Wednesday Update on Twist of Fate 30th January 2019


Abhi tells Pragya that they have beaten Purab badly and changed his looks. Meanwhile, Some goons sees them and ask them who are they? Abhi says he is jiju and came to protect her. After fighting, the goon holds Abhi, but Pragya hits the man with a heavy pot/vase. Disha gets ready for marriage. Abhi is happy with Pragya and Praises her for being brave and strong. They go to Disha and hide the goons. Disha see them and runs to Pragya and hugs her. She thanks them for coming. Abhi says he can protect Purab too. Sangram gets worried and thinks how marriage will happen without pandit. Goons bring Pandit there. Pandit says bad thing have happened with you. Sangram scolds him and tells that girl is shying as her husband is here. Pandit is shocked. Sangram says I have beaten him and asks Pandit if he wants to beaten up or get the marriage done. Pandit is silent. Sangram asks his goons to bring the bride.

The goons knock on door and ask other goons if they are inside. Disha says there are many goons. Pragya says how can we handle many goons. Abhi says we have to make a plan to handle them. The goons call Disha and asks if she is ready. Pragya asks Abhi to think something. The goons ask Disha if the goons come there. Disha says what to tell. Pragya asks Abhi to use his mind. Abhi and Pragya start their argument. The goons say that something is wrong. Abhi asks Disha to say that they had come there. Disha says she was in bathroom.

Abhi as goon tell that he will bring her. They ask where is the other goon. Abhi says he is in bathroom. The goons standing outside asks them to come out within 2 mins, else Sangram will come.
One of the goon ask other goons to bring Disha. Sangram asks them to get Disha there. Purab says he can’t let Disha marry him and says she is his wife, warns him that if he do anything with her then he will kill him. Sangram says she will marry me soon and asks him not to threaten him. Purab gets tensed. Abhi says he wants to kill these goons. Disha says you said you will think of some idea. Goon gains consciousness. Abhi aims gun at him and asks them not to give him ideas. He threatens the goon and asks him not to shout as bullet will be inside, and his life will be out. Disha says what a dialogue. Goon says Sangram is waiting for bride and if she don’t go down then he will come up. You have no option. Abhi says you are right and says we will give him bride.

Pragya asks what is wrong? Abhi says he is not thinking to send Disha, but the goon. Goon says I am married. Abhi says you have married woman and now shall marry man. He says if you marry him, you will have luxurious life. Pragya says this idea will not work. Goon says right. Disha says if Sangram comes to know then he will harm Purab. Abhi says till he gets to know, we will leave from here with Purab. Abhi asks goon to get ready for marriage. Goon refuses. Abhi asks him to get ready to die. Goon agrees to marry Sangram. Abhi asks him not to show smartless else he will kill him. Sangram asks why Disha haven’t come till now. Goon says she is not getting her dupatta. Abhi gets goon ready in bridal attire. Goon cries. Abhi asks him to cry here, but not infront of Sangram else he will shoot him. He asks him to go. Pragya says Sangram will get doubtful seeing bride coming alone.

Abhi says I will go with him. Pragya asks Abhi if he wants Sangram to catch them. Abhi says he will go wearing other goon Kale’s clothes. Disha tells Pragya that Sangram will identify she is not there. Abhi comes wearing Kale’s clothes. Pragya gets mesmerized seeing his look. Abhi asks if she fell in love with her. Sangram waits for Disha as Pandit asks him to marry before rahukaal starts. Abhi brings goon in bridal clothes and asks him to walk like a woman. Sangram scolds him thinking as goon and asks him to take her to mandap. Abhi says yes bhai ji. Purab calls Disha. Disha and Pragya get worried. Pragya says Abhi does what he decides. Other goon tells Sangram that you will be married.

Purab asks Sangram not to marry Disha. Pandit says if there is noise then how I will tell the mantra. Sangram asks his goons to tie Purab in upstairs room. Abhi thinks to tell Purab somehow that Disha is safe. Sangram asking his men to capture the moment. Tanu cries and says she will die. Aaliya asks her to die. Tanu says everyone is making Munni sit on their heads and tells her that Abhi was massaging Pragya’s toes. Aaliya says this can’t be true. Tanu asks her to hit her as it was her idea to bring Munni home. Aaliya hits her with pillow. Tanu says she is feeling really bad and hits pillow on her face.

Pragya asks Disha to wait till she checks. Abhi thinks thank god chipkali is here. Sangram’s man asks Abhi what is wrong with his wife and asks why did you tie cloth on your face. Abhi says it is a good shagun. Goon says I want to see your face. Abhi says he has infection and asks if he wants to give mouth to mouth respiration and coughs. Goon asks him to go to doctor
after Sangram’s marriage. Pragya comes to Purab to open the rope. Purab says you are here and says he will not go without Disha who is marrying Sangram. Pragya says Disha is not there. Disha comes there. Purab takes a sigh of relief.

Pragya is opening the rope when Disha sees goons coming there and hides with Pragya. Purab asks goons to go and enjoy the marriage. Goon says you agreed so soon being scared of sangram’s gun. Sangram stands for rounds. The goon wearing Disha’s clothes don’t get up. Abhi asks him to get up. He gets up. Sangram asks goons to take selfie. Pragya opens the rope. Purab hugs Disha and asks if she is fine. Disha says she is fine. He says if anything had happened to you then I would have killed him. He asks why did you agree for marriage. Disha says if anything had happened to you then I would have killed Sangram or myself. Purab asks who is sitting as bride. Pragya asks him to come and says Abhi is there.

Abhi thinks to escape as everyone is busy in marriage. Goon asks him to tie cloth and takes gun. Purab says I will check and go inside. Pragya says we are out and asks him to wait. Abhi comes there and scares them. He says I will play your band. Pragya asks him to hold guitar rightly. She asks him to come out first. Purab asks why did you risk your life. Abhi says I was fulfilling my duty of being elder brother. Purab hugs him. Sangram takes rounds with goon. Disha thanks Abhi. Purab asks Sangram is marrying whom? Abhi says he is marrying his goon and says they taught him a lesson. Purab says it might be Abhi’s idea. Pragya says unique ideas are his only. Abhi takes the credit. Pragya says she has also helped him. They argue.

Purab and Disha say that they have to leave before Sangram catches them.
Sangram and his goons rejoices as Sangram takes the rounds. Pandit ji asks him to fill sindoor. The goon in bridal attire signs no. Sangram says marriage is done and asks why she is feeling shy? Abhi sees goons standing. Purab and Abhi pick the rod while Disha and Pragya hides. They hit the goons.
Abhi asking Pragya to give some idea. Abhi says my ideas are unique, risky etc. Pragya says she has no ideas now. Abhi asks her to think and gives her time. Disha asks her to think fast. Abhi says 15 seconds are gone. Pragya asks him to be silent so that she can think. She thinks of an idea. Abhi says we have just 2 mins 30 seconds left. Pragya says I am sorry, folds her hand and asks him to give some ideas, and says I will do as you says.

Abhi says idea is simple, we have to go out and sit in car. He says he has sangram’s jeep and keys. Pragya says I should have got this idea. Abhi says my mind is strange. They go outside. Sangram lifts the veil and is shocked to see his own goon. He gets shocked. Other goon says Bhabhi ji got beard. Sangram beats him and asks where is
Purab and Disha. He asks Saale why did he sit in mandap. The goon Saale tells him that Abhi, the rockstar came there and made me sit as bride. Sangram says where is he? Goon says Kaale was in black clothes. Sangram says it was Abhi. He tells Saale that he will kill him and aims gun on him. Saale runs from there. Sangram shoots in air. Abhi and Pragya are in car with Purab and Disha..

Sangram asks Bali to drive fast and says he might have come from private jet. They see them going and shoots. Pragya hears the gun sound. Disha and Pragya see Sangram and goons and asks Abhi to drive fast. Pragya and Abhi argue as usual even in trouble situation. Sangram shoots rifle. They get down the car. Abhi asks others to run, but they refuse to run without him. Sangram comes there and catches them. He beats Abhi and take them to house again. Simonika thinks where is Abhi? She thinks don’t know where he has gone and thinks to ask them. Taya asks Dadi about Abhi. She says his call is not connecting.

Mitali comes and stumbles, asks can anyone tell me where I am. They ask where was she? Mitali says she drank juice given by Simonika and fell down there itself. Tai ji asks what did you give her. Simonika says she took medicine and juice for Pragya and she drank it. She tells Dadi that the juice was given by you. Dadi says you are right. Mitali says you gave me juice. Tayi ji says she is acting not to do work and asks her to make food atleast. Mitali says she gave me juice. Everyone goes. Mitali falls unconscious again.

Simonika says this is a mad house. Sangram tells that he will marry surely. Disha asks him not to harm her family. Sangram tells her that he will marry her. He tells pragya that she has back stabbed him. Abhi challenges him to open the rope and then he will show his manhood and says you don’t deserve to marry a woman and that’s why we got you married to your goon. Sangram looks angrily. Abhi tells him that bravery is not told, but is shown and says you will get heart attack in 3rd shock. Sangram asks what you are trying to do. Pragya and Purab not to make him angry. Sangram asks him not to make him angry. Abhi asks him to be a man and shoot at him. He says what do you think that you will get Disha and says she will not look at you, not even spit on you. Sangram looks angrily.


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