Unspoken Bond update Wednesday 31 August 2022

Unspoken Bond 31 August 2022: The Episode starts with Nandini recalling Namrata’s words. Charmy says I understand you, its good you didn’t tell Rajvi, else Nandini would have filled her ears against you. Namrata smiles. She says Nandini can’t teach me, what’s the big deal of the apology, who asked her to give a long lecture, I just want a divorce. Nandini says sorrow doesn’t mean Namrata will not smile, I should be glad that she is trying to stay happy. Charmy says its not a big thing for me to prove these wounds real, you have to help me in making Nandini out of here. Namrata says I will be glad that Nandini leaves from our house. They join hands. Nandini opens the door for Aatish. She asks how do you know that I stay here. Aatish says I m not following you. She says this is my Sasural. He says its my Sasural also, I m Namrata’s husband Aatish and you… She says I m Darsh’s wife. Darsh punches Aatish. Aatish asks what’s wrong with you. Darsh scolds him. Aatish asks what did I do.

Everyone comes. Darsh says you broke our trust, how dare you do this with Namrata. Charmy asks did you know he will come here. Namrata says I will see what he does. Aatish asks what’s happening here. Rajvi slaps him. Shobit also scolds him. He says you had beaten Namrata. Aatish asks what are they saying. She says I didn’t had an option than telling them, don’t beat me. Shobit says you did this and you are acting shocked, your truth came out. Aatish asks when did I raise hand on you. Namrata says I won’t lie to them.

Nandini recalls Aatish’s words. Aatish says she is lying. Rajvi asks is her wounds also lying. Namrata begs him for divorce. Aatish asks shall I prove myself a liar, say the truth. Darsh asks him why is he doing a drama, he has to give the divorce. Namrata worries. She says we will start divorce proceedings. Aatish says I won’t sign, do anything. Darsh shouts you will sign.Aatish says I didn’t know Namrata can do this. Shobit asks him to just go. Darsh says get out. They oust Aatish and shut the door. Namrata asks where is mom. Rajvi cries and says I asked you to keep this marriage, I didn’t know all this. Nandini says its tough to believe this, that Aatish can do this. Darsh says you met him for the first time today. Nandini says no, I met him before. Namrata asks are you trying to say that I m lying. Nandini says no, I met him, he didn’t appear like he will raise hand on his wife, he appeared like he loves his wife a lot.

Namrata says you trust him more than me, you think I m cheating my family. Nandini says no. Darsh says you don’t know Aatish, how can you say this. Rajvi says some people lie a lot, the men who torture women appear good to the world, we didn’t think Aatish will be such. She asks Namrata not to worry, don’t misunderstand Nandini.Darsh comes to Nandini. She says I didn’t mean that Namrata is lying. He says don’t give me an explanation, don’t I know you, we all did wrong in knowing Aatish, some people are such who pretend, you don’t have to feel bad about this, we will go and sleep now, you have to wake up early tomorrow. He hugs her.

Rajvi asks Nandini to sit. Darsh comes and serves the food to Nandini. Rajvi says I feel jealous of Nandini, Parul our husbands are sleeping, Darsh made food for Nandini. Darsh says Nandini will pray for my long life, I can do this for my long life, selfish reasons. Nandini smiles. Darsh says enjoy yourselves, I m going. Parul asks Nandini to pray. They close eyes and prays. Charmy comes and acts. She makes the bowl fall. Rajvi asks are you fine. Charmy says sorry, I slipped. Rajvi asks are you fine. Charmy says yes, sorry Nandini. Nandini says its okay. Charmy says I feel really bad. Rajvi asks them to sit. Charmy asks why didn’t you call me, I also want to keep a fast. Rajvi says no, you can’t have food and water all day, its not good for you. Charmy says I want to keep it. Parul says its for married women.

Charmy says marriage will happen some day. Rajvi says fine, tell me if there is any problem. Nandini prays for Darsh’s long life and happiness. Charmy prays to get Darsh. They eat the food. Darsh comes to the room and shuts the door. Nandini asks didn’t you sleep. He says I have to tell you something. She asks what happened. He gets some packet. He shows the chocolates. He says all this is for you, don’t keep the fast, just come to the room and have chocolates, no need to stay awake, what will we get by long life, I will trouble you when I grow old. She laughs. He says pray that I always have you in my life. She says I have a right to think of your life, I want to keep my fast, I will break the fast with our I love you chocolates. He says fine, I won’t tell you. She asks what. He says that I was going to say. She asks what. Rajvi calls her. Charmy looks on. Nandini goes.

Charmy seeing a necklace. Rajvi says this is beautiful, Darsh chose this single piece from the jewellery expo, he called the designer and bought this. Shobit says its really beautiful. Rajvi asks Nandini to see, Darsh got this for her. Nandini smiles. Rajvi asks how did you make Darsh so romantic. Shobit says Charmy, I got a simple one for you. Charmy gets angry. Nandini says it would be very expensive. Rajvi says money shouldn’t come between husband and wife. Namrata comes crying. Rajvi asks what happened, tell me. Namrata tries to get sympathy. Nandini asks Namrata to keep the necklace, it will suit her. Namrata asks how can I take this, Darsh got this for you. Nandini says its fine, I will ask him to make a new one, you have to keep this. Nandini says I have to go to market to buy some imp stuff. She goes. Namrata sees Charmy.

Nandini meets Bansuri and hugs her. She says I also wanted to meet you, you should have not hid from Naveen. Aatish comes there. He says its good I saw you car, please help me save my marriage, I don’t understand why is Namrata hiding, trust me, I never hurt Namrata. Nandini asks why would she lie, if she doesn’t want to break the marriage, why are you try to save it. He says her reason is wrong. Charmy comes there. He asks Nandini to check Namrata’s wounds, if any wound is true, then I promise I will divorce her. Charmy shouts Nandini. She says you here, what are you doing here. Chetan says Rajvi will talk to Nandini. Parul says but…

Darsh asks what do you want to talk to her. Chetan says you know we are thinking to adopt a child, we thought we will adopt Vini. Parul says I will not make Vini feel that I m not her real mum, I will give her love. Darsh asks Parul not to try to give an explanation, he knows her well. He says I know you will love Vini, she will become my sister and tie me a rakhi, I have to give her a gift every year. She laughs and says everything will be fine. Darsh thinks don’t know how will Nandini react to this.Charmy says you are following Nandini now, go away, else I will call Darsh. Aatish says please trust me Nandini, I didn’t beat Namrata. He goes. Charmy says Darsh will feel bad that you called Aatish to meet. Nandini says I didn’t call him, its not my mistake if he came to meet me, I will answer Darsh. Charmy says sorry, I was worried for your safety, what do you think, Aatish is saying the truth. Nandini says don’t know, why will Namrata lie. Charmy says yes, I m not able to understand this. Bansuri asks what’s going on.

Nandini comes home. Darsh covers her with a dupatta. Dil diyan gallan…plays… He recalls their old moment. He smiles seeing Nandini. He clicks her pics and says its beautiful right, I m so excited to see you as the bride, I couldn’t see you when we got married, you didn’t get a chance to deck up since I got my eyesight back. She asks will you identify me this time, women have to keep ghunghat, you identified Charmy as Nandini last time, this time don’t identify anyone else as Nandini. He says you are taunting me, its my mistake, your face is now in my eyes, I can’t make a mistake this time. She says we will see. They smile.Shobit comes to Namrata. He says so sorry, we all couldn’t identify Aatish, we are with you, you don’t need to compromise, tell me, what do you want. She says I don’t want anything else, I got my brothers. She thinks I didn’t had interest in necklace, I had to make it reach the right place. Darsh comes and says its beautiful right, necklace will shine more when you wear this. He helps Charmy. Nandini comes. Darsh sees her at the door. He gets shocked seeing Charmy. Nandini thinks what is Charmy doing here, why did she wear this necklace.

Darsh says Charmy, I got this necklace for Nandini. Nandini asks what are you doing here, did you want something. Charmy says sorry, I came to take my stuff, I saw the dressing mirror and got ready, I m not habitual that its not my room, sorry. He says that’s fine, excuse me. He goes. Nandini asks how did you get this necklace. Namrata comes and says I have given it to her, I liked the necklace, when I was wearing it, I recalled that Aatish had beaten me for this same necklace, so I didn’t wear it, then I realized that this necklace suits Charmy’s complexion more, I hope you don’t mind. Nandini says I gave it to you, its your wish, you can give it to anyone. She leaves. Charmy says don’t know Nandini can stay quiet or not after the drama today. She gets a call. She asks the man not to make any mistake. She thinks now I will see how you celebrate Teej with Darsh.

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