The insolent heart update Sunday 5 December 2021

The insolent heart 5 December 2021: The episode begins with, sani sir congratulates abeer and nisar. College days, mr malhotra, abeers dad is welcomed for a function in abeers college, he addresses the students there, and says I am from this college too and have achieved a lot in my life thanks to this college, his dad insults the trustee their saying he is my old friend and always awaits for me to donate money and smiles and says kids business is very tricky, he starts his speech and abeer mimics it and says god I have been hearing this since years, his dad says my record of 94% has been broken after 24 years by a student amongst u and this student is mehar purohit who broke my entrance exam result and abeers dad congratulates mehar and asks her to be on stage and gives her his card and says people await for this card and since u broke my record its urs and kuber malhotras one call is urs make best use of it. Abeer says to nisar that I have it without studying, this number I could give her why study so much and laughs.

Abeers dad says mehar I hope to see u sparkling unlike other kids who waste fathers money and looks at abeer.Truste invites kuber to party, kuber says I have my son in this clg he will attend on behave of me and abeer come here, and calls mehar too and says abeer look at her learn something from her she scored 97 % without any luxuries and u with all luxuries u score nothing, have some shame and mehar give him tuitions in ur free time may be he pass and I shall leave now.abeer looks at mehar in anger.Abeer in front of nisar makes fun of mehar, nisar and abeer drinking, nisar says chill bro, abeer says how can I my father is a evil, he insulted me in front of whole clg, nisar says every dad is same so don’t u worry, see its history no dad makes name its sons who make names and achieve all success, abeer says u are right,but that mehar did u see her, she was having fun seeing me in that situation and now u see what I will do, in party I will mix alcohol in her cold drink and then I will see her and so miss mehar beware.

In party everyone having fun, sasha dancing on crazy kia re song, abeer looks at nisar and asks him did he bring bottle, nisar shows him, abeer says hide it, nisar says think again bro, abeer says I am not doing anything wrong just making things equal, sasha sees bottle and asks what is it, abeer says its returning favor,sasha says oh alcohol give me I will have it, abeer says patience girl go dance first, sasha leaves, abeer waits for mehar.Mehar at hostel her friend asks her why isn’t she ready, mehar says sneha I never party I like studying and since all are out its so silent here, sneha requests her. Abeer mix alcohol and cold drink in a glass, mehar and sneha enter the party, nisar show abeer that mehar has come, sneha says god no guy has asked for dance and mehar who would u like to dance, mehar says plz sneha I am just here to give u company , abeer comes and says mehar I thought u wont come but my heart said u will come and see u are here grt anyways will u gals have something,sneha says so sweet, mehar says no I am fine, abeer says what mehar forget the fights and after dad made me realize I really think I can learn a lot from u and so let me get u something, sneha says god mehar he is so cute and drink whatever he gets don’t deny, abeer offers mehar the drink, she doesn’t take, and abeer says sneha tell ur friend, sneha says mehar cmon he is being so sweet take it, mehar takes the glass.

Mehar drinks it, she finds its taste bad,nisar comes and asks sneha for dance, sneha goes with nisar. On dance floor nisar sasha and sneha start dancing, abeer says to mehar u have something in u, u are very impressive and u struggled a lot to come here and u will reach stars for sure and u can also praise me I wont mind,mehar starts feeling giddy, abeer says wow mehar good percentage I really appreciate and my dad made me realize all this.
Abeer in his show, so keep tuned for what happens next, do they fall in love or the hatred is continued, signing off abeer. abeer in his show, says stay tuned for what happens next, mehar enters recording room and says guys its very imp so I need to talk to abeer so plz, all leave, mehar closes the door and says abeer u cant do this, abeer says what, mehar says u cant bring personal details and dare u tell what happened that night, abeer says no one knows its our story only we know it, mehar says my whole family watches this show, abeer says wow they still love me, mehar says abeer dare u do that, abeer says I will tell it, how miss topper got carried away and baby how u and me alone in that room whole night, and remember the way I was insulted in front of my dad similarly u will be insulted in front of ur family.

In college farewell party, sasha comes and asks abeer what u two are doing, abeer says nothing u say, sasha says when will we drink, abeer says later , sasha says ok lets go dance, abeer goes with sasha and starts dancing, mehar drinks the cold drink and starts feeling sick, sneha asks mehar whats wrong with her, mehar says my head its just, I will go out and have fresh air, sneha says ok when u need me do call me, mehar leaves, abeer and sasha dancing, mehars head aching, abeer sees mehar is not in party and asks nisar where is miss attitude, nisar and abeer start searching her. Mehar all drunk starts behaving like mad and walking alone searching hostel and laughing, she lies on a bench, sneha sees that mehar hasn’t come back and drinks her cold drink and says oh god its alcohol in glass. Mehar starts behaving like she is driving scooter, and sits down and says petrol over , where is my hostel, abeer and nisar are stressed on not seeing mehar, nisar says look what u did abeer, abeer says god I am worried abt her safety I don’t want her to be in some problem, nisar and abeer leave party to search mehar.

Mehar in front of hostel searching hostel, abeer and nisar find her, abeer says thank god she is going to hostel, and then realize mehar has gone into boys hostel and run behind her, mehar goes in front of watchmen, but he is busy listening music, mehar passes him and goes in, abeer and nisar run behind her , the watchmen stop them, abeer bribe the watchmen and go in, they miss mehar and start searching her again, mehar goes to rooms and starts banging doors and sees a door open and enters into a room, abeer says god where is she one thing is good that hostel is empty, abeer says may be in that room with open door, they go to that room and see mehar dancing like mad on music, abeer and nisar try control her but she keeps behaving like mad, she picks a shirt and start undressing, abeer and nisar run out, nisar says this is all bcoz of u abeer.
Abeer and nisar, nisar says go see what she is doing, abeer says I wont u go,nisar says we will go together, abeer says no u go, nisar says abeer plz, abeer and nisar close eyes and go in the room, abeer opens his eyes and sees mehar sleeping in white shirt and keeps looking at her, nisar picks a bottle and says I will go get water.

Abeer in show, so the friend goes to get water and then what happens next. Mehars aunty switches off the tv, tunno says I want to see the show, aunty says no go study, tunno says ok I am sleepy and leaves, mehars mom says don’t worry mehar we don’t want to know what happened chill, mehar gets angry on seeing all looking at her with suspicious looks, mehar says ok see the show I will show u and puts on the tv.abeer in show says so, in college hostel, abeer looking at mehar lying on bed, he puts blanket on her,nisar comes and says see what u did, she is a girl in boys hostel and now what to do, abeer hears guys entering hostel drunk, both sneak and watch them , the guys enter the room, abeer and nisar stand in front of mehar and hide her, nisar says u cant come here go, abeer says go man nisar is abt to vomit, all leave, nisar closes door and asks now what to do, abeer says after three all will go to sleep and then we will leave her back to her room, at 3 nisar says lets go leave her, abeer says wait for an hour more, nisar says ok lets put an alarm for an hour and then wake up and go, abeer says good idea, nisar picks his mobile and both go off to sleep.

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