Wedding planners update Thursday 23 December 2022

Wedding planners 23 December 2021: The Episode starts with KT saying Preeti and I have accepted Arjun as my son, he will always be our son, just some papers can’t ruin our relation, your game is over, Nandini. Neil gets the police. Nandini gets arrested. Kushala says this woman shouldn’t be seen around my son, take her away. Preeti says I told you that mangalsutra and sindoor strength won’t let anything happen to KT, you are burning in the revenge fire, this is your end. KT asks Nandini to go, don’t return ever. Nandini says our story isn’t over, I m Nandini, I won’t let you forget. Police takes her away.

Tarun sits with his burnt hand. Preeti sees him and rushes to him. She hugs him. She asks what was the need to do this. Tarun says you stayed mute to save me, I never did anything for you, dad’s upbringing didn’t let me respect you, if Kusum didn’t call me today, then I would have not reached here, I have always misunderstood you and misbehaved, you always loved me, I got a chance to repent. Preeti cries. Everyone looks on.

Tarun says forgive me for one last time. Preeti says I got my lost son back. Arjun says I did what mom told me, I troubled you, but you tried to unite me with KT, who does this for an orphan. Preeti says don’t say this word again, you aren’t an orphan, KT and I are your parents. Arjun hugs her. She says my fate got lucky, I got both my sons today. KT says we have two sons. Kushala cries. Sneha says both of them don’t have Tibrewal blood, what will you do now.KT and Preeti come home. Kushala stops them. She says don’t take a step inside the house. KT asks what happened mom, why can’t Preeti come in. Neelima says she can’t come in without Grahpravesh. They all smile. Sneha asks really. Kushala says yes, get aarti plate. She says I was against Preeti before, I didn’t accept her ever, but today Preeti saved KT from death, I accept you as my bahu, you are the one who is made for KT, you care for him like a wife does. Shivraj says good that Saas and Bahu are bonding.

Sneha says right. KT says when Preeti came here, Grahpravesh wasn’t done, sorry for that night when I wasn’t here, but I m with Preeti today, we will make a new start. Kushala does their Grahpravesh. Preeti enters the house and gets blessings. She asks can I call you Maa now. Kushala says no, Maa and Sasumaa, it sounds middle class, call me mom, accept my high society rules. Preeti says mom. Kushala asks do you remember, you had to go somewhere, your visa has come, go and prepare for honeymoon, you should go to Switzerland and spend time together, stay for few months, come back with a good news. KT sees Preeti. He asks Kushala to make his fav food today. She says sure.

Tarun tries to take medicines. Rati says you have made me your nurse. She gets angry on him and asks why did you act heroic, why did you run to your mum when Kusum called, you broke your hand, ask your mum to pay expenses for a nurse. He says its just a day. She says call your mum here, she is enjoying her life, we are struggling, did she think about us, she doesn’t give any money. He asks her to stop it. She says she had trapped KT, else what’s her status. He slaps her. He scolds her and asks her to learn respecting his mum.He gets Preeti’s call. She asks are you fine. He says yes, I will fix everything, take care of KT and yourself. She says take care. Arjun comes to Kushala. Kushala says you can shift to guest room. KT comes and asks why. Kushala says Neil’s exams are coming, he should get his room back, he can study well. KT says no need, Neil is settled in that room, he won’t be comfortable to change room again, Arjun will stay there.

He asks Arjun to go and prepare for college fest. Kushala calls Preeti. She says you can go with KT on honeymoon, Nandini is gone forever now, you always supported KT, start a new life.

Kushala says I have more hope from you than KT, you have the strength that can make this relation’s foundation much strong, no one can break it.Preeti smiles and says sure. Kushala goes. Preeti comes to her room. KT asks her to come. He says I was waiting for you, I was going to do something. He shows Nandini’s pics and memories. He says when you were going to donate Nandini’s few things on puja day, I was shaken up, I wasn’t ready to get rid of the past, but now I got free. He puts the things in a box. He says I feel light now, thanks to you, we will burn these things. She smiles. He gets her belongings and says it should be in the cupboard. He says I should have given you right place in this room, house, family and my life, sorry, I got late.KT making Preeti keep her stuff in the cupboard. He gives a spare hanger to Preeta. His writing pad falls down. He says no one has a right to touch this, its special. She asks why. He says there is peace, its a memory of a stranger, it connected us for lifetime. He reads the poetry written by her. She gets shocked. She completes the lines. KT looks at her. He asks how do you know, it means you knew this poetry, did you write it. She nods. He laughs happily and says it means, you came into my life by the medium of these poems. He hugs her. He says meet me at our secret place, I want to tell you something, its a surprise, its a special feeling for me, I will wait for you. He goes. She smiles.

Kushala asks Preeti to deck up well and forget everything when she meets KT. She says he will be confessing love, you are superstar KT’s wife now, you should look stunning. Preeti goes and checks her sarees. Kuch to hua hai….plays…

KT arranges a date. Preeti gets ready and comes. He looks at her. She asks did you do all this for me. He holds her hands and says yes, I did this for you, you are so special for me. She asks him to say. He says I know I m bit foolish, but no more waiting, are you ready. She nods. He says I want to make this moment and evening special for you, come. He says I got a book published with your poems in it. He gives the book. He says its not the final copy, you will decide the cover, many lovers will get help from these poems, how is the surprise. Preeti says good. He says we are best friends, best business partners. She asks that’s all. He says best parents, I will also become best parent like you. She asks and…. He says best humans, best wedding partners, what else. She thinks he isn’t able to think that we are husband and wife.

Kushala sees Shivraj worried. She goes to him and asks what happened, you didn’t sleep yet. Shivraj says no, its all fine, go and sleep. She says tell me what is it. He says the ship carrying our consignment is missing, it had our antiques, if we don’t pay the loan, then we will be into big trouble, we will lose our honor. She asks did you invest in one consignment. Shivraj says yes, I took a big risk, but it was imp, Sushant knows it, you know it now, don’t tell this to children, KT and Preeti will be worried. She says you can do it, don’t worry, we can use our contacts. KT says sorry, I forgot the imp relation, we are husband and wife also, we couldn’t become the best couple, we failed. Preeti asks what do you mean.

KT says I married you without your wish, I had no choice, I saw a support in you, you saved me, you married me as a friend, you knew I would shatter, I feel lucky to get a friend like you, friends for life, right. He says I feel what would have happened if we met before, if I didn’t meet Nandini, maybe we had love between us. She smiles. He says I don’t regret, I m happy, I m with my best friend today, I m proud of it. Sacchi mohabbat….plays… He says you are the best. He hugs her. She cries.


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