his hand and tries to pull him back.

Zara and others are looking for Kabir. Zara gets tired but keeps searching. She finds sacred thread that Ayesha tied on his arm. She cries.

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