Wedding planners update Tuesday 4 January 2022

Wedding planners 4 January 2022: The Episode starts with Preeti asking how can you go, how will I stay alone, I will come along. Kusum asks her to get quiet. She says our friendship is special, I will call you and talk. KT says what shall I call you, friend, support or guide. Kusum says we will talk on call. She jokes and says I will also miss you. She meets the entire family. She gives gifts to Kushala. She asks her not to give it to servants. Kushala smiles. She takes a pic with them. She asks Preeti not to wear the green saree, it didn’t suit her. Preeti says I will trouble you by calls. Kusum says fine, we will do Kushala’s complains. She asks Priyanka to give respect and love to everyone, Preeti is at her place now, she will never give any wrong advice. Preeti says don’t worry. Kusum hugs Priyanka and says I will come back soon. She hugs Preeti.

Its night, Preeti thinks if I sleep on the bed, what will KT think, what shall I do. He jokes seeing her apply the lotion again and again. He sits working on a laptop. She says laptop has no battery, what work are you doing on the black screen, I was just saying. He shuts the laptop. He says you can sleep on the bed, I was thinking what will you think if I say it first. She says I was thinking the same. He says we have to stop thinking first. She nods. He gives his hand. She holds his hand and sits on the bed.

They laugh. He says we will make bedroom rules. She says yes, I will write. He says no need, just say it, I will remember. She says we will not fight and sleep, we will solve the matter and sleep. He says fantastic. She says we won’t get on the bed with slippers. He throws his slippers away and says sorry. She says don’t feel bad, you don’t play kabaddi on the bed. He says I don’t believe this, okay fine, now my rules, we won’t talk saying ji, it will be formal, try just KT. She says KT. He says Preeti. They laugh. He says we will not fight and sleep, as you said, my rule is we will have a goodnight kiss before we sleep. He kisses on her forehead. Hum tum….plays…

They lie to sleep. KT switches off the lights. Its morning, Preeti wakes up. She sees KT and smiles. She kisses him. Kushala takes Preeti to the hospital. Preeti sits worried. Doctor says I will tell you after seeing the reports. Kushala says we want KT and Preeti’s child. Doctor says I suggest surrogacy in this age, we can find a surrogate. Kushala says no need, we want the baby from Preeti’s womb, it will be the sign of their love.Sheena shows the venue to KT. KT says its good. A lady comes and gives baby to KT. She clicks the pic and goes. He asks who are you, take the baby back. The lady shouts and says you forgot me, you met me and gave me this child. KT asks what. The lady says have pity on our baby. He asks what, hello, how are you. The lady says this baby’s mum. He says you take this baby to his dad. She scolds him and says you are marrying here, take care of the baby. He asks what. She asks baby to go to her dad. She goes.

KT says take the baby, hello… Baby cries. KT tries to console baby. KT asks Sheena to get milk for baby. Preeti comes and asks whose baby is this. KT says mine. She asks what. He says a girl came like storm and said its my baby, don’t know whose baby is it. Preeti says someone else gave you a baby instead me, I m joking. He says that girl went that side. Preeti sees him taking care of the baby and smiling. She smiles and thinks I will give you the happiness of our child. abeer gets a sorry message from mehar , abeer says look she is sorry now, nisar says abeer she has to cope up with lot of things n working at ur office is a big opportunity for her n she has to help her ma n bua too so think by her side too, abeer msgs mehar back saying all u care is ur work n not me so forget it, mehar reads msg n calls abeer, abeer doesn’t receive the call n msgs her back saying mehar don’t waste time in me keep working on impressing dad n ur work so leave me alone, abeer starts drinking n switches off his phone, mehar says god abeer why.

Abeer reaches room next morning n sees its mehars bday tomorrow n sees a note on table with breakfast, the note is from abeer asking to have breakfast, abeer says I have to makeup with her, abeer calls nisar n says abeer I need ur house I wanna throw surprise bday party for mehar, its her first bday after marriage n I want her to show how much I love her, nisar says ok.
Mehar in office looks at her n abeers pics n says why are u so angry abeer, kuber shows bank statement to taiji n says look at abeers expenses he spent 12 lakhs to arrange mehars bday party n has ordered n diamond set for mehar, he is so stupid, taiji says let him do whatever he wishes to do, mehar herself will stop all this just wait n watch.

Mehar comes home n asks where is abeer, servant says he isn’t home yet, mehar calls abeer,but abeer doesn’t receive her calls, taiji calls mehar n says mehar come here I need to talk to u, I know u are very understanding compared to abeer n its money matter so, mehar says taiji plz feel free to talk, taiji says look at this abeer spent 12 lakhs for an party arrangement, u tell me is this right, mehar goes through the statement, taiji says mehar we have lot of money but we need to value money n I want abeer to get serious in life n shd start working too, this is all his but he needs to learn value of everything, u work too u know how things go n I want abeer to know all this to n start taking responsibilities, and kuber told me abeer also bought expensive diamond necklace n definitely for u but tell me will u like gifts from abeers earnings or his dads, kuber says mehar u know how abeer reacts so we are talking to u n I hope u will discuss this issue with abeer, I feel bad that u are responsible n abeer isn’t,taiji says mehar plz help us working on abeers responsibilities, mehar nods yes n leaves.

Mehar goes to room n thinking abt taiji n kubers words,mehar is upset n calls abeer, abeer doesn’t receive any calls, mehar says where are u abeer, I am missing u so much plz come back, all this they take u so wrong but I know u are capable and u will make ur own identity n shut everyones mouth and I cant see anyone talking ill abt u, abeer says mehar, mehar rushes to abeer, abeer says so sorry I left u alone, mehar says where were u, abeer says come with me, mehar says I know where u are taking me but so much money, abeer says oh my surprise this nisar, mehar says abeer this is ur bank statement,abeer says are u spying me or papa gave u, mehar says abeer see so much expenses is not good see we are married now, abeer says so I cant take money from dad, mehar says no abeer I mean if we are spending we have to spend it from our own pockets,abeer says oh so u feel bad abt me taking money, mehar says abeer see I earn u can take money from me too, abeer remembers taijis words that soon mehar will ask u to take money from her, abeer gets upset n says so trying to show up ur new job so sorry mehar,u feel I am jobless n useless, mehar says no abeer u are taking me wrong, abeer says and don’t forget u got job bcoz of me n now u want me to be ur pet, I am so sorry that u feel ashamed of me right, mehar says no abeer plz, abeer says mehar I guess love isn’t enough for u n leaves.

Abeer goes to nisars house n start taking off all arrangements, mehar comes there n says abeer stop, abeer says nisar ask her to go work n keep earning her husband is jobless, abeer burns all gifts, mehar says abeer I want u n nothing else I love u plz understand, abeer takes mehar out of door n locks himself in, mehar bangs door saying sorry, abeer says nisar go drop her home go, nisar says ok I will get wallet goes to his room n calls kuber.


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