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Lady luck 4 December 2019:  Ansh takes Bhoomi to a restaurant and asks if she liked this place. She smiles and she liked a lot and says she does not have any grudge on him and apologizes for slapping him. He keeps his finger on her lips and looks at her romantically. She says she wants to say what is in her heart, closes eyes and says she loves him a lot and wants to spend time with her. She opens eyes hearing mobile ring and sees mom’s call. She picks and tells Dhara that she has come out for dinner with Ansh and will call her later.

Ansh comes back and she tells he proposed her many times and today she wants to tell what is in her heart and is about to tell I love you, when he stops her and says let us go and sit and talk. He makes her sit and tells they met because of Ria and Saurabh and he fell in love with her. He reminds her all the incidents happened and him proposing her near temple doors, but she rejected him her married was fixes somewhere else.

He did not lose hope and continued trying his luck, but she slapped and asked him to get out of her life. He was broke and wanted to die falling from cliff. He even came to her house on her mehandi function, but she was dancing happily. Then, he realized she does not care for him at all. After that, all his love and feeling for her died and he does not love her anymore. She is shocked to hear that and all her happiness vanishes.

Ansh tells Bhoomi that his feelings for her died when she slapped him and now he hates her. Bhoomi is shocked to hear that. He says he was about to punish other girl for her mistake, but fate sent herself to get punished. Bhoomi says he has mistaken her and says she was happy during sangeet as she was thinking he is with her.

She says she slapped him for her family and says girls have to sacrifice their feelings for their family and says he does not know it is very difficult for a girl to smile in pain. He asks her to stop her drama. She asks why did he bring her to his home then. He says he fulfilled his responsibility as a husband, thats all. He says she will never get his love. She says he cannot do that.

He says due to badluck they got married and he will fullfill all his responsibility as a husband, for the world they are husband and wife and between four walls strangers. She starts shedding tears. He says he loved her because of her tears, but now her tears will not affect him. Bhoomi starts crying vigorously reminiscing Ansh’s words. Ansh gets into car and waits for Bhoomi in car. She wipes her tears and gets in.

Latha at home waits for Ansh and Bhoomi. Once they reach, she asks how was their dinner. Ansh says it was good and says he is tired and will go and sleep. Latha asks Bhoomi also to go and sleep. Bhoomi walks towards kitchen instead reminiscing Bhoomi’s words. Dhara calls her and asks if she got adjusted in her new home and if Ansh is taking care of her. She says he is taking very good care of her and decorated whole house according to her choice, in hotel he ordered different cuisines. Suman hears that and gets jealous that Bhoomi is enjoying different cuisines while Surbhi is suffering with poor Varun.

Bhoomi takes food to room while speaking to Dhara. Dhara asks her to give phone to Ansh. She gives it to Ansh who speaks to Dhara smilingly as nothing happened. Dhara thanks him for taking care of Bhoomi well and cuts call. Bijender asks whose phone it was. She says Bhoomi’s and she is happy to get a damad like Maan.

Bhoomi asks Maan to have food and he says he is not hungry. He takes pillow and asks Bhoomi to sleep on bed while he sleeps on sofa. She says when he does not have place in his heart, she does not have right on his things, so she will sleep on sofa.

Suman serves breakfast to Surbhi and asks her to stay for 3-4 days more. Vasundhara comes and says girls cannot stay long after pagh pheres. Bhoomi comes to serve breakfast. Latha says she can go for pagh pheras. Bhoomi says until Vasundhara accepts her as bahu, she will not go to her parent’s house, but can go there as Surbhi’s bhabhi. Suman says she will also go with Surbhi to drop her. Vasundhara permits.

Ansh/Maan and Bhoomi reach Shukla house with other family members. Shanti asks them to enter holding each other’s hands. They hesitantly hold each other’s hands and enter in. Suman sits on sofa and tells it is very hot here without AC. Dhara gives snacks to Ansh, but he does not accept it. She asks Bhoomi to tell Maan. Bhoomi looks at Maan.

Ansh refuses snacks when Bhoomi says please take it and maan takes a bite. Varun says will you eat alone or will you feed Bhoomi too. Maan does so and everyone is happy.

Suman says how will you live in this room. Surbhi cribbing about the mattress and the small cupboard. Bhoomi asks taiji and dhara for kitchen work but they refuse. Bhoomi is standing with the shukla ladies in the kitchen. Ladies ask how are her in laws.
Bhoomi says everyone is good and they take care of her. Dadi asks about bhabhimaa, Bhoomi says that she is less angry and changes topic.

Dadi self talk that Bhoomi can’t hide things from me. Anshmi are leaving. Bhoomi father comes and says thank you to Maan for taking a stand for his daughter. Maan says to give me ashirwad so that he can fulfil his responsibilities as their son and calls him papa. Maan calls for Suman but she comes out screaming with stomach ache. She says she can’t go with them and can’t travel that far.

Anshmi are in the car. Bhoomi says thank you for pretending in front of her family. Maan says they didn’t do anything wrong with me so I will always be good to them. But you always wronged me so how can I do anything right to you..

Suman calls Lata and informs that she isn’t well so she has stayed in ujjain and Anshmi are coming alone. Lata informs bhabhimaa about Suman. She says that shukla family welcomed surbhi with open heart. Lata asks bhabhimaa that when Anshmi return can they do the pagphere Rasm. Maan loves Bhoomi, for his sake can’t we accept her as maan’s wife not as bahu. Bhabhimaa says she can do anything for Maan happiness, but do not expect anything from her.

Anshmi reach home. As they are entering Lata says stop. Without Arti you can’t come inside. Lata does the grahpravesh ritual of hand prints on the door. Maan holds Bhoomi hand and imprint the wall. Everyone is happy. Maan wipes his hand, Lata asks Bhoomi to clean her hands too. Lata asks her to drop the kalash and come inside.

Bhoomi holds the kalash in her hand saying that I am still not accepted in this family and goes to the mandir. She puts it in a red cloth and ties it. And bring the kalash back to bhabhimaa. Saying that the day when you all accept me that day I will do this Rasm.
Bhabhimaa says keep dreaming. Bhoomi says I know you are angry but this ain’t a dream but my vishwas. Someday I will earn your blessings.

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