Vani Rani update Tuesday 23 April 2024

Vani Rani 23 April 2024: Scene 1Anjali, Sartak and Adi all are upset. The song tu jane na plays. Adi recalls his moments with anjali. He cries on road. He says why Anjali. Anjali says how do I prove my love to Sartak? She calls him and says what I said today is true.

Adi is not the reason behind it. I can prove it give me one chance. He hangs up.Adi recalls Anjali’s words. She recalls her saying that she loves Sartak. Adi says sartak you were always one my side that is why you never accepted Anjali’s proposal. I will talk to him. My brother. Anjali comes to their house. Prabha sees her.

Anjali sneaks in Sartak’s room. He says you here? SHe says came here to tell you what I said is true. I love you. He says you said that in front of everyone to shock everyone. You can’t love me. She says I can prove my love to you. I love you. You doubt my love? Try to understand. We all make mistake. Now I know my true love. Don’t leave me. You made this place in my heart. You got me I got late in finding you. I won’t go to anyone else. She is crying. Sartak says okay then prove your love? He comes close to her and shoved her. He says you still love Adhi. You are doing all this to make him jealous. Anjali says now I will show you limit of my love. She throws her dupatta away. Sartak says are you mad. He hugs her. Anjali is crying. Sartak says I am sorry. I am not Adi. She says I am not lyin. I really love you. I am sorry. I love you. Sartak says I love you too. SHe hugs him. Sartak makes her wear her dupatta. Prabha sees them.

Nandani says to Sid its cold right? He says yes. Someone knocks on their door. Sid opens, its Prabha. Prabha says where are you taking this pillow? Anjali can I come with you to market tomorrow? She whispers Nandani. Nandani says okay dadi we will go together.Sartak says let me drop you home before someone sees you here.Prabha says should I tell everyone? Prabha says there is a theif in the house. Come everyone.Rani says there is no thief. Prabha says no I saw a thief going to sartak’s room. Sartak says there is no one in my room. Rani says it must be adi. Prabha says adi just came in. Anjali is hidden in Adi’s room. He comes there. He goes towards the curtain. Sid says Adi come here.They all come to Sartak’s room and look here and there. Prabha looks at Sartak.

Scene 1Prabha says how these pen fell? Vani says ma ji relax and sleep. There is no thief in the house. Parkash says ma lets go and sleep. Sartak wonders where is Anjali. He looks around. Adi says Sartak I wanted to thank you. You didn’t believe Anjali. She still loves me. She was saying this to make me jealous. Sartak says Anjali where are you?Nandani says to Anajli come out no one is here. Anjali says thank you. Nandani says Sartak is my brother I know he loves you. I can do this for him. Anjali says did he tell you? Nandani says yes he turly loves you. He used to be very upset when he saw you with Adi. Thank God he won your heart. Anjali says I don’t know what to say. Nandani says go from here before Sid comes. Sid knocks on the door. nanani says no its Sartak. I texted him. Sartak comes in. He says thanks. nandani says go and drop her home. Be careful. Come fast. Anjali goes with Sartak. She sits on his bike. Sartak takes her home.Anjali says I won Sartak’s trust now see what I do. The kids must fight.

Scene 2Vani says I am going to Dehli for some days. Sid and nandani you will manage the office.Rani says I made your halwa eat it before you go. Also take your meds. Vani takes her meds. Vani says Mishti take care of house in my absence. Mishti says I will miss you. Vani says I will miss you too. Rani leaves. Vani eats the halwa. Rani sees and smiles.

Nandani says to Adi and says say sorry to Anjali for last night. She had to hide in washroom. It was anajli who came here last night. Sartak knew. He didn’t tell you? I thought she came to meet you. She is your gf right? She came to your room to meet you. Dadi thought it was a thief. Say sorry to her. Adi is shocked. He says that means Sartak lied to me.

Nandani is going with Sid. She calls someone and says I want to give info about Khana case. Its the prosecutor. Prabha comes. NAndani says you scared me. Prabha says whats the score? She says Adi was very angry. Nandani says see what I do now. Prabha is recording everything Nandani said. Anjali gives Vani’s file to prosecutor. She later calls him and tells him the info is in blue file. Sid comes. He says whom were you talking to? She says my friend. Lets do case study. Nandani says don’t worry we will win this case.

Rani prays.Adi comes there. he says I want something from you ma. She says what is it? He says promise me you will give me. Rani says ask it. Why would I say no.Rani says to Adi what you want. He says ask Sartak to return me my love. If I don’t get her I will die. Rani says you are scaring me Adi. Rani is in a shock. Adi is crying. Adi says he is taking my love from me. Anjali loves me. She is anrgy. He is making her his. Please return me my love. I really love her. He is crying. Rani hugs him.

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