Unspoken Bond update Wednesday 24 August 2022

Unspoken Bond 24 August 2022: The Episode starts with everyone crying for Rajvi’s death. Darsh asks them to take her to the hospital, check her, do something, give cpr, she will be fine. Doctor says we have tried. Darsh says keep trying, don’t lose. He apologizes to Rajvi. He says I got angry on you, you know I love you, please get up, talk to me. He says I will take her to the hospital. Inspector says take the body for post mortem. Darsh asks doctor to save Rajvi. Inspector says you have to come with us. Nandini asks why, what did he do. Inspector says watchman’s statement is against him. He recalls guard telling about Darsh holding glass piece in his hand, it was blood stained, Rajvi and Darsh had a big fight. Inspector says Darsh has to stay in our custody. Darsh asks what nonsense, do you mean I tried to kill her. He argues. Shobit says Darsh loves my mum a lot, you are mistaken. Inspector says I didn’t see that a son kills his mum. Darsh says I m taking her to the hospital, do anything you want. Constables hold him. Nandini says leave him. Darsh says take care of Rajvi, they have gone mad, nothing happened to her. He gets taken by the police. Everyone cries.

Nandini and everyone see Rajvi taken in the ambulance. Nandini sees Rajvi’s hand moving. She shouts Rajvi is alive, I have seen her fingers moving. Nandini and Shobit run after the ambulance. She falls down. Shobit holds her. She goes to pray. She says give me strength to prove Darsh innocent and unite my family.Everyone comes to the hospital. Rajvi gets treated. Doctor says its a miracle, she is alive, she is in coma. Rajvi and Nandini ask when will she get conscious. Doctor says its tough to say. Nandini says Rajvi is alive, she will get fine. Ward boy says media has come to ask for Darsh. Chetan says it means this news is spreading, everyone thinks Darsh attacked Rajvi, if she was conscious, then she could have told that he didn’t do anything, don’t know what’s happening with him. Nandini cries. Darsh says I didn’t do anything, I had just removed the glass piece from her stomach, I did this to save her, let me go to her. Inspector says its a murder charge on you. Nandini comes and asks how, when murder didn’t happen, Rajvi is alive.

Darsh gets shocked. Nandini says Rajvi is in coma, get info about the case first before blaming anyone. He asks is mum alive. She nods. He says I told you, she is alive. He hugs her and smiles. Inspector says no use, when your mum gets conscious, she will tell that you attacked her. Nandini scolds inspector. She says if you blame us without the proof, then how will the people trust the police, your work is to investigate, not to give the decision. The people clap. Nandini asks Darsh not to worry, she will prove him innocent, they will never get separated this time. He says if you want help.. She says just help one thing, don’t lose courage. Inspector says all this isn’t allowed in the police station.Nandini goes out and gets dizzy. Shobit meets her. He asks her to have vitamins drink. He says you can’t fall weak, you have to take Rajvi home and save Darsh, you have come back in our lives. She says police accepted that Darsh has done this crime. Shobit says we will hire a big lawyer for him. She says how will he stay in the jail, he would be cursing himself. He says I always knew that you love Darsh a lot.

She says its not time to fall weak, I will prove his innocence, I will go to his room, I will get some clue. He says police already checked. She says its a test of our love, I will prove him innocent. He smiles. She leaves.She comes to Darsh’s room. She checks the place. Charmy comes. Nandini looks at her. Charmy says you would hate me right. Nandini says I have no sympathy, you would have a big reason to lie, why did you act pregnant. Charmy says I m pregnant. Nandini says its a lie, I trust Darsh, he said he didn’t even touch you. Charmy says its Shobit’s child. She tells everything to Nandini. Nandini says it means Rajvi supported you to give a name to Shobit’s name. Charmy says Shobit is happy with Gunjan, where would I go with my child, so I became Nandini on Rajvi’s saying, we knew this lie won’t go long, I had no other way, I m sorry, I had lied thinking you really died in the accident.

Nandini says I understand your pain. Charmy says we all know that Darsh didn’t do anything, we have to prove him innocent. Nandini gets some bank slip. Charmy says its some local bank. Nandini says it belongs to the attacker, we can reach the culprit using the slip. Charmy feels stomach ache. Nandini asks her to sit. She calls Parul. Darsh is put in the cell. Inspector says don’t dream of going away from here, just your fingerprints are found on the glass, are you in tension now. They see someone.Nandini asking Shobit to try and find out about the culprit details from the bank slip. She gets Chetan’s call. She asks what, what is Vini doing there. She leaves. Chetan stops Vini. Vini says Darsh and I also have fights, it doesn’t mean you will put him in the jail. She argues with inspector. She defends Darsh. Darsh smiles. She meets Darsh. She asks him not to cry, she will take him along. Chetan asks her to come. Inspector shouts on her. Vini argues. She runs around. Nandini comes and stops Vini. Inspector asks them to just leave. She asks how did you put Darsh in lockup. Inspector shows the magistrate order, the glass piece had Darsh’s fingerprints on it. Nandini says its wrong, I can prove that someone else was there in the room, I have a bank slip. She looks for the slip.

Inspector asks what’s this drama. She says I got a local bank slip in the room, we can know who is that man, who attacked Rajvi. Darsh nods. Inspector says strange, we didn’t get the slip, you got the proof, and you lost it. She says I m not lying. Vipul speaks to doctor. She says I m coming. Nandini comes home with Chetan and Vini. She looks for the slip. Vipul asks what are you finding, please tell us, what did police say about Darsh. Vini says she isn’t telling me. Chetan says police arrested Darsh, police got Darsh’s fingerprints on the glass piece. Nandini says that culprit planned this crime well, where shall I find that bank slip.

Vini asks won’t the bank give you money, you can take money from piggy bank. Nandini says no need, it was imp, I lost it. Vini hugs her and says you will find it. Shobit calls her and says I got the bank contact, they can tell us the account holder name, you just tell me the account number, we will know who tried to kill mom. She says I lost the bank slip. He asks what, but how. She ends call. Charmy calls Nandini to her. She says I have the slip. Nandini runs. Darsh says I m worried for my mum, I will leave from here, my wife will do anything to prove me innocent. Charmy says I got the slip near the pool. Nandini says yes, I made it fall there, where is it, give it. Charmy asks is Darsh fine, I was thinking what he is going through, he would be so worried. She gives the bank slip. She asks can Darsh’s innocence be proved by this bank slip, situation created bitterness between us, I m not your enemy, you can ask my help. Nandini collides with her.

The bank slip flies off. Nandini says sorry. She runs out. Charmy recalls getting the slip near the pool. She says I can’t let you get this bank slip. Nandini looks for the slip. She says I should have taken the pic, its the only proof. Charmy looks on. She gets a call. She says yes, Nandini is here, don’t worry, I won’t let Nandini reach you. She thinks sorry Darsh, nothing is imp to me than my child, I can go to any extent to protect my child. Nandini says Shobit would have convinced the bank man with difficulty, how did I lose it. Charmy says let it be, maybe the slip flew. Nandini says I will keep trying. Charmy thinks I can’t let Nandini get the slip, she will know the truth. Vipul asks Nandini to stop, there is broken glass. Charmy says Nandini is finding the slip. Shobit calls Nandini and asks for account number. She says the day is bad, I lost it. He asks her to try her best, its last chance, bank server will go off for maintenance after 6pm.

Vipul says I will ask servant to clean the glass, you will get hurt. Nandini says I have to find the bank slip, else I can’t prove Darsh innocent. She steps on the glass. She looks for the slip. The man says Shobit, just 5 mins left then bank server will be down. Shobit calls Nandini. Chetan asks the maid to clean the glass. Charmy says I will help. Nandini says no, you will get hurt. Shobit says she isn’t answering. Nandini says I just have 5mins, I can’t reach the culprit. The man says sorry, nothing can be done now. Shobit says three mins left. Nandini gets the slip. She sees the slip spoiled by the mud. She calls Shobit and says write the account number, I got the slip. He says we will know the attacker now. Charmy worries. The man says yes, I got it. Shobit asks who is it.

Nandini asks what’s the name. Shobit says G. Rakesh, there is no other info, he closed his account. Nandini asks address, full name, ask him. Shobit says we can’t find anything else, my friend did this favor on me. Vipul says I didn’t hear this name. Shobit says I will find him, don’t worry. He goes.Parul does the aid to Nandini. She says you love Darsh a lot, we did so wrong with you, Darsh is lucky to get you. Nandini says I have to prove Darsh innocent, how is Rajvi. Parul says there is not much improvement. Vini comes and asks how did you get hurt. Nandini makes an excuse. Vini says I did homework and made a wish to Kanha, Darsh will come out of jail soon. Nandini hugs her. Charmy thinks Nandini can’t know the truth, Darsh has to stay in jail for the sake of my baby.

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