Lost in Love update Wednesday 24 August 2022

Lost in Love 24 August 2022: Samrat drives car with kids. Kids ask him to driver fast as they want to watch Bhai’s movie on TV. One boy whose name is Virat says they should play cricket and says they all are against him. Samrat says all kids wants to watch a movie except him, so he is against them. Virat’s cab also passes beside him and their cars stop at signal. Junior Virat asks Samrat to drop him at play ground. Samrat says everything cannot happen according to his wish, aunty told to bring all kids together home. Virat hearing him thinks a known person called him and walks towards Samrat’s car. Signals gets green and vehicle start moving. Sai calls Virat back. Virat says he heard a known person calling him. Sai says must be his imagination. He agrees.

Pakhi tells Chavan family that she is alive, but there is no life left in her. Mansi cries and pleads not to say that. Shivani consoles her. Bhavani warns Pakhi not to repeat it as she is very courageous and shouldn’t give it; maybe a few people (pointing at Shivani) hate her, but she loves her immensely and cannot live without her; she can ask Ninad how much she was worried for her. Ninad backs her. Mansi cries for Samrat. Bhavani consoles her that their Samrat will return soon.Virat nervously smiles at Sai and thinks if she will like his anniversary suprise or not and don’t know how she will react. Sai says they will meet his colleague and return to resort soon as she cannot act as his good wife for long. Driver stops at Virat’s selected venue and asks him to inform when he should come to pick him up. Virat agrees and takes Sai in to a well decorated place. Sai asks why there is so much decoration and where are his colleagues.

Virat says what if he says that she will meet already known people. Sai gets confused. Mohit and Sunny enter and surprise her. They say they came to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Sai says Virat knew their arrival then, he was boring her with his friend’s story and took her to sunset point; they would have come along with us. Sunny says they wanted to surprise her. Mohit says if he had informed Karishma, she would have informed whole family and spoilt the surprise.Sai asks Virat where are his colleagues. He says she will get all the answers behind the curtain. Sunny and Mohit pull the curtain aside. Sai sees Virat and her wedding and many other pics with cake on table. Virat with Sunny and Mohit wishes her happy anniversary. Sai stands shocked. Virat asks how was his surprise, he planned it with Sunny and Mohit. Sai remembers him lying about the trip and the events after that. Virat asks why is she silent. She angrily asks if this is his official trip and he brought her here as his wife. He says she is his wife and its their marriage anniversary today. She shouts which marriage anniversary, their marriage is just a deal. Virat gets heart broken and tells Sai that he agrees their marriage was under unfavorable conditions, but they are together since then and traveled long till her, he wants to surprise her and celebrate their anniversary. She says she shocked him, she agreed to accompany him to an official trip to protect him from humiliation.

Sunny says it was his idea. Sai says its the most bad idea and how can he suggest it to his best friend. She says he had told her that their marriage is a compromise and she shouldn’t expect anything from as he is already committed to someone else, then why is he doing this drama with cake and photos. Virat says this arrangement is not a drama, they are in the photos and its their journey, it shows how far they have come together; he agrees that he started the journey as responsibility, but he was pleading her a few days ago not to leave him and go to Pulkit’s house; he celebrated her birthday and she was happy with his surprise, then why she is angry now. She says it was really her birthday and she was born on that day, but there is nothing real in their relationship and they are together only till she becomes a doctor and becomes independent.

Mohit says she is unnecessarily getting angry on Virat as Virat’s only intention was to see her happy; he agrees their relationship started on a bitter note, but they have come a long away and changed. Sai says she will not change if their situation changes, maybe the world consider them as husband and wife, but she knows they are not and she will have to leave Virat one day, then why should she celebrate anniversary when there is nothing between them.Sai says what is the use of a show off when there is nothing between them and their relationship is just formal. Virat says she thinks their relationship is a show off and didn’t think that he brought her here for a reason. She says he brought her to sunset point and told his story as his friend’s story. He thinks the way she has misunderstood him, he cannot even give any explanation. She says yoga instructor revealed his and Pakhi’s chemistry and how special Pakhi is to him, he didn’t even comment. He says he introduced her to yoga instructor as his wife and she even complemented them. She says yoga instructor complemented hesitantly, he already told her that he loves Pakhi and their marriage is just an understanding and nothing else. Sunny asks her to stop misunderstanding Virat as he was present at yoga camp with Virat, Virat liked Pakhi but sacrificed his love when he found out that his brother Samrat is marrying Pakhi.

Samrat takes children to orphanage. A kid Virat angrily breaks pot. Samrat questions him. Virat says he is angry as its his birthday today, but Samrat didn’t take him to play ground and instead accepted other kids’ demands and brought them back to watch a movie. Samrat asks why did he break the pot. Virat says he brought it and broke it. Samrat asks if he can rejoin the broken pot pieces. Virat says he cannot once its broken. Samrat smiles and says relationships are like mud pot which are made by hard work and love and break easily, he and other children here are a family and shouldn’t break like a pot. He says he got a surprise for him and asks him to apologize his friends and watch movie with them. Virat agrees and leaves. Samrat thinks once relationships are broken, they cannot be refixed again, reminiscing Pakhi expressing her love for Virat.

Sai asks Virat why Pakhi is still waiting for him when he broke up with her. Mohit says he doesn’t know other relationship, but Virat dada is pouring his heart out and doing his best to revive their relationship and she should give him time. Sai says she can see Virat still loves Pakhi and even then wants to revive our relationship; then says she understood why Virat didn’t react when Pakhi wished them happy honeymoon trip, he wants to manage 2 women and insulting them both instead, how can he do that, etc. Mohit requests to stop alleging Dada and look at his feelings for her. Sunny says he gave this trip idea to Virat. Virat angrily throws cake away and breaks decoration saying he told Sunny already that his idea is a waste. Sunny apologizes him with teary eyes. Mohit tells Sai that her misbehavior with Virat is not right as dada just wanted to see her happy. Sai asks him to tell his dada not to repeatedly play with her emotions and tries to leave. Sunny asks where is she going now after creating a drama. Sai says nobody cares for her feelings. Virat says he made a mistake by bring her here, but they have to stay for 1 more day as per his ticket bookings and he can arrange a camp for her if she wants. She says she can manage for 1 more day, he need not worry about her and give her resort key. Virat says its in reception. She walks away. Sunny and Mohit apologize Virat for Sai’s misbehavior and says whatever she did was wrong.

Sai walks on road remembering Virat’s anniversary surprise and thinks why did he do this to her, he never did anything which prompted her that he has feelings for her and didn’t deny that he doesn’t have any feelings for Pakhi anymore, poor Pakhi is still waiting for him; why he brought her here to trouble her, etc.Pakhi walks to family during lunch. Family welcomes and makes her sit on dining chair. Ninad and others ask if her headache is gone. She says she is fine now.Ashwini asks how is she now. Pakhi says she was just having a headache and she made an issue in the morning, she doesn’t say anything to others, etc. Ashwini says she just asked about her health. Bhavani yells at Ashwini supporting Pakhi. Shivani confronts Pakhi that she replied calmly when everyone questioned her and is behaving with Ashwini. Pakhi says she wants to go and rest alone. Ninad says they should call the doctor. Pakhi says no doctor can understand what is going in her mind and only she herself can take a decision. Ashwini asks if she is feeling bad due to Virat and Sai’s outing. Sunny and Mohit search Sai on roads and don’t find her. Virat blames Sunny for his idea and says its his mistake that acted on it. Mohit says let us stop thinking and search Sai first. Ashwini repeats that Sai is Pakhi’s problem and she didn’t like Virat and Sai going on a trip. Pakhi shouts what does she mean.Ashwini says she is right as she taunted them happy honeymoon when Virat informed family about the trip and that is the reason for her ill health.

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