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Wedding planners 5 January 2022: The Episode starts with Preeti asking the doctor are the reports fine. Doctor says everything is easy because of science, but your reports…. Preeti is shocked. Sneha asks Kushala to have some fruits. Kushala says its my fast today. Sneha says I worry for you. Priyanka comes. Kushala says you know why I kept the fast, I m fine, don’t worry. Priyanka asks is Kushala keeping a diet. Neil says no, she kept the fast for KT and Preeti’s child. She says Kushala is getting superstitious. He says don’t say anything that hurts her sentiments. Preeti asks what did you say.

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Doctor says you have ovarian cancer, you can’t conceive in this stage, you focus on your health, you have very less time. Preeti is shocked. Phurti is excited to go to London. She cries and says you have snatched everything from me, I thought to go to London by buying a ticket, but…. Preeti recalls the doctor’s words. She cries seeing some pregnant women. Phurti is also crying. She tells her life’s sorrows. She says you broke me, but I will go to London. She argues and throws stones at the sky. Preeti walks on the road and thinks of KT and Kushala’s words. Phurti says they ran away with my money. Preeti cries.

Sheena says I clicked your pics when you were cutely handling the pics. KT says very nice, its one of the best pics, I look handsome and the baby looks so cute, send me this pic. Sheena sends the pic. He thanks her. He edits the pic and adds Preeti in the pic. He says now its a perfect family pic. Phurti asks the ladies not to become fools and go back home. Preeti comes to the temple and sees her coin. She hears Phurti saying that Lord will not help us and take tax. She says I will take my coin back. Preeti stops her. Phurti says one whose dream breaks can know the pain, my dream to go to London has broken, you are KT’s wife right. Preeti says we get shocked because Lord takes our test. Phurti asks who asked him to take our test, I want the test back. Preeti says no, don’t remove the coin, its my mannat. They fall back.

Phurti says fine, but our hope breaks, which is your coin. Preeti says coin with P written. Phurti says my dream depends on your dream, my coin is over your coin, my dream just broke, what shall I do of yours, we will keep the coins, maybe my dream fulfills by your belief’s strength. She goes. Preeti thinks of KT. Phurti meets an accident. Preeti takes her to the hospital and gets her treated. Phurti asks how did I come here. Nurse comes and asks how are you fine. Phurti misunderstands that her friend is going to sell her lungs. She asks nurse not to come close. Preeti asks what happened. Nurse says she is acting mad, go and see her. Preeti comes to Phurti and says calm down, nothing happened to you. She asks Phurti to have juice. She gets a pic and asks who is this. Phurti says she is my mum, she passed away. Preeti asks was she from Ajmer, was her name Pushpa. Phurti saying you know everything, I will go away. Preeti says stop, your mum was my Bua, you are my sister.

Phurti says stay away from me. Nurse gets the form and asks Preeti to apply for surrogacy. She says anyone from the family can become your surrogate, you talk at home. She goes. Phurti hears this and is shocked. She misunderstands Preeti and scolds her. She says you got me treated so that I become your surrogate. Preeti says no, I didn’t even think so. Phurti says I will return your money, I got the money to go abroad, I can’t do this. She goes out and sees the police. The inspector says we have to shut the case, Preeti saved you and got you to the hospital on right time. He tells her everything. FB shows some people coming to kidnap Phurti. Preeti shouts and calls the police. She informs the police. Goons say we are bringing this girl to the border and sell her. Police stops the goons’ car and save Phurti.


Preeti comes there with the police. FB ends. Phurti is shocked. She signs the form. She runs back to Preeti. She says sorry, I didn’t know you are so good, you got me treated without any selfish motive, I will also do something for you, I will think to carry yours and your husband’s child in my womb. Preeti hugs her. Phurti says its done from my side, I will follow my heart, I will ask Guru ji about this first. Kushala calls the doctor to know about Preeti’s reports. Shivraj asks Neil why did he withdraw 3 lakhs from the accounts. Neil asks can I say it later. Kushala stops him and asks who is changing your bad habits. Priyanka comes. Neil says I wanted to surprise Priyanka for our one month anniversary. He shows the bill to Kushala. Kushala goes on a call. Shivraj also goes. Kushala speaks to the doctor. Preeti comes home.

Kushala asks can Preeti conceive, why are you silent, is everything fine. Preeti thinks Kushala can’t accept the shock. Doctor says its a bad news, Preeti can’t conceive, I have explained it to Preeti. Kushala cries. Preeti asks are you fine, didn’t you take bp medicines. Kushala says doctor was saying you can’t conceive. Preeti says just calm down, I asked the doctor to say this to you. She starts laughing and says you got shocked, right, it means I wanted to give you this good news that my reports are fine. Kushala hugs her. She makes Kushala have water. Kushala says we will just be happy. She ties the thread to Preeti’s hand.

KT comes back and says congratulates Preeti, your dream is fulfilled. Preeti asks how do you know. KT says I got a call from Udaipur chamber of commerce, they chose you for the best businesswoman of the year. Preeti asks really. He says yes. Kushala says we are getting a line of good news today. KT says this was your dream. Preeti says its our dream, our award. He hugs her. She cries and asks are you happy. He says as much as my dream got fulfilled, I will never forget this day. She says me too, the dream has to get fulfilled. Phurti prays and tries to know if she will go to London or help Preeti. Preeti also prays. Phurti says think well and tell me. KT says shirt button got broken. Preeti says I will fix it. She stitches the button. He asks are you fine. She says yes. He says you found a good way to be around me. She sees her saree getting stitched to his shirt. He laughs and sings. She thinks I don’t have much time, but I want to see you happy, I won’t trouble you by telling about my illness. She gets a call. He asks what’s the hurry. She says Phurti…. He asks what. She makes an excuse. He says Phurti/hurrying isn’t good always, it often cheats.

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