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Wedding planners 3 January 2022: The Episode starts with KT’s heart beating for Preeti. He thinks of Preeti. He holds his heart. Dev comes to Meera and says lawyer has sent the divorce papers, sign it. Meera gets upset. KT looks on. Dev takes the papers back and tears it. He says I can’t live without you, why don’t you say it, I was upset that you didn’t stop me for divorce, but today, I understood it, you have tried hard to save our marriage. KT recalls his words. Dev says the driver attacked you, thank God Preeti was with you. KT thinks Preeti was with Meera, she was in danger, I thought….

Dev says I was a fool that I didn’t feel that I love you a lot. He hugs Meera and says I can’t live without you. KT says I can’t live without Preeti, I love her, I have to stop her from leaving. He runs and asks Sheena about her. Sheena says I have seen her taking a cab for the bus stand. Preeti reaches the bus stand. She gets sad thinking of KT. She gets inside the bus. KT comes looking for Preeti. The man asks did she run away. KT says I won’t let it happen. He doesn’t see Preeti. He goes to the conductor and takes the speaker. He says I will give it, wait. The girl says that’s film star KT. KT shouts Preeti ji. Preeti hears him.

KT stands on the bus and asks Preeti where is she, he has come to take her. He says everyone thinks I m a superstar, I m a flop star, I can’t live without Preeti, I m not a liar, my heart was a liar, my heart started beating, I fell in love, I realized your worth when you left me, this is the truth, I was behaving irritated, I was scared that you will leave me, please stop, I have come to take you, Preeti partner, your KT came to take you.

He returns the speaker. The man says the bus from Udaipur to Mumbai is leaving now. Preeti’s bus leaves. KT asks the bus driver to follow that bus, else he will jump down. The bus driver takes him. KT calls out Preeti. Preeti sees him and cries. KT asks the driver to drive in speed. The driver gets the bus in front of the other bus. The people get down and ask what’s happening. KT calls out Preeti. The people ask Preeti to come down the bus. KT gets to see Preeti. Preeti asking how can you go, how will I stay alone, I will come along. Kusum asks her to get quiet. She says our friendship is special, I will call you and talk. KT says what shall I call you, friend, support or guide. Kusum says we will talk on call. She jokes and says I will also miss you. She meets the entire family. She gives gifts to Kushala. She asks her not to give it to servants. Kushala smiles. She takes a pic with them. She asks Preeti not to wear the green saree, it didn’t suit her. Preeti says I will trouble you by calls.

Kusum says fine, we will do Kushala’s complains. She asks Priyanka to give respect and love to everyone, Preeti is at her place now, she will never give any wrong advice. Preeti says don’t worry. Kusum hugs Priyanka and says I will come back soon. She hugs Preeti. Its night, Preeti thinks if I sleep on the bed, what will KT think, what shall I do. He jokes seeing her apply the lotion again and again. He sits working on a laptop. She says laptop has no battery, what work are you doing on the black screen, I was just saying. He shuts the laptop. He says you can sleep on the bed, I was thinking what will you think if I say it first. She says I was thinking the same. He says we have to stop thinking first. She nods. He gives his hand. She holds his hand and sits on the bed.

They laugh. He says we will make bedroom rules. She says yes, I will write. He says no need, just say it, I will remember. She says we will not fight and sleep, we will solve the matter and sleep. He says fantastic. She says we won’t get on the bed with slippers. He throws his slippers away and says sorry. She says don’t feel bad, you don’t play kabaddi on the bed. He says I don’t believe this, okay fine, now my rules, we won’t talk saying ji, it will be formal, try just KT. She says KT. He says Preeti. They laugh. He says we will not fight and sleep, as you said, my rule is we will have a goodnight kiss before we sleep. He kisses on her forehead. Hum tum….plays…

They lie to sleep. KT switches off the lights. Its morning, Preeti wakes up. She sees KT and smiles. She kisses him. Kushala takes Preeti to the hospital. Preeti sits worried. Doctor says I will tell you after seeing the reports. Kushala says we want KT and Preeti’s child. Doctor says I suggest surrogacy in this age, we can find a surrogate. Kushala says no need, we want the baby from Preeti’s womb, it will be the sign of their love.Sheena shows the venue to KT. KT says its good. A lady comes and gives baby to KT. She clicks the pic and goes. He asks who are you, take the baby back. The lady shouts and says you forgot me, you met me and gave me this child. KT asks what. The lady says have pity on our baby. He asks what, hello, how are you. The lady says this baby’s mum.

He says you take this baby to his dad. She scolds him and says you are marrying here, take care of the baby. He asks what. She asks baby to go to her dad. She goes. KT says take the baby, hello… Baby cries. KT tries to console baby. KT asks Sheena to get milk for baby. Preeti comes and asks whose baby is this. KT says mine. She asks what.He says a girl came like storm and said its my baby, don’t know whose baby is it. Preeti says someone else gave you a baby instead me, I m joking. He says that girl went that side. Preeti sees him taking care of the baby and smiling. She smiles and thinks I will give you the happiness of our child.

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