Vani Rani update Thursday 11 April 2024

Vani Rani 11 April 2024: Scene 1All kids are in room. Adhi says you are so stupid Kaviya. She says it was not my mistake. Ma won’t understand don’t worry. Sartak says enough we will get caught. Rani says caught for what? Kaviya what is this chit? You wrote it right? Sindhi and date.

Siddharth and Nandani Sidni. I am not that fool. I didn’t expect this from you sid. You lied that day as well. Is it making you happy? When we fool someone we break their trust. I trusted you all always and this is how you opened my eyes.Adhi says ma Rani says I am talking to Sid. Sid says forget about this girl. Its not a movie.

Radhay will kill you aand you know Vani as well. Don’t even think about this marriage. Sid and Nandani will never be Sidni. Got it?She tears the chit and leaves.

Rani comes to sid and sees he is shivering. Rani says are you okay? Let me call doctor. He says I don’t need doctor. I am fine. Rani says why are you doing all this? I don’t wanna break your heart but try to understand. He says try to understand my situation too. He says I am not one of those guys who love so many girls. Nandani says if my first and last love. I wont be with anyone else. This is my last decision. Rani says because of same love this hatred has prevailed for 20 years.

back then i united two hearts as well. See I paid. Mandvika killed herself. I don’t want to do something like that again. Vani will hate me even more. Sid says don’t worry. I wont die. Rani says shut up. Don’t talk about dying. When you born you weren’t crying. I pinched you and you did. All kids come and hug her.Rani says you all can’t fool Rani. Don’t cry. She says I will be with you. I will get you your love. Sid says really? Rani gives him bangles and says give it to her. All the kids hug her in tears.

Scene 2Adi calls Anjali. She says yyour mom must be so nice that she agreed. People do so much in love? He says how do you know? She says enough and laughs. They keep talking.

Radhay is in court. his lawyer says don’t worry I will hand;e everything. He sees wedding notice in the court. Radhay is dazed. Radhay reads the date 23rd October. The lawyer comes and says I have.. Radhay says I have another case.

Rani gives Sid Nandani’s dress. Sid says shouldn’t this be for Sartak’s wife. Rani says I will buy for him too. Adi says buy specs for her nerd instead.Prabha tries to understand what ae they upto.

Adi and Sid are on their way. Rani calls them. Prabha is following them with binoculars. They enter a jewelry shop. Prabha says Rani must have asked them to buy jewelry.Rani comes to aajay and says I want to talk to you. He syas about sid? He had been acting weird. Vani calls Ajay and says have you see Sid? Parkash comes and says have you sent sid for jewelry shopping? Ma called she saw them there. Ajay says where are your bangles? Rani is silent.Prabha says they sold bangles and bought mangal sutra. Is he marrying? Parkash says who? Sid marrying. VAni is also listening on call.

Scene 1Radhay collides with a guy. He says you here? You are Nandani’s dad right? She isn’t coming to office. He says she wont come to Vani’s office.Nakul comes to Nandani’s room and sees Sid’s name painted all around. Nakul says what is all this? She says for you love is a thing. Nakul says you have gone mad. Stay alone here. He leaves.

Peon comes to office. His friend says give me the paper. He says this is for Sid only.. he says give me or I will tell Vani. He takes the paper and is dazed to see it. He takes it to Vani. VAni is shocked to see wedding notice of sid and nandani.Radhay come and says where is that sid’s mom? She says you can’t come here like this.

Prabha says they are leaving. She tries to stop them but they leave. Prabha takes auto and goes after them.Radhay says I don’t care I will come here and ruin your office. See your son.. I have court’s order. If your son is seen around Nandai I will tie him on my door like a dog. Remember it. And take this notice. He leaves.

Scene 2Sid says to Adi I want to see her. I am sure she is worried and hasn’t eaten anything. Sid calls Anjali.Anjali comes to Radhay’s house. He says who are you? She says I want to meet Nandani. WAnt to talk about a case. He says what case? She isn’t going to office. She says I know. She doesn’t have to come. I am appointed in Vani’s office. I just want to know about a case. He says go from here. She says I am the only one earning in my house. Please let me discuss this with her. He says okay come.

Radhay stands there. Anajli writes on paper and makes Nandani read it. Sid says i hope everything is fine. Anjali writes sid is waiting in backyard. Sid and Adi keep waiting. Sid says will she come or not? If they get stuck Anjali will be in trouble too., Adi says clam down. Don’t worry. Anjali is leaving. She collides with Nakul. Nakul feels like he had seen her before. Anjali comes out and calls Adi. Adi says go from there. He says Anajli left the house. Sid says but nandani didn’t come. We have to go to pooja is house as well. Lets go. Adi says okay lets go. Sid says but what if she comes? Adi says why are you so confused? Nandani runs from the house. She comes out. Anjali is waiting for him.Nandani comes running towards sid. He smiles to see her. Sid says you came thank God. He says are you okay? She says yes. I can’t go back now. He says you wont have to. SHe says the door of my house are close on me forever. He says don’t worry I am here for you.

Radhay says to Nakul what happened? Nakul says I feel like I have seen that girl. Radhay says thats because you know so many girls. Adi says we have to go from here. Lets go. Sid says you know I am very nervous. I feel like.. I am taking the biggest case of my life. I don’t want to lose it.Anjali comes there. Adi says thank you. We should give them time alone. She says why? He says so they can come close. He comes close to anjali. He says lets go.Aloka says to Radahya depavli preps are done. She says nadani loves this festival. Can she come out for a day? he says sure but just for one day. Aloka goes to her room.

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Sid and Nandani sit on the bike.Nandani says are you not sure? He says are you kidding me? For the first time I am sure about something in life. When you weren’t here I felt like suffocating here you came and everything went away. I felt stronger. This is love. Nothing can fear your heart. Either we will live in love or die. I am with you.


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