Wedding planners update Wednesday 22 December 2021

Wedding planners 22 December 2021: The Episode starts with Nandini getting locked in her room. Preeti asks the band artists to play aloud, its Arjun and KT’s Makar Sankranti. Nandini calls for help. She looks for her phone. She gets the phone in the water jug. Arjun waits for Nandini. KT and Arjun dance. Shivraj gets a call. He asks Sushant to take everyone and come. He goes. Nandini finds the landline wire cut off. Kushala says Sushant, we shall leave now. Arjun says mom didn’t come yet. Preeti says she will come in other car, you go. Nandini shouts Arjun. KT says we have puja mahurat, we have to be there on time. They leave.

Preeti and Kusum open the door. FB shows….Preeti says we had hidden something from you about Nandini. Kusum says don’t worry, I m coming. FB ends…. Preeti asks Kusum to take care of Nandini. She goes. Kusum says we have to settle old scores. She pushes Nandini and shuts the door. Nandini thinks what to do. KT and family reach the temple for puja. Kusum watches Nandini. Preeti wishes KT and Arjun. KT says I have my good luck with me. KT and Arjun sit for the puja. Kushala gets a call. She says KT, media has come, be ready for the announcement.

Nandini thinks I have to reach in Kuldevi puja some way, KT has to die today. Kusum gets a call. Preeti ask did Nandini trouble you. Kusum says no. Preeti thanks her. She says until puja ends, take care of her. Kusum goes away from the window. Nandini pours some oil on the floor. The media arrives at the temple. Kusum sees Nandini fallen down on the ground. She calls her out. She goes to see her. She slips by the oil. Nandini gets up and runs out, locking Kusum inside. KT addresses the media. He says I m very happy, I want to share my life’s biggest happiness, you have heard that my son lives abroad, you were waiting to meet him, meet my son Arjun Tibrewal. Everyone claps. The lady asks is Arjun yours and Nandini’s son. He says yes. The lady says what’s the proof that he is your son. Preeti says we have proof that he is KT’s son. KT says yes, Arjun is my son. Nandini comes and shouts lie. KT asks what nonsense. She says your life is playing a joke on you. She says anyone can be Arjun’s dad, but not KT. They get shocked.

Preeti asks what nonsense are you saying, you are ruining your son’s identity. Nandini asks whose son, Arjun isn’t related to me, I had adopted him, he is an orphan, don’t you believe, I knew you will do anything to get the heir. KT asks what are you doing. She asks him to check the adoption papers. Arjun says mom, its a lie, tell me. Nandini says your life is a lie, you are an orphan, you aren’t related to KT. Arjun says our blood group is same. She says yes, that’s why I adopted you, its a rare blood group, you were the best option for me, kids are like water, they get any colour we put in, I have taught you KT’s habits, I m taking revenge for my Ravi today, I will take revenge for your curses KT.

She says KT will become a joke in front of the media today, I have come back after 17 years to ruin you, remember KT, you cursed me that I will never stay happy, the curse turns true, I have taken revenge on you by snatching your biggest happiness, your own blood/son isn’t yours, shame on your life. KT recalls Arjun and cries.Arjun says don’t say this, I m your son. She pushes him and says you aren’t my son, I used you to break down KT, I don’t care you live or die. Arjun cries. Preeti recalls Nandini’s plan. She sees KT. She thinks Nandini wants to weaken KT so that he also commits suicide like Ravi, but I won’t let this happen. Arjun says I m your son. Nandini says no, I used you to break down KT, I don’t need you now. KT stumbles. Preeti asks are you fine. She holds his hand. Neil stops the media. Sushant says I was afraid for this, Nandini came with a plan, how will KT handle this. Reporter says its a great story. Nandini says I left you when you loved me and now your relation with Arjun is false, how can you live a ruined life, why don’t you give your life, go and die, commit suicide like Ravi did.

Preeti asks did you go mad Nandini. She stops KT and says you won’t listen to Nandini, she wants to weaken you. He says Nandini is right, I m selfish, I got Nandini home for the sake of my son’s love, I have hurt entire family, I should get punished, I got cheated 17 years back and even now, I have to end myself, then everyone’s troubles will end. She says no, I can’t let you fall weak. She takes him to the temple. She prays for KT. She rings the bell. KT stops her. She says you are so good, whoever meets you falls in love with you, one of your relations broke, but everyone loves you, we all love you, you said I m your responsibility, you won’t let yourself break down for any reason, I will ask you today to face everything with courage, we will win today.

Nandini says line was good, it doesn’t matter, don’t try to give him courage, I know KT, he is just a foolish emotional puppet. Preeti goes to Nandini and argues. Nandini puts a liquid in KT’s pocket and thinks it will catch up fire, everyone will think he committed suicide. KT falls by the liquid blasting near the havan fire. He gets under a pillar. The temple catches fire. Everyone gets worried. Nandini puts some soil for KT. Preeti shouts to KT. KT gets conscious. Nandini says KT has taken his life because of the trauma. KT raises his hand. He isn’t able to move.Preeti sees his hand. KT’s family is also outside. Preeti runs inside the fire. She sees KT. Everyone cries for KT. Preeti pulls KT and asks him to try. She falls back because of the fire. Nandini says KT has committed suicide. Preeti comes and says nothing will happen to KT, you don’t know the power of a mangalsutra, a wife can do anything to save her husband. She goes. Nandini says I have prepared a white saree for you, you won’t need sindoor and mangalsutra, your husband is dead. She stops Preeti from entering the temple. She says no one can stop me from fulfilling my motive, KT will die today. Tarun comes and stops Nandini. She asks Preeti to go.

Tarun fights Nandini and falls down the stairs. The firetorch falls on his hand and burns him. He makes the firetorch away. Preeti goes to KT with the blanket and covers him. She tries hard and pulls him out. She asks KT to come. Everyone cries for KT. Preeti gets KT out safely. Nandini gets shocked. Kushala and everyone smile seeing KT. The family runs to KT and take him. Preeti asks someone to get the water. Reporter says Preeti has saved KT from his first wife’s evil. Preeti asks Nandini to see the strength of a wife. Nandini sees havan kund. She takes a stick and catches Arjun. She says if anyone touches me, I will burn him. KT shouts enough, you have used an innocent boy for 17 years, I won’t let anything happen to Arjun. Nandini threatens them. She asks why are you worried, you have no relation with him, you are really foolish. He says I won’t let anything happen to Arjun. He throws the fire stick. He hugs Arjun and asks are you fine. Arjun cries. KT says relations are made by heart, not blood, Preeti and I accepted Arjun by all my heart.

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