Unspoken Bond Thursday 1 September 2022

Unspoken Bond 1 September 2022: The Episode starts with Darsh saying how did you give that necklace to Charmy. Nandini says I gave it to Namrata, not Charmy. She cries. He takes her pic. He asks her to see her face. He jokes. He says you thought I will shout on you for a necklace, nothing will change between us. She says I m possessive for everything related to you. He asks are you possessive for me. She signs no. He says it means I m available for everyone. She scolds him. He says I m possessive for your smile, no one can snatch your smile. They get close. Shobit comes and sees them. He says there are many rooms in the house, don’t worry, I didn’t see anything. Darsh and Nandini smile. Nandini goes. Shobit laughs.

Rajvi does the puja. She gives the idol to Nandini. She asks Nandini to come. Darsh clicks her pics. Charmy thinks I thought Darsh will get upset with Nandini, but he didn’t. Nandini thinks of Aatish’s words. Aatish comes there. He hides. Namrata is also there. Nandini thinks I can’t doubt on my family. Everyone takes the idol’s blessings. Namrata slips. She holds the idol from falling. Nandini asks how did you hold the idol when you have shoulder joint dislocated. Namrata says you mean to say that I m acting. Charmy says its not necessary to talk here, we can go home and talk. Darsh says Namrata, Nandini didn’t mean that. She says don’t take her side always. She scolds Nandini.

Namrata says I saved the idol from falling, I have pain, Nandini doesn’t know, she isn’t educated. Darsh says don’t misbehave. Namrata cries in pain. Rajvi asks Nandini why did you ask her. Nandini says Aatish met me in the market, he is ready to give divorce, he has a condition that I check Namrata’s wounds are real or not. Namrata says wow, it means I need to give a proof now. She asks Charmy to read the report and tell them. Charmy says the bruises are real, I can also testify this, who will make fake wounds to come to her Maayka, we have to trust Namrata, even if she told this to us on call. Rajvi gets upset and goes. Nandini cries.

Charmy thinks the drama didn’t start yet. They all come home. Charmy consoles Namrata. Vipul asks Nandini to not doubt Namrata again. She says you insulted her. Nandini say sorry. Everyone does the Teej puja. Charmy sees Darsh’s face and does Shobit’s aarti. Darsh says we will talk later. He takes the water to break Nandini’s fast. Aatish comes. Everyone gets angry seeing him.Darsh asks Aatish to leave. Aatish says you all called me here and now you are treating me like this. Rajvi asks are you mad, why would we call you. He asks Nandini to explain them, her sister called him here on her saying. Darsh asks Bansuri called? Aatish says yes, she said Nandini isn’t able to call me, I came here for patchup. Nandini asks Aatish why is he dragging Bansuri in this. He says she called me. Charmy recalls talking to Naveen about Nandini and Bansuri. He says I won’t let Rawals forget my daughter, I won’t let Nandini stay happy. Charmy says I will be glad to help you. Aatish argues with them. He shows his phone. Darsh checks the number. He sees Nandini. Darsh saying its Bansuri’s number. Nandini asks how will she call you when she doesn’t know you.

Charmy says when I saw you with Bansuri, Aatish was also there. Rajvi asks what’s happening here, you don’t need to tell Bansuri about our family matter. Nandini says trust me, I didn’t make her call Aatish. Rajvi asks why would she call him. Darsh says I can’t believe this, you questioned Namrata, why do you think Aatish is right and Namrata is wrong, don’t think of their patch up. Darsh asks Aatish to get out. Aatish says I didn’t expect this from Nandini. He goes. Namrata also scolds Nandini.Nandini says come with me and ask Bansuri, I didn’t tell her anything. Namrata says I don’t want to go anywhere, I will leave this house. Darsh asks her to stop. Namrata packs her bags. He asks her to listen. She says I will live alone, its fine. Nandini tries to talk. Darsh collides with her. Her aarti plate falls. Darsh asks Namrata to stop.

He says I promise, Nandini will never interfere in your matter. Charmy smiles. Nandini thinks to talk to Bansuri. She goes to Bansuri and asks why did you call Aatish. Bansuri says yes, I called, I can’t tell you why. Nandini says tell me, who forced you. Naveen comes and says she called on my saying, Gunjan passed away, and you all are celebrating, you want to fix Shobit’s alliance with Charmy, Gunjan didn’t die, she is my life.He cries and says I will take revenge for Gunjan, so I made Bansuri call. Nandini cries. He shouts on her and asks her to get lost. She says you did wrong, you are thinking wrong about me. Darsh comes there. He looks at Naveen. He says you can’t harm Nandini, its my challenge, Nandini doesn’t need to get scared of anyone, because I m standing with her as her shield, you remember this. He holds Nandini’s hand and takes her. They come home. Vini calls out Nandini. She asks for Darsh’s phone. He asks do you worry for Nandini or not, all the women broke their fasts, but Nandini is still hungry, she didn’t even drink water. They laugh. Darsh breaks Nandini’s fast. He asks Vini to return the phone. She asks him to unlock it. She deletes his fav game. She runs. He says don’t worry, I will tell the family that Naveen did this, forget it, I know you have nothing wrong in your heart about Namrata, I know my sister, she can’t lie to us, I will handle this. She smiles.

Charmy comes to Namrata. Namrata gets angry on Aatish. She says he doesn’t want to give me divorce, I don’t know what to do, you can help me in proving that he used to torture me. Charmy says relax, you have to help me in making Nandini out. Shobit says I will have dinner later, inspector called me to identify some bodies, maybe Gunjan. Nandini asks are you fine. Shobit says no, I ruined lives of two girls, I m losing hope. He goes. Rajvi comes. Nandini says Shobit went to meet the inspector. Rajvi gets angry on her. She says Darsh told me that Naveen called Aatish, not you, its Namrata’s personal matter, you didn’t need to tell this to Bansuri. Namrata comes and says send my dinner to the room. Rajvi says fine. She asks Nandini how can she Namrata about her wounds.

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