Wedding planners update Saturday 4 December 2021

Wedding Planners 4 December 2021: The Episode starts with KT shutting the cupboard. Preeti asks him why did he keep Nandini’s things till now. She says you are hurting yourself by Nandini’s memories. He doesn’t listen and locks himself in washroom. She shouts to explain him. He runs the taps and ignores her. She says you are hurting yourself by thinking about Nandini all the time, its wrong, you can make a start to forget her, throw away her things, just give me a chance to come to you, try to come out of this thing, throw away Nandini’s things, it will just hurt you, did you see yourself, listen to me. She cries and says I have to do something that Nandini’s magic on him ends. He recalls Preeti’s words.

Nandini receives a envelope. She checks. Preeti comes and says its your return ticket for Singapore, just pack your bags and leave, you wanted to lie and marry KT, you don’t try this again, just leave if you don’t want to lose your respect in your own eyes. Nandini claps. She says we both know that KT loves me, I thought you are calm like a cow. Preeti says when its a family, a woman takes a lioness’ avatar, you can’t understand KT and my relation, you try to provoke me against KT, you think you can stop me from keeping my vows, never, my vows were true, don’t try to come back in his life, I m not a kid to come in you words, you lost your loving husband and family, KT and my relation is connected since the time we became business partners, we have mutual understanding, you won’t understand it, thanks for your cheap doings, KT and I came more close, just pack your bags and leave. Nandini says I can’t go.

Preeti says I know you want to ruin KT’s life. Nandini says KT has stopped me by filing a case, he stopped me from making payment from my card, my cheque bounced and he filed a case, you think about it, he didn’t take payment from me and stopped me, he misses me a lot, he wants to be connected to me by some excuse, such is our love, its like a filmi story, I feel bad for you, Preeti, KT will always love me, you will just be a mask for him, he will wear the mask just to show me, till when will you hold his hand, one day he will come to me,I know him well, he is angry on me, its his way to show his anger, you can’t understand this, he has no anger, annoyance and love for you, you are wasting your time, very soon, I will be in KT’s house and bedroom.

Neelima sends Gopal away. She gets a tiffin and packs the food. She calls someone and says yes, I have packed the tiffin. Neil comes and asks why are you cooking, where are the helpers, for whom is the tiffin. Neelima scolds him. Neil says I was just talking. Sneha comes and asks what happened. Neil says nothing. Neelima says your son forgot how to talk to elders, KT’s dad has earned a lot, it doesn’t mean Neil sits relaxed and wastes time. She goes. Sneha cries. Neil says come on mom, Neelima has nothing in her heart, you love it, stop crying.

KT asks what’s the need for this ritual. Shivraj asks will you say no to me now. KT says you suddenly got married and brought Preeti home, we didn’t say anything, we are giving her respect, she is our bahu, you have become her husband, sit in the puja with her. Gopal says pandit is calling. Shivraj asks KT to change clothes and come. Nandini gets a call. She asks shall I say more or attend my call. Preeti gets Shivraj’s call. Shivraj says come home for puja. She says I will come. She leaves.Preeti and KT sit in the puja. She recalls Nandini’s words. KT recalls Preeti’s words. Shivraj asks where is Kushala/Neelima. Sneha says she didn’t wish to attend the puja, so she left. Shivraj says its fine. Pandit gives sindoor to KT. He says you know why wife’s maang is filled with sindoor every morning, wife will not think to shed blood for her husband, this sindoor is a sign, she makes a vow to her husband. Preeti cries. KT fills her maang. She thinks I will do anything for keeping the respect of this sindoor and our relation. Ik tara….plays…. Pandit asks them to get charity done by new bahu, the problems will be way from the newly weds. Shivraj gives the keys. He asks Preeti to go and get whatever she finds right to give away in charity. Preeti goes. She gets Nandini’s belongings in the box. Shivraj asks what’s this. Sneha asks were Nandini’s things at home till now. Preeti says I want to donate this. KT asks whom did you ask, you can’t do this. Shivraj stops KT. He asks Preeti to do what she wants. Preeti says I want to give away these things, only then our lives will have peace and happiness back.

Shivraj asks Chandu to take away the things. KT gets upset and goes upstairs. Preeti thinks I know you are upset, but you won’t be able to move on, I want to see you happy, I can’t see you in pain. pandit asking Preeti to light 100 diya in the house, every diya will bright up her married life with joy. She says sure. She goes and lights diya. KT comes and says I told you not to touch those things, by asking whom did you donate the things. She says this puja for a husband and wife’s happy married life, I did that for the sake of my future, its my right. He asks when did I give this right to you. She asks why, you love me, its my right to make anything that hurts me away, I will make Nandini’s bitterness away, so that Nandini’s KT goes away and my KT comes back to me. He looks at her. He says I m the same KT, not Nandini’s KT. She says no, you would have not asked her for cheque, you would have not filed the case when her cheque bounced, tell me. He recalls. Sheena says Nandini’s cheque has bounced. KT says its a criminal offence, talk to lawyer and sue Nandini, don’t tell Preeti, she will be worried. She goes. FB ends. Preeti asks why did you ask Sheena not to tell me, why did you want to burn in the fire, I m close to you, I feel sad seeing you like this.

He says its nothing like that, I got married, don’t nag me, I m not a kid, don’t you understand it, I know that I have filled sindoor in your maang, you agreed for the marriage, you have to handle it yourself, don’t keep any hope from me, leave me alone, go. She cries and goes. Her saree pallu catches fire from the diya. KT shouts Preeti ji and runs to her. He puts off the fire by his hands. His hands burn. She blows on his hands and shouts for help. KT looks at her. Sumedh says I will try to return your money. The call ends. Juhi asks how will we handle it if we don’t get insurance. Kusum comes and says you have a help in the house, keep this jewellery. Juhi says no, its for Priyanka, Kajal and Aastha’s marriage and future. Kusum insists. Juhi says no, just give us your blessings, please we can’t keep this. Sumedh says yes, we will manage. Kusum says fine, Lord should give you courage, did you tell Preeti. Juhi says no. Sumedh says she will take tension if we say, she is in a new family. Kusum says you became sensible, we shouldn’t tell her. Shivraj asks Neil to go and get a doctor. Preeti asks KT to get the lep/ointment applied. Shivraj asks KT not to be adamant. Preeti applies the lep on KT’s burns. KT looks at her.

Ik tara….plays…. She asks why did you do this. He says I can’t see you burning. She cries. Doctor says get lost, who has sent you here, I don’t do all this, go away. Priyanka cries. Neil looks on. She says don’t judge me please, I m not doing this by my wish, he has a doubt on my character. He asks why do you need to marry him, who doubts you, who doesn’t respect you, its just the start, don’t know what will he do. She says I m helpless, if this marriage breaks, my mum’s heart will break, don’t tell this to Preeti, she will tell my mum. He says don’t worry. She goes crying.

Priyanka says Amit, I m not lying, I went to doctor, doctor refused to do tests. Amit says you are a liar. Priyanka says you want to break the alliance, fine. Kusum scolds her. Preeti comes home. She says its not Priyanka’s mistake, Neil told me what Priyanka got late to tell us, go to your room. Priyanka goes. Kusum asks what is it, tell me. Preeti tells her. Kusum gets shocked.Kusum asks how will Priyanka live her life, what will happen with her. Preeti asks how can we ask her to keep a wrong relation all life, you said that respect should be there in a relation, I have taken a big decision and my life changed, Priyanka will get married, don’t worry, a relation should have respect and love, forced relations just hurt us, nothing else. She recalls KT’s words.

KT tries to wear his shirt and button it up. Preeti comes and asks shall I help, I can see you need help. He says then don’t see, you already helped, I will handle. She asks him to stand quiet. She buttons his shirt. She says you called me a superwoman, you won’t fall short if you take my help. Adha ishq….plays… Shivraj calls out KT. KT goes and sees Nandini. Nandini runs and hugs him. She says our son Arjun is missing. He makes her away and asks what happened. She says Arjun is missing, police gave me his belongings and said he had committed suicide. She cries. Preeti says nothing will happen to Arjun, I will get water. Nandini says no, I just want KT, nothing else. Everyone looks on.

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