Wedding planners update Thursday 2 December 2021

Wedding planners 2 December 2021:The Episode starts with Sneha blessing Preeti. KT goes to see Preeti’s face. KT’s dad insists him. Neil records it. KT sees Preeti. Ik tara….plays… Uncle says I told you to get gift for her from locker. KT goes. He gets a gift. Neil says not this way, make her wear the necklace. KT’s dad stops Neelima. They see the necklace. Kusum, Juhi and Priyanka come. KT makes Preeti wear the necklace. Kusum asks Juhi to meet Preeti. Juhi hugs Preeti and smiles. Kusum says they were eager to meet each other since night. Juhi says how are you, I m okay. Preeti says I m fine. Juhi says you…. KT says its good to see you like always. KT’s dad asks Preeti to go to her room and be with the family. Kusum gets some gifts for them. Sneha receives it. Kusum gives the gift to Neelima. Neelima says it was not needed, gifts are liked when they have some standard. Priyanka gets a call.

Kusum says you are right, but shagun is shagun, we don’t see standard in it, its to make relations strong, I will be glad if you accept. KT’s dad takes it and thanks her for shagun.Priyanka goes to answer call. Amit scolds her for answering late. Priyanka gets shocked hearing his cheap talks. She says its not like that. Neil says he is the same guy who was misbehaving with you, why are you tolerating him, tell me, I know to handle such cheap guys. She says he is my fiance, don’t say anything. Preeti hugs Juhi. Juhi says I miss you a lot, but I m happy for you.Preeti says everything happened so soon, it will take time to understand. Juhi says I got a chance to explain you when you got me married to Sumedh. She gives the same advice to Preeti. She says its not an easy thing to keep vows, but keep this beautiful relation with sincerity. Preeti cries. Juhi says you are my mum, you don’t need to get scared, you are so lovely, KT is really nice, Kusum is right, Lord gifted you this relation, you deserve this happiness. Preeti hugs her.

Nandini gets the manager’s call. Manager says you were going to check out today, are you extending the stay. Nandini says yes, I will check out after a week, I will go to KT’s house, Preeti will take me. KT looks for Preeti. Neil says she went to office. KT comes to office and meets Preeti. She says I always come on time. He says you could have come late today. She says its our personal matter, it should not affect our work. KT says you surprise me, after all that happened, I thought you will leave me. She says but I m here with you. He says yes, no need to go anywhere, whatever Nandini said is not true, she doesn’t know about us. She tells what Nandini and KT said. He says I told that in drunken state, I didn’t marry you to take revenge, I like you, you know I respect you a lot. She says I know you are my good friend and supported me. Sheena comes and says congrats, I m so excited that you both got married.Sheena asks will you continue as Preeti Jindal or Preeti Tibrewal. They say Preeti Tibrewal. Sheena says maybe I asked this soon, discuss and tell me. KT goes. Preeti prays and says I know KT will take time to see me as his partner. She gets shocked seeing Nandini. KT says Nandini came running on one call. Nandini says you can’t stay without me. KT argues with her. He says your marriage was organized, its the invoice, you have to clear the payment of 10 lakhs. Nandini says okay. She gives the money.

He says sorry, we don’t take cash. She says okay, take the card. He says we don’t accept credit card, pay by cheque. She says you know I didn’t use any indian bank since 17 years. KT says you should have thought about it. She says fine, I will arrange the cheque. She sees Preeti wearing her necklace and taunts her that everything is used by her. KT thinks how did I make the big mistake. Nandini says I feel bad for you.KT warning Nandini. He says you are talking to my wife, Preeti, this necklace was yours before like me, now we have reached the right place. He compliments Preeti. He asks Nandini to leave, they need some privacy. Nandini leaves. KT says sorry, give the necklace, we will keep it back, I didn’t notice it, you don’t need to bear burden of my past. Preeti says its fine, it doesn’t matter to me. He gets angry and says I told you it will remind me of Nandini. He pulls the necklace and hurts her neck. She sees his finger hurt. She asks Sheena to get first aid box. He says leave it Nandini. She says I m Preeti, KT ji.

Thodi jagah…plays…. He goes. Nandini comes back to her hotel. He says you get provoked easily, KT. She sits eating popcorn and says I will keep coming in your life KT, I know you just hate me now, I will use this hatred, this will give birth to love, you will be helpless to think about me, you will get trapped. She calls the bank manager and says I have to withdraw all the funds from my bank. He says already you have low balance. She says I know, that’s my problem. Amit comes to meet Priyanka. He sees her smiling and talking to a water. She thanks the waiter. Waiter goes. He gets angry and scolds Priyanka.

Priyanka says your mind is so dirty. He says I want doctor’s certificate for your purity, if I didn’t do anything wrong before marriage, I have a right to get my wife pure, this marriage will happen when I get the certificate. She angrily throws the tea on him. KT comes home. He gets pricked by a hair pin on the bed. He scolds the servant. Sneha says I will say. KT asks who wears this pin, tell me. Neil says its Preeti’s pin, you got married, did you forget. KT’s dad Shivraj jokes that he forgot Neelima(Neelima Tibrewal, Kushala is her nickname used by her husband) after marriage. He asks where is Preeti. KT says I forgot to pick her from office. His dad asks how did you forget. KT recalls getting Nandini’s message. He gets disturbed. Shivraj asks KT to go and get Preeti. Preeti comes home. KT asks how did you get hurt. Nandini comes there. She holds Preeti.

KT asks what are you doing here. Nandini asks Preeti to sit. She sees an antique and says its still here, Neelima took it for me from an auction and then we went for dinner, it was so much fun. She says Preeti met with an accident, she was unconscious, I had seen her and got her home safely. KT asks what. Nandini recalls seeing Preeti and saying you planned my marriage but didn’t let my marriage happen, now you will take me to KT now. She pours some oil on the floor. Preeti comes there and falls down. Nandini smiles.

Shivraj asks are you fine Preeti. Preeti says I m fine. Nandini says you left your newly wedded wife at office, you used to be always there with me. She says KT has loved me so much that there is no love left for Preeti now, I know you have married for the sake of revenge, don’t make this a joke, she will understand that you love me, just respect her as your wife, take care of her. She taunts Preeti. KT says enough, you are thinking wrong, I love Preeti ji. He goes upstairs.The building staff come to congratulate Kusum. They say you have sent us gifts by KT’s driver, we are glad. They show the gifts and thank Kusum. They leave. Juhi says we had given these gifts to KT’s family. Kusum says yes, Neelima has done this. Juhi says I will talk to Preeti. Kusum says no need, don’t tell anything else relations will spoil, we will tolerate this for Preeti’s sake. Priyanka looks on and cries.

She thinks if Amit breaks relation with me, mum can’t tolerate it. Nandini says you know he lied, he didn’t ask about you, I pity you Preeti. Shivraj says just leave, we can take care of our bahu. Nandini says yes, KT is not able to come out of my memories that he cares for Preeti. She says ask me if you want anything, I have given you my mandap, husband and in-laws, think what will I give you if you ask, I can take care of you. She goes. Neelima scolds Preeti. She says you got the wife’s tag forcibly, but you can’t make KT love you, you ruined his love. Preeti thinks of KT.

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