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Wedding planners 5 December 2021: The Episode starts with KT saying I will call the police. Nandini says he was worried because of you, we have to go and find him, he is your son, I had called the police, they won’t take action before 24 hours. KT says he isn’t my son, I won’t go. Preeti says you will be going, he is young, this city is new for him. He says he isn’t my son. She says you can go for the sake of humanity, please go and help him, fine I will go. Nandini thinks my plan will fail if she comes along. Preeti says I will help you in finding Arjun, come. KT stops them and says I will go, Preeti is stubborn. Nandini thanks him. He doesn’t let her hold hands.

She smiles. They leave. Shivraj says Nandini is planning this to trap KT. Preeti says I understand Nandini, Arjun is suffering in this situation, he is innocent, if he takes a wrong move in tension, then we won’t be able to forgive ourselves. He says your intention is good, I m scared that this goodness will cost you a lot. He goes. Priyanka cries in her room. Kusum comes and says don’t cry, its not your mistake, forgive me. Priyanka says don’t say this. Kusum says you have forgotten your self respect for my sake, I wanted you to get married for happiness, but to ruin your life, its good Neil told Preeti, else I should have not forgiven myself all life, I m proud of you, I have filled good values in you all, you don’t need to prove your character to such dirty minds, don’t make compromise in front of your self esteem, how dare Amit break alliance, we will break the alliance, remove the ring. Kusum throws the ring.

Priyanka smiles. Kusum says you should do this, when a husband doesn’t respect wife, he can’t be regarded a human, you got saved from Amit, you should be happy, smile now, you are so beautiful. Priyanka hugs and thinks thanks Neil, my life’s biggest trouble got saved, I felt my mum had tried to understand me for the first time.KT and Nandini are on the way. They look for Arjun. Nandini thinks you stay busy in finding Arjun, I will be busy enjoying this romantic drive, finally Arjun helped me. FB shows Arjun asking Nandini to talk to him. He says I can murder Preeti if you say, anything. She asks anything. He says yes, don’t talk to me. She says just run away. He asks where, don’t make me away. She says just act and then I will tell you whom to meet. He nods. FB ends. KT asks when did you talk to him last. Nandini says in the morning, he was worried that we didn’t get married, he just wanted us to unite, its happening because of your adamancy, I hope he is fine. She cries and rests on his shoulder. He stops the car.

Preeti hears Neelima talking to driver. Driver says he is in the garden, he was adamant to come here. Neelima goes. Juhi gets her CA degree in the grains box. She asks what is it doing here. Kusum asks did you forget, you were the best CA, join a job, I m telling you, you can help Sumedh. Juhi says you are right, I forgot, thanks, I m so happy. She hugs Kusum. Kusum says I don’t like hugs, I m your Saas, leave me. Priyanka hugs Juhi. Preeti goes to see. She sees Neelima hugging Arjun. She gets shocked. Neelima says I need some time, no one should see you. Preeti asks how did you come here Arjun. Neelima scolds her. Preeti asks why didn’t you tell Nandini about Arjun, KT didn’t wish to go with him. Neelima says I don’t think its necessary to answer.

Preeti says Nandini can file a case on KT. Neelima says don’t fill my ears, its all because of you. Arjun says my mom cries every day because of you, so I ran away. Neelima says yes, he was going to end his life, I met him and stopped him, he is KT’s son, I can’t lose him. Preeti says KT is denying to accept Arjun as his son. Neelima says KT is angry, I have seen Arjun’s date of birth, Nandini was pregnant when she left our house, Arjun is my KT’s son, he is my grandson. FB shows Nandini asking Arjun to collide with Neelima/Kushala. She says I have seen love in her eyes for you, she has accepted you, just go to her, then I will spread the news that you are missing, I will tell the police that KT wants to snatch my son, then he will accept you to save his mum, I will get entry in his life, he can do anything for his mum.

He says just like me. She says yes. FB ends. Preeti says its wrong that you kept him here, KT and Nandini are looking for him everywhere, I will call them. Arjun says you don’t care for my mom, I hate you, I m not with KT because of you, mom slapped me today when I wanted to meet KT, so I ran away and tried to die. Preeti says you should face this with courage, you can’t take a wrong move like cowards, go to your mom. He asks what will you do if I don’t go. She takes phone from his hand and shows the audio recording. She says if I give this recording to police, they will arrest your mom for bad behavior, now you go and call your mom. KT says don’t hug me, don’t say Arjun is my son, I know the truth. Nandini says you don’t believe that he is your son, you believe it so you came along. He says no, I came here on Preeti’s saying, I really love her. Preeti asks Arjun to call. Arjun calls Nandini. KT sees Arjun’s incoming call. Nandini turns the phone. KT looks at her. KT asking Nandini to answer Arjun’s call. Arjun says mom, I m fine, I m coming to the hotel. She says thank God, Arjun is found, he is going back to hotel.

She holds KT’s hand. KT says fine, I will drop you to the hotel. Preeti says its too late, KT didn’t come. She waits for him. KT comes. She acts to sleep. He says you didn’t sleep, don’t act, leave acting for me. She says no, I m trying to sleep, why did you get late, Papa was asking. He says I want to ask you, why did you force me to go with Nandini. She says for Arjun’s sake, he is your son. He says he isn’t my son, you don’t know how Nandini left, don’t interfere in this matter.Nandini says Preeti is failing our plan. She gets angry. Arjun says Preeti had no answer when Dadi said I m KT’s son. Nandini says nice. KT asks Preeti to sleep on the bed. She recalls KT kicking her in sleep. She says I can’t sleep on the bed. He asks do you want me to request you every day. She says I don’t want to apply balm every day. He asks what do you mean. She says you don’t sleep, you play some sports at night, you kicked me and I fell down the bed, its true. He smiles and calls it a lie. She says I m not lying, its truth. He says I don’t believe it, no one sleeps like that. He plays match. She goes to switch off the TV. She sees a serial going on. She gets an idea to get DNA test done. She says this will be right. He comes and says no, tv won’t get off soon. He watches again. She thinks KT doesn’t believe Arjun is his son, DNA test will bring out the truth. Its morning, Preeti recalls everything. She thinks I can find out if KT is Arjun’s dad, if its true, then Arjun will be away from dad’s love, I have to get DNA test done. She checks about the DNA test online. She goes to cut KT’s hair. Neelima sees her and gets shocked. She gets a call. She thinks to see Preeti later. KT changes side and sleeps. Preeti tries hard to cut some hair. KT keeps moving across the bed. Preeti’s saree gets stuck. She falls in KT’s arms. Moh moh ke dhaage….plays…

She goes away. She says I had to cut a hair strand, but I couldn’t, what should I do now, I want some sample for DNA test. She sees KT’s brush and says this can also help. Sneha asks what, why was she cutting KT’s hair. Neelima says he was sleeping, maybe she was doing black magic, I will bring her truth in front of KT. KT wakes up. He goes to washroom. He doesn’t see his brush. He looks for it. Shivraj asks Preeti to have food. KT comes and says I m not getting my toothbrush. Neelima asks how can brush be missing. Preeti asks him to buy a new one. KT says I have to soak new one in clove oil overnight. Neelima interrupts and scolds Preeti.

Preeti says I was just suggesting. KT asks are you the reason for the problem, did you donate my toothbrush with the stuff, it has nothing to do with Nandini, its my new brush, I want it. She asks what are you saying. He says no one goes there, brush is missing now. Shivraj says go and find it. She goes to find it. She says I have to do this for your betterment. KT says we will check your bags, maybe you kept the brush by mistake. She tries to stop him. She says you are doubting me, why would I steal your toothbrush, I could have stolen your money if I wanted. The bag opens and things fall out.

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