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Wedding planners 3 December 2021: The Episode starts with KT saying you got me insulted in front of Preeti, you know I forget things, I didn’t leave you at office intentionally, you got Nandini here. She says I was unconscious, she got me here. He says she insulted us, I do care what she thinks about us. She asks do you care. He says you won’t understand. He goes. She says I want to understand, I respect our relation and want to keep it, how shall I make this relation strong. Neelima says leave false hopes. She scolds Preeti a lot. She says you wanted to rule in this house. Preeti says no. Neelima warns her against hurting KT. She goes. Shivraj comes to Preeti and asks her not to feel bad of Neelima’s words. He says KT was in sorrow for years, I just got a hope in you, you can bring him out of sorrow given by Nandini and keep him happy, earn a place in this house, its not an easy fight for you, you aren’t alone here, I m with you. He blesses her and goes.

Preeti goes to make kada. Sneha scolds Gopal and asks why is Preeti here. Preeti says I came to make kada for myself. Sneha says Kushala/Neelima will be upset knowing this, we aren’t permitted to cook food. Preeti says but I love cooking food, there are some rules in this house, if she knows that you are breaking the rules, she will be upset, just go. Preeti goes. Neil says if Preeti knows this, then…. KT says just we should know it. Preeti thinks what is he hiding. KT gets a video call. Nandini shows her pink nail paint. KT says its time to forget few things, you remember this tattoo. She says yes, you got it made on our first anniversary, you had won over the pain and fear for my sake. He says I hate you, Preeti’s name will be there now, I will erase your name, like I have removed you. She says don’t do it. He says I will send you the pic when I get Preeti’s name here. Neil asks KT to think again. KT says its decided.

Preeti stops the tattoo maker and sends him out. Neil goes. Preeti asks why are you doing this. KT says I m making your name tattoo, you are my wife, I love you so I married you. She says you are lying, you married me to take revenge on Nandini. He says don’t take my name. She says she is between us, I don’t need all this. He asks what do you want. He recalls Nandini’s words and gets angry. He says I want to forget Nandini, I was in her memories since 17 years, so I forgot to bring you home, I will not give a chance to insult you again, I will have your name instead her, I hate her, she will be hurt when I remove her name tattoo, that pain will give me peace, you will be glad. She says don’t name her hatred as my love.

He says you are a superstar’s wife, but you shouldn’t say big dialogues. She says you always said that its not necessary to forget things, you don’t love me, accept it. He asks what are you saying, I love you so I will bear the pain. She says you don’t love me, this is just a pretence, love just happens, its felt, it can’t be shown like this. He kisses her and asks did you feel it now. He goes. She cries.Juhi comes to Priyanka and asks didn’t you come out. She gets Sumedh’s call. She asks what, I m coming. She says there is a short circuit and fire break out at shop. She goes. Neelima says who left the sandals here, who did this. Sneha says maybe its of Preeti. Neelima calls Preeti and scolds her for leaving dirty sandals at the house entrance. She asks Preeti not to do this again. She asks Gopal to throw the sandals out. Sneha says maybe Preeti just had one pair. Neelima says I don’t care, I will make Preeti out of the mansion soon.

Kusum is worried. She says no one will cry in front of Juhi and Sumedh, don’t express that bad happened with them. Kusum and her daughters cry. She says it will be a big loss. She says no one will cry in front of them. Priyanka worries. Shivraj asks where is Preeti. KT says I don’t know. Neil asks what. Shivraj says then find out, its her first dinner with us, go and bring her. Neelima says KT is tired, he just came from office. Neil says I will get her. He goes and calls Preeti for dinner. Preeti comes downstairs. She sees the family dining. Neelima stops Preeti.Neelima stopping Preeti from sitting on her chair. Madhu asks Preeti not to sit on Neil’s chair. Shivraj asks Preeti to sit on his chair. KT looks on. Preeti says you sit there, how can I. Shivaraj asks her to sit. She sits on his chair. She says I will serve myself. Neil asks her to try salad and soup. KT says we have soup and salad in dinner. Neil says yes. Shivraj says if you don’t like this, ask the cooks to make something for you. Neelima says cooks have left, she should also eat this, she has to adjust here, if she thinks to bring a change, then it won’t happen. Preeti says I will have this. KT looks at her. He gets some sandwiches and juice for Preeti. He says I have seen you, you didn’t eat anything, have it. She sees the sandwich. Preeti finishes it. KT comes back. He switches on the AC.

Preeti thinks I used to tolerate AC in office, I can’t sleep if AC is on now. She takes the AC remote and increases the temperature. She keeps the remote back. KT says its so hot today. He lowers the temperature again. She makes her bedding on the ground. He gets servant’s call. Servant says a couch is delivered, its for Preeti. KT asks did you order a couch. Preeti says no. He says fine, I will see. He gets Nandini’s video call. She asks how did you like the couch, I had sent it for Preeti, you married her just to show me, you won’t have closeness with her, its a namesake relation, you didn’t remove my name tattoo, you can’t change the bed, Preeti will not self respect to not sleep on the same bed, so I sent the couch. Preeti signs KT and comes in front of the camera. She acts happy. She says we are newly married, you shouldn’t disturb us at this time, sleep or watch any tv show, calling someone else’s husband at this time isn’t good, stop interfering in our personal life. KT asks Nandini to take their screenshot, know what’s happiness, know we are happy together, good night. Nandini throws her phone in anger.

KT says sorry. Preeti goes. He asks Preeti to sleep on the bed. She says no, I can’t share the bed. He throws away the bedding. He asks why not, you are my wife, you should sleep on the bed, I don’t want anyone to comment on our personal life. She says you mean Nandini, she has seen it, we lied to her, who else do we have to show, we should not lie to each other. He says its not a lie, you are my wife, I love you. She says don’t say this lie. He holds her hand. He says fine, I can’t help it, but I have decided, come on, we are not youngsters, we are grown ups, we can sleep properly on the bed, and its new one, its not old, sleep. He rests to sleep.

Preeti thinks Nandini’s words affect him a lot, he has to prove to Nandini that he has moved on, he doesn’t want to see the difference between truth and lies. He asks her to sleep. He removes his slippers. She puts pillows in between. KT laughs and jokes. He asks can’t I break this wall, what’s this kiddishness. She rests to sleep. He covers her with the blanket. He sleeps. He comes over her side. She gets tensed and moves to the edge of the bed. He kicks her. She falls down. She looks at the way he is sleeping, occupying the entire bed. She goes to sit on the chair. She sees KT’s pics on the wall. She sleeps on the chair.Its morning, Preeti greets Shivraj. He asks her to have tea. She says I want to place this idol in temple. He asks her to go. She prays. She says I will keep this new relation with all my heart, just give me courage that I succeed in ending KT’s past bitterness and make him meet his happiness. She says Sir… uncle… Shivraj laughs and says call me Papa. She says Papa, I want the cupboard’s duplicate keys to keep my stuff. He gets the keys. She sees KT sleeping. She opens the cupboard. KT wakes up and stops her. He says its my personal cupboard, who gave you the key. She says Papa gave the key, I had to keep my stuff. He says I can’t share my cupboard, I will get new one. She asks why, you were sharing bed yesterday. He says I will get a new one. She says you have a cupboard already, how does it matter. He says you can’t keep it here. She says fine, I will keep it in my suitcase. He says fine. The cupboard opens. She gets shocked seeing Nandini’s pics, clothes, memories inside. Nandini thinks you both maybe pretending, I m in KT’s heart, I will be in his house in 7 days.

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