Unspoken Bond update Thursday 4 August 2022


Unspoken Bond 4 August 2022: The Episode starts with Darsh throwing that envelope and going. Vipul says we have to handle Darsh. Rajvi says I can’t face him. Darsh goes to the storeroom. He gets an axe. He leaves. Everyone tries to stop him. Chetan and Charmy come home. They don’t see anyone. Shobit is in his room. He sees the gifts and cries for Charmy. He says I love you, I still kept your gift safe, I wish you were here to celebrate, our revenge got fulfilled, I separated Nandini and Darsh, I love you so much that I can go to any extent for it. Charmy comes there and breaks the gifts. Shobit gets shocked seeing Charmy with Chetan.She asks do you even realize what did you do. He says you are alive… She says yes, I m alive. He says I got a call from the hospital. She says it was a lie, Priya had sent that audio to you, what if I wasn’t alive, you thought I will get happiness by destroying two innocent lives, Darsh loved you a lot, how did you think I will get justice if you ruin his life, you are sick.

Chetan says you have to stay with this guilt all your life now. Darsh goes to Ritesh’s room and breaks the bed with the axe. Everyone stops him. Rajvi says its Nandini’s mistake, she couldn’t keep the relation, she is imperfect, you are my perfect son. Darsh shouts stop it, stop lying to yourself, I m blind, I m not perfect, I got cheated again. He goes out. He takes his walking stick. He says I won’t live in a delusion, you all also don’t live in it, this is my truth. Nandini cries and thinks of Darsh. Rajvi says I know Darsh, that girl has hurt you a lot. Shobit comes to Darsh. He takes that stick and beats himself. Rajvi asks what happened, why are you beating yourself. Darsh asks what’s happening. Shobit says I should get punished, I ruined everything, I should die, I m a monster. Everyone looks on. Shobit says Nandini is innocent. Vipul asks what. Shobit says she didn’t do anything, I have done all this, I created this misunderstanding, she didn’t cheat you, I did this to show Ritesh and Nandini’s affair. Vipul shouts why. Shobit says I got the news of Charmy’s suicide, I regarded Darsh responsible for it, I decided to separated Darsh and Nandini to take revenge, when I met Ritesh, I thought to use him. He tells everything he did.

Chetan and Charmy come. Shobit says then I got to know that Charmy is alive. Everyone sees Charmy. Shobit says I made a big mistake, I want to die. He cries. Chetan stops him. Shobit says none can love Darsh more than Nandini, get her back, please. Darsh cries. Shobit begs him and cries.Darsh says champ, I know you love me a lot, you are doing this to keep my heart, you are making an excuse to save Nandini, I know my brother can’t do this, don’t do this. Shobit says I m not lying, Nandini can’t cheat you, she got to know that there are chances of your eyesight coming back, she was meeting Ritesh to plan your surgery, she had given you an envelope, where is it. He gets the envelope. He says its a birthday surprise for you. Rajvi reads the papers. Shobit says Nandini had worked hard to get your surgery done, she found a donor also, she loves you a lot, whatever I had shown is a lie. Rajvi and Darsh cry. Shobit says sorry, please forgive me. Rajvi gets angry and says I hate you, what did you do. She beats him. Darsh stops Rajvi. He says don’t beat him, I can’t believe that Shobit had hatred for me, I made a big mistake again, I doubted her again, how will I face her, I have to search her. Shobit says I don’t deserve forgiveness, but please let me find her, I will get her back, trust me, you go for the surgery. Rajvi says you won’t go anywhere, I don’t trust you, maybe this is your plan, maybe you want to go and then do something.


Shobit says give me a chance to rectify my mistake. Darsh says I don’t need the operation if I can’t see Nandini, I have to find her. Vipul says we all should go and find her. Nandini is on the way. She gets a call. She disconnects. The battery goes off. She walks on the road. A car speeds up. Parul apologizing to Rajvi. She tells about the accident. Charmy says I promise, there won’t be any police case, I m sorry whatever my sister did, if she didn’t give Shobit the false news of my death, then he would have not done this. Rajvi says you told us the truth, I should say sorry to Nandini, I told her a lot. Rajvi panics and says I hope we get Nandini. Everyone consoles her. Nandini gets saved from the car. A man thinks why is she sitting here at night. He asks will you have tea. Nandini cries and thinks where shall I go now, I didn’t get love and respect there, I can’t go back. Shobit says we will find her. Darsh thinks where did she go. Nandini sees an accident happening. She shouts on the truck driver. He runs away. She goes to help the lady. She checks inside the car. She sees Jhunjhunwala.

She checks her phone. She says battery is dead, I have to call the doctor somehow. She sees a little girl inside. She takes the girl out. The girl hugs her and cries. She asks for her mum. She asks her Nanu to get up. Shobit says I will go and ask at the shop if they had seen Nandini. Darsh comes to the tea stall. He asks did you see her going, she is his wife. The man laughs. He says she would have run away with someone, you are blind. Darsh beats the men. They beat up Darsh. Shobit sees this and runs to him. Shobit also fights. He takes Darsh with him. A man takes a rod to beat him. Darsh senses this and makes Shobit away.

The man hits on his head. The man runs away. Shobit worries and calls someone for help. The tea vendor comes. Chetan comes. He asks what happened to Darsh. Shobit says you take him to hospital, I will find Nandini. Chetan says I will take him to the hospital where his surgery is scheduled, this injury shouldn’t harm his process. The girl says you have come for me. Nandini cries. The police sends the lady and Jhunjhunwala to the hospital. Nandini says I know him, but not that lady. She collides with a constable. Her phone and wallet fall. Nandini goes in the ambulance. Shobit comes and asks what happened here. The inspector says a lady met with an accident, she is dead. Constable says I got that lady’s phone and purse, she maybe Nandini Rawal. Shobit says its her bracelet, no, this can’t happen, Darsh will break down. He asks where is the body taken. Constable says city hospital. Shobit says I promised Darsh, I will bring Nandini home. The girl smiles seeing Nandini. She gets the aid done. Nandini says Jhunjhunwala is tired, he is sleeping. The girl says you are with me, I m so happy. She hugs Nandini. Nandini thinks what to do.

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