Vani Rani update Tuesday 9 April 2024

Vani Rani 9 April 2024: Scene 1Sid says I dont’ know if she likes me. Adi says lets go and ask. Sartak says are you mad? Adi says there is nothing wrong and right in love. Adi says you are fail in love. Sartak says sid please don’t listen to his plan.

Adi says you have to there.Adi calls Anajali. He tells her how Sartak went against him. She says sartak is different. We do things in love that we never thought we would.

Prabha says rani.. give me tea. Rani says milk isn’t home. Parkash has to bring it. Prabha says don’t wake him up let him sleep.Kaviya says to Parkash dad please wake up. You have to do papa’s work;. You have to drop us as well.Mishti says I am getting late for schoool. Ajay says I will drop you. Vani says Parkash has to drop her. Parkash says I will. Get ready Mishti. She leaves with him.

Scene 2Ajay comes office. Manager is scolding someone.Sid says I have to do something. Rani says what are you talk about.He says nothing.Ajay says what are these machines? He says we don’t use them. Ajay says they are not useless. They are useful for someone.Nandani says what is wrong with me. Sid comes to her room from window. She says you here.

Rani says to principal can you please speak Hindi. Rani says if Mishit did a mistake she would have told me. Other woman says her she stole my daughter’s chocolate.Sid hides behind door. Nandani’s mom comes in. She says why you scolded? She says there was a lizard. Her mom leaves.Rani comes to the other girl anushka. She says don’t cry. We should always tell parents whats right. She says I stole and accused misht. Don’t tell mama. She will beat me. Rani hugs her. Principal and her mom comes there. Principal says should I restricate her now? Rani says no please. Kids should be delt with humbleness.

Nandani says why are you here? If dada ji sees you he won’t leave you. He says you care?Adi adn Kaviya comes to Radhay’s house as an old couple.Rani says what is it Sid? He says I like you Nandani. She says so you came here to say that?Manhor says who are you? He says we are really worried because of Vani madam. Manhor says we don’t know her. Radhay says let them come in.Sid says I wanted to tell you this for so long. She says speak up.

he says you changed me. I really like you.Adi says we have a fight with Vani. Radhay says we can’t help you but we want Vani to lose. So we will help you.Manhor says one lawyer would be against her.Sid says for this love I would fight the whole world if you say yes. Manhor says who sent you here? Kaviya says actually.. Adi’s mustache falls.

Kaviya tries to send Adi to washroom because his mustache is falling. She throws coffee on his clothes he goes to washroom and checks it.Sid calls Sartak and says what should I do? It is not sticking. Tell me how should I do. Help me. Sartak says I asked you not to do this. How will I help now? Anjali overhears.

Rani comes to baba and asks him to return her money for fooling him. She says my son’s problem didn’t reduce. It increased. The baba runs. Rani throws water on him but it falls on Vani’s car instead. Vani looks at her angrily. Vani says Mishti get into the car. Rani and Mishti sit in the car.

Nakul says to Kaviya where is he? He didn’t come back. Adi comes with tissue on her face. He says I am not feeling well. I have to go. Nakul says why are you hiding your face? Wait I recognized you.

Scene 2Ajay is working. The manager gives him a good news. He says this is all possible because of you. Ajay says we are a team.Parkash gives Bijli grocery. Prabha says Parkash come here.

Sid says your silence means no? He goes to lounge. Adi and Kaviya are dazed. Everyone is dazed to see him. Sid says I came here to talk to Nandani. Radhay says Nakul bring my gun. Kaviya says please no.

Sartak and Anjali are on their way. She says I am sorry that I was mad at you. You are a nice guy. Are we friends again? he shakes hand with her.Radhay points gun at Sid. Kaviya says please don’t do this. Adi stands in front of Sid. Sid says I am sorry there wasn’t any other way. Radhay says you are all like your mom. Adi says don’t say a word about our mom. Adi gets mad.

manhor says call police. radhay says no I will do it myself. They keep coming in front of each other. Sid takes the rifle and says shoot me. It was my mistake. Radhay is about to shoot him. Nandani pulls the gun up. Radhay says why you saved them. Nandani says I am saving you. You will be hanged. He just came to talk. Don’t make a fuss out of it. Nandani says sid its a yes. They all smile.

Mishti and Rani Vani are in car. Mishti says that baba fooled us. Vani says why put yourself in it. Better not interact with such people. Rani says sorry jiji.Adi says bhabhi bhabi. Congratulations everyone. He says to Nakul brother in law. Nandani’s family ask her what she said yes for? Nandani says you people go first. Radhay points gun and says no one will go. Nandani puts his gun on her and says go from here. Sid says I can’t leave you alone. Nandani says adi take him. They leave. Radhya runs after them but they flee.

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