Vani Rani update Wednesday 10 April 2024

Vani Rani 10 April 2024: Scene 1Parkash is trying to change the bulb. Prabha says ajay will. He changes the blood.his manager calls him and tells him about Ajay’s success. He gets mad.

Sid and Kaviya thank Anjali. Adi stays outside with her. Sartak looks at them. They are both talking. Kaviya says lets go Sartak. He keeps looking at them talking. Anjali says why are you not going? She says you want me to go? He says id I say I don’t want to. He caresses her face. She smiles. Adi goes in. They come in.

Vani is there. Vani says where were you all? SSid says we.. Adi says we went out. Vani says we got a call from Parkahs’ office. Sartak says what happened? Kaviya says is everything okay papa? He says yes. Parkash comes and says why are you lying ajay. Why are you fooling everyone.Vani you really trusted me. That Ajay will be a good businessman. You were right. Everyone is dazed. He says ajay did a wonder. He rented out the machines and earned 15 lacs in one day. All the kids hug him. Vani says Ajay I am so proud of you. Parkash says even I am proud of you. Ajya says thank you. Parkash says I accept my defeat. Ajay says its not about defeat. People are right there is no big and small man. You were successful. This house will always be yours and this family will always be united.Prabha is angry.

Scene 2Nandani says dada ji what are you doing? This is injustice. You can’t force us to live in past.Adi says bhabhi saved us. Kaviya says whats next? Kaviya says i think you should go for court marriage. Sartak says no one will accept that. Adi says no worries. Rani comes there.She says what game care you all playing? I like seeing you all together like this.

Nandani’s mom comes to her room and sees she has pained sid’s name everywhere. She says see ma. I love him. I didn’t take his name.

Radhay says how dare you. I will kill you. Her mom says please forgive her. Nandani says you are taking my happiness. That is wrong/ Radhay says my decision wont change. Nandani says I wont change my either. Radhay says Aloka lock her in the room. She will be only out when she forgets this lunch.

Sid has papers of court marriage. Vani comes in. She says how long will you hide? i knew you all didn’t go to market. Did you go to meet Nandani? He says we went to market. Vani says I know she is your friend and you are upset that I fired her. She is a nice girl but we don’t have good relations with her family. Forget her and let her live her life. What papers do you have? He says for a case. She says what case? She says caryy on. Fight this case and let me know when you win.

Anjali takes a selfie and says should I send to Adi or not? Whats is wrong with me. Why comes in everything. Sometimes he flirts with me and sometimes fight. Adi sends her his selfie. She smiles. She sends him hers as well.Rani comes to ajay. She says I am so happy. She says everyone is so happy.Parkash says to Prabha ma you thought I was so happy? Prabha says yes you lost and then accepted it too? parkahs says to win one big battle you have to lose small fights.Ajay says we will all live together now.Parkaash says never. They are not ours. They will out of this house one day.Rani says Parkash will know that you are always positive for this house.

Parkash comes to room. Rani says I just wanted to know how this change came in you?Kaviaya comes to Parkash and says thank you daddy. You gave me such a good gift. All my wishes are filled. Parkash says you can tell me whatever you want. Nothing is more importnat than you.

Scene 2Adi sits next to Anjali. Her friend comes and says this is my seat. He says my feet are injured. Can you sit somewhere else? Shes its.Sid registers his name for wedding. He says the list will be printed and pasted outside.Sid calls on Anjali’s house number. Nakul picks. Sid hangs up. He says what should I do? Her number is off.Sid calls Kaviya and says I got the date. He says I need your help.

The class starts. Adi puts his hand on Anjali. She tries to take her hand back and smiles. He holds her hand. Geeta tries to see. Teacher says Geeta pay attention here. Sartak sees them and is sad.

Aloka and Radhay bring food for Anjali. He says eat anjali. nakul says Nandani its your friend’s phone. Radhay says put phone on speaker. Nandani turns her phone on. Kaviya says its me Sidhi. She understands its Sid’s sister. Kaviya says my brother’s wedding is fixed on 15th in court. You have to come please. Nandani says okay I will come for sure.Prabha comes. Kaviay says you wanted something dadi? She says whom were you talking about? She says I was talking about my friend’s wedding.

Adi’s friends ask do you love her? He says not this is all for the bet. This is my game. First I will win her trust and then break it.

Everyone is on dinner table. They pass each other chits which has wedding date written on it.Prabh says what was in your hand Kaviya? It falls from Kaviya’s hands. Rani picks it. She says what is it? Prabha says what is this? She says some game kids were playing.Nandani packs her bag.She says sorry mama papa I don’t have another option.

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