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Wedding planners 20 December 2021: The Episode starts with KT spiking Nandini’s drink. He says you made my day special, I thought to celebrate it with a glass of red wine. She says you remember it. He says yes. Preeti comes and takes the girl from Nandini’s hand. She smells the wine and coughs. Nandini smiles and says let it be, you don’t watch KT’s movies, you can’t even celebrate his happiness, what can you do for your husband. Preeti says I admit that I don’t watch his movies, I don’t drink, I may not support him in joy, but I will always support him in sorrow, this is between us now. KT asks her to leave him. Nandini asks KT to drink. They drink.

FB shows KT saying I have a plan to make Nandini admit the plan, I will spike her drink. Preeti says we have to opt for such a way to get truth out from Nandini. Kusum asks Neil to sit and listen, no need to elope and marry. Priyanka comes. Kusum says Kushala will also melt down because of love, I will deal with her, you don’t worry, I trust your love. Neil and Priyanka smile. Kusum says I will get you both married by everyone’s consent and blessings, go home now. Neil takes her blessings and goes.

Priyanka hugs Kusum and thanks her. Kusum says I see same love in Neil’s eyes like your dad, I m ready for your and Neil’s marriage, Preeti should get rid of Nandini first, then I will take the alliance. Priyanka hugs and thanks her.Nandini gets drunk. She says I m feeling sleepy. KT says don’t spoil mood, I had made many plans for a long drive. She says I have to go. He says don’t say aloud, Preeti will hear and say she will also come, we will go to room and talk, I will come after Preeti sleeps, keep the phone in hand, don’t sleep, okay. She smiles. He goes to Preeti and says Nandini is totally drunk. Preeti says we will go and plan at our safe house. KT says you have removed the CCTV camera, she can’t see us, come. He says I will take Nandini on a long drive and then make her admit truth, I won’t go now, I will spend time with you, partner. She says leave my hand, we have less time, message her. He teases her and doesn’t give the phone. They fall on the bed. Ik tara…plays… They see each other and smile. He messages Nandini and goes with her. Preeti also hides in the car.

She messages KT that he has come to get the truth out. KT replies I came to do that. He says Nandu, when you wanted to come back to me, I should have not refused. She says I wish you had forgiven you. He says I know, I also regret a lot.He asks how did you manage everything alone. Nandini says it was my big decision to leave you and go, I just got ruined, I never got any happiness, Ravi committed suicide. He says he was emotionally strong, what happened that he committed suicide, tell me. She says leave it, I don’t want to talk about him, we will talk about us, tell you love me. He asks driver to stop the car. He asks her to see the icecream parlor, they used to come here and have it. She nods. They go to have icecream. Preeti sees Tarun with some men. She thinks if Nandini sees me, my plan will fail. She hides.

Preeti gets down the car. KT asks how did you raise Arjun alone. Nandini says I got a special reason to live. He asks what reason. She says you. Preeti sees Tarun getting threatened. She calls the police. She says some goons have caught my son, come soon, his life is in danger. Goon threatens to kill Tarun. Tarun says tell them that I m trying to arrange money.Goon slaps Tarun. Police comes there. Preeti says inspector, those are the goons. She asks Tarun is he fine. Tarun thinks how did mum understand that I m in trouble when I didn’t tell her anything. He says she is mistaken, they are my friends, she got worried for me. She asks what are you saying, tell the truth, don’t get scared, police is here. Tarun says nothing, sorry. Inspector asks him not to get scared. Tarun says they are really my friends. Police leaves. Preeti asks Tarun to come, she will drop him home. She scolds the goons. The goons leave.

KT asks Nandini to say, how did she spent her life without him. She says I wanted to come back to you, I just had one motive in my life. He looks at her. Nandini saying I just had one motive in life. KT asks what motive. Tarun says I m fine. Preeti asks why did you lie to police, they were troubling you, tell me. Tarun thinks I did wrong with her, she still wants to end my problems. He says everything is fine. She says I arranged a taxi for you, I know those were the goons, not your friends, so I said that I will drop you home, I know I m not close that you can share problems, but I m your mum, if you need any help, tell me, I m always with you. He leaves.

KT says tell me what you lost, I will fulfill it, I want to know your motive. Nandini says you want to know my secret. He says yes, tell me. She falls asleep. Preeti comes and signs what. He signs no. Nandini opens eyes and recalls everything. She sees KT spiking the drink. She changes the drink. She sees KT and Preeti making plans to trap her. She says wow, you both made good plans, but I m ahead of you both. KT drops Nandini to her room. Preeti says we will make a good plan and know her truth. Nandini thinks I will execute my revenge tomorrow itself. Its morning, KT and Preeti fake argue. Nandini looks on. She asks KT to ignore Preeti. She thinks its KT’s last breakfast with everyone. Arjun comes and says I went to get jalebis, I forgot the wallet home. Kushala says you should have told him that you are KT’s son. Arjun says no, I told him, but the man didn’t agree. KT asks Kushala to call a press conference, he will announce that KT’s son is back to stay with the family. Preeti sees Nandini smiling. She says also give the news of our marriage. KT argues with her. Kushala asks Sneha to arrange a press conference. She calls and says its an imp day for KT, he will introduce his son, come and cover this for your channel. Nandini thinks KT won’t be alive to announce the news.

Kusum comes home. She asks where is KT. Preeti asks are you fine,. She thinks sorry to lie to you Kusum. She says KT doesn’t tell me before going anywhere. Kusum says its Makar Sankranti tomorrow. Kusum wishes Kushala and gives the shagun. Kushala asks what was the need. She asks Gopal to take the basket. Preeti says I will keep it. Kusum says I have to get habitual to meet Kushala now. Preeti asks what. Kusum says I was shocked and then pleasantly surprised. She tells her about Neil and Priyanka. Preeti smiles and says you did good to stop Neil from eloping, I will come to ask for Priyanka’s hand after Nandini’s matter ends, its my promise. Kusum says yes.

Goons enter Tarun’s house. Goon asks Tarun to sign the papers and give away the house. Rati is shocked. KT comes and punches the goon. He asks how much is your loan. Goon says 30 lakhs. KT writes a cheque and asks him to take it. He says you don’t come here again, get lost. Tarun and Rati look on shocked.Tarun thanks KT. KT says thank your mum, not me, she told me what happened with you last night, she couldn’t sleep all night, she sent me to help you, you snatched this roof from her, she is returning it to you today, think about it Tarun. Tarun and KT look on sadly. Preeti talks to KT on call and says Nandini called you at the mall, keep the phone connected, all the best. Nandini says I have done shopping, the press conference is special, I want your jodi to look super. KT says you take care of me so much. She records his words. He says I feel suffocated when Preeti is with me. She thinks you gave this statement against Preeti. She says you are troubled by Preeti, I will take you somewhere. She says its imp to off your phone, else Preeti will call you. He thinks to go with her to know her motive. She says I promise, you will get rid of all your problems, come. They leave. Preeti checks Nandini’s room.

She says she is smart, how shall I know her motive for revenge. She sees the red wine in the vase and says is it that wine which KT gave to Nandini, it means she didn’t drink wine, she was acting to faint, she knew that we are acting. She comes to her room and sees the camera. She says she removed the tape from the camera, it means she knows our secret, we were playing a game with her, she is playing a big game with us.

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