Meet in love update Friday 26 August 2022

Meet in love 26 August 2022: Ram, Raj and Tej in ambulance. Raj on call with Babita says we are coming back to house, he is not in his senses it will more 5-6 hrs.

A man put barrel in ambulance way, ambulance stop and few people surround the ambulance and ask Raj to give them money. Raj says we will give you what you want, let us go our kid is not well and give them money and watch. Everyone threaten Ram and Raj loot them and ask them to come out, they both beg to them but people sit inside ambulance and try to run away with Tej. Raj says where are you going I gave you what you want. Meet Ahlawat standing infront of Ambulance.

They try to turn on car, man says what happen to ignition. Meet says why are you in so hurry and roll out from under the ambulance, it wont start and ask Raj and Ram how are you. Raj says we are good but why are they

trying to abduct Tej. Ram says how do you know we are danger. Raj says when they ask for the phone I send the SOS message. Everyone get out of ambulance and run to attach Meet Ahlawat. He fight back and knocks everyone. Meet helps him. Meet says don’t try to be action hero, if something happens then.

Meet Ahlawat says my hero is with me and they both knock out everyone. Raj says thank god you came on right time we were scared. Meet ask them who send you tell. Police come to the location. Singh come out of car says what is going on let us also help you, we know how to make them talk don’t worry about them let us do our work. Raj says to Meet he is right let’s go for now we need to concentrate on Tej, we will be in touch with them. Singh says catch them all and everyone leaves.

Meet Ahlawat and Meet in bathroom. Meet says those guys have some other agenda then kidnapping Tej, we need to find out what Tej know because someone want Tej mouth to be shut and says to Meet Ahlawat we need to increase security of Tej. Meet Ahlawat ask her to sit and says I’ll manage and inspector Hawa Singh will interrogate them and when Tej will wake up we will get to know the truth and connection between your father, for some take rest and shooks.

Meet shouts in pain and scolds him says when did you start hurting me. Meet Ahlawat I was being gentle and try to move her head. Meet in pain says leave it I’ll do it myself and cure herself. Meet Ahlawat says how did you do. Meet says ny father use to do I learnt from me and I told you earlier before making me girlfriend that I’m different. Meet Ahlawat says now sit and take rest, we will talk to Tej when he is awake and he leaves.

Meet remember having food with her father. Ashok says I’m done with food and I asked you so many times not to be awake for me my job don’t allow me to come home early. Meet says so what you do so much for us least I can do for you, reat all father do job for 7to8 hrs and come back why don’t you. Ashok says because I’m police man and police work is to keep people safe and no one do bad job so don’t worry.

Meet ask why people do wrong things when it hurt them. He says people always commit crime when he is intoxicated but some people make mistakes knowingly because of there power and people bear the pain of there crime which make them more powerful, so doing mistake and accepting injustice is not good so don’t do bad and bear that bad things…
Meet in her room says I’ll find out the truth. Meet Ahlawat come to Meet says Tej is awake now we can talk to him and they both leave.

Tej in his room sleeping. Someone walks to him and try to give him injection. Meet and Meet Ahlawat get inside Tej’s room and says he is sleeping. Tej open his eyes. They both walk to Tej and ask how are you. Meet says now everything will be alright. Meet Ahlawat we are here to help you don’t worry and Meet have some questions for you. Meet ask him I want to know what happen with you which made your condition worse, I know you don’t what to relive that memory but it’s important for me to clear my doubt, few days back you threw red colour on my father’s photo so I want to know is there any connection with my father and the murder scene and show him Ashok photo. Meet Ahlawat says if you remember anything please tell us.

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