Unspoken Bond update Tuesday 23 August 2022

Unspoken Bond 23 August 2022: The Episode starts with Rajvi crying. Vipul says we were trying to protect your eyesight, doctor said you shouldn’t cry and take stress, then you could lose your eyesight. Darsh says Nandini, you didn’t come to meet me, because you didn’t forgive me, I don’t deserve it, I was thinking how did Nandini so much, how could I doubt her, this sin is on Rajvi’s head, I believed that Charmy is Nandini, because Rajvi told so, for me, my mum could never be wrong. Everyone cries.

He says I trusted you and spent so many nights with a stranger because of you, you were getting me married to her, what about Nandini, you were snatching my chance to apologize to Nandini, its just my decision who I love and who I will marry, I just chose Nandini. Rajvi says we all didn’t know that Nandini is alive, ask Shobit, he told me that Nandini is dead, police told us that the purse found with the dead body has Nandini’s ids, we had done her last rites, just two days back I got to know that she is alive. Darsh says even then you didn’t think to tell me, I would have begged her and stopped her. Nandini says I won’t stop. She runs out.

Darsh gets sad. He says why will you stop. He says its because of you, I couldn’t stop my wife, what will I tell her, my brother was wrong first and today my mum is wrong, when you got Nandini and Gunjan as bahus, you promised to stay as their mother, now I see, why I couldn’t keep my promise, I got this quality from you. Everyone cries. Chetan says calm down and listen to me once. Darsh says I don’t want to. Rajvi says I was helpless, Charmy…. She sees Gunjan and stops. Darsh says I will feel your every word is a lie, I can’t trust you now. He sees the black thread tied by her. He says my love caught your bad sight. Rajvi cries. Darsh says you cheated me. He lights the havan kund. He removes the black thread. He says you taught me to walk, but you can never be Lord to write my fate. He burns the thread in the fire. He leaves. Charmy cries. Dada ji shouts Darsh and holds his heart.

The family takes Dada ji. Rajvi cries. Nandini says all this doesn’t matter, Darsh and I can never unite. Darsh comes and asks her to open the door. He says I know you hate me, listen to me once. Charmy says I was scared for this, what will happen of me and my child, you can’t leave me alone. She shouts. Rajvi leaves and recalls her promise. Darsh breaks the door and gets inside. Nandini gets away and says there is nothing to talk between us, just go. He says listen to me once. She says no, just go. He asks why, if there is no relation between us then why did you apply sindoor and come running to save my life. She says I don’t know. He pulls her. The curtain falls on them. They get under the curtain and fall down. Aapki nazron….plays…

They get up. She says its wrong. He says its not wrong. He asks how could you not identify that you were staying with someone else, why did you come back to me, I won’t ruin two lives to settle my family. He asks two lives. She says yes, Charmy and her baby, your baby. He gets shocked. She says its not that innocent baby’s mistake, I can’t be selfish to separate the baby from his dad for my love. He asks my baby. She asks why are you shocked, don’t tell that you aren’t the baby’s father, why will Charmy and Rajvi lie, Rajvi told me that you are Charmy’s baby’s dad, just leave from here. She shuts the door. She says you go and keep your responsibility, forget me forever. He gets shocked.

Charmy throws the jewellery. Nandini says I accepted now that you are of someone else now. Darsh breaks the window glass. She sees the blood on the window. He says just your name can be linked with Darsh, look into my eyes and think, if Rajvi and Charmy are saying the truth or I m saying the truth, believe me, I didn’t even touch Charmy, we have no relation, whenever I was with Charmy, I used to think my Nandini has changed, something is missing, my heart beating was missing, its you. She sees his hand bleeding. He says if you get away from me, then I will die. Nandini and Darsh cry. Darsh saying I doubted you many times, that’s why I m here begging you for trust. Nandini asks him not to cry, he can’t let tears come in his eyes. She says I will open the door. The door gets stuck. She asks him to wait, door is not opening. She tries again. She ties a kerchief to his hand wound. She asks him not to rub his eyes, doesn’t he want his eyesight. He says what’s the use of eyesight when I couldn’t identify you. She wipes his tears. He says I m a big donkey, but I m yours, I love you Nandini. He hugs her. She takes him to the washroom. She makes him sit under the shower. He gets drenched. She tries to close the tap. He holds her close. He kisses her. He says never say that we can’t unite. She says I won’t say. He says we will always be Nandini Darsh. She says always. He kisses her. Mera haq hai…plays… They get close.

They lie in the bed and smile seeing each other. Someone knocks the door. They proper their clothes and go to open the door. Maid gets Vini. Vini looks at them. Vini asks what were you doing here, were you troubling Nandini, I will complain to Charmy, you are marrying her, right. He asks really, if I marry Nandini then. She says no, I want a nice guy for her, she is so beautiful, you are so tall and funny. He asks am I funny, I will show you. He runs after her. Nandini says if you trouble Vini, then forget marrying me. Vini says she always take my side, every mum wants good for their children. Darsh recalls Rajvi and cries. He leaves.Nandini asks is Rajvi at home. Maid says yes. Nandini asks her to be with Vini. She goes out to Darsh. She asks how did the lights go. She says whatever Rajvi did… He says no Nandini, I will not talk to her. She says if Rajvi refused to forgive you in childhood, then…. love can overcome annoyance, I love you and forgave you twice. He asks how can Rajvi say that I m the father of Charmy’s coming baby, she was getting me married to Charmy.

She says maybe she was helpless, we have to find out, if Charmy is really pregnant, if yes, then whose baby is it. He says I feel broken by her cheat, I will never forgive her. Guard comes. Darsh says check why the lights went off. Nandini says talk to Rajvi once for my sake, she would be crying now, before we start a new life, we should clear everything, it can’t start without Rajvi’s blessings. Darsh goes to Rajvi’s room and looks for her. He gets Rajvi’s earring outside his room. He thinks is there no one at home. He goes to his room. He stumbles in the darkness and falls down. He sees a glass piece stabbed to Rajvi. He gets shocked. He removes the glass piece. Guard comes and sees him. Darsh asks her to get up, what happened. Nandini comes and gets shocked.

Nandini checks Rajvi and asks what happened to her. Lights come. Guard shows Charmy to Nandini. Nandini goes to Charmy and ask what happened. Guard says I don’t know. Nandini asks him to get water. She sprinkles water on Charmy. Charmy says I was in the room when lights went off. Nandini asks where is everyone. Guard says everyone took Dada ji to the hospital. Nandini goes to the hall. Everyone comes back with Dada ji. Vipul asks what happened. Nandini cries a lot. She says Rajvi…. She tells everything. Everyone runs to Rajvi. Darsh lifts Rajvi and takes her. Doctor comes. He says its a medical case, we can’t do anything. Police comes and says I will see how you leave from her, let medical team do their work, but you have to answer us, you have seen Rajvi first. Darsh tells that he fell down in the darkness, he saw Rajvi stabbed and removed the glass. Inspector asks him about his hand wound. Darsh gets angry. Nandini asks him to take statement of others. The room gets sealed. Rajvi is announced dead. Everyone gets shocked.

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