Unspoken Bond Monday 25 July 2022

Unspoken Bond 25 July 2022: Episode starts with Darsh thinking of Gunjan’s words. Shobit comes to sympathize with him. Darsh says I didn’t feel bad of Gunjan’s words. Shobit thinks you were my weakness, you took an advantage of it, now I will take an advantage of you. He asks why did you get upset. Darsh says because I m responsible for Nandini, I feel if her life is getting spoiled because of me, you would have made a right portrait for Gunjan, no one will tell me if I make a wrong portrait, Nandini will feel bad. Shobit says you know her, she isn’t such. Nandini looses her hair and smiles. Darsh comes. They have a moment.She says I had freed my hair on Rajvi’s saying. He asks really, I will ask mum. She says don’t trouble her. He asks will you get happy seeing your face all day. She says you have made this with love. She goes. He says I was thinking wrong, there is love. Gunjan takes her pics. She thinks Shobit has come. Shobit comes and sees her. Rajvi and everyone come. Gunjan feels awkward in the nightie. She says sorry, I didn’t know you all are coming. Everyone laughs.

Bansuri smiles seeing Nandini write in English. Nandini says you can go and sleep, I need to practice. Darsh comes and asks her to show what did she write. She says I m feeling tensed for my test. He says this girl is cute. He takes her along. Gunjan drinks. Shobit comes to the room and sees her.Shobit says don’t put pressure on me, you will get to see when I love you. She asks why aren’t we like other couples. He thinks to show Darsh and Nandini that Gunjan and his relation is normal. He also drinks and says we have to make a start somewhere. She says give me a chance. She dances for him. Ye mera dil…plays… He falls asleep.Darsh helps Nandini in preparing the speech. He says I m here to correct your lines, I have written something for you, no one can read what I write, its a language for the blind. She asks him to read. He reads the speech. He reads the lovely poem. Nandini smiles. Gunjan comes and looks on. Darsh asks Nandini to imagine the person with whom she is the most comfortable, then her fear will end. She imagines Darsh. She makes excuses. Gunjan gets upset.

Vipul says we have to make our business parters meet Nandini and Gunjan, how will they talk to them. Rajvi says they can hold an interesting conversation, the guests who judge them by their english, its not our problem, its their problem. Nandini looks on.everyone celebrating Rajvi and Vipul’s anniversary. Parul asks Rajvi not to sit, come for the dance. Rajvi and Vipul dance. Deewangi…plays… Everyone dances. Darsh and Nandini dance. Shobit gets angry seeing them happy. Everyone claps. Vanlata praises Gunjan’s dance. Gunjan says Shobit, we will also do a couple dance. Parul asks Shobit to show his magic. Shobit and Gunjan dance. He lacks interest.Vanlata worries. Parul asks what happened. Chetan says Shobit is shy, Darsh has to become the leader, then Shobit will get courage. He asks Darsh and Nandini to come. Everyone claps and asks Darsh to come. Darsh says okay.

Darsh and Nandini dance. Falak tak chal saath mere…plays…. Shobit and Gunjan also dance. He stumbles and falls. Rajvi worries. Gunjan gets upset. Parul says awesome, I m sure you had practiced well. Chetan says I know, maybe Shobit and Gunjan practiced to fall down. Darsh and Nandini get pics clicked. Gunjan thinks when everyone sees our platinum ring gift, then everyone will focus on us. Rajvi likes the rings, love bands and jokes. She thanks Shobit and Gunjan. Vipul says its really beautiful. Darsh calls out Rajvi. She drops the ring by mistake. Shobit says you go, I will pick it. She goes to Darsh. Darsh says I have a special gift for you and dad. He says my wife Nandini is taking English classes since few days, she wants to see mum smiling, she prepared a speech for mum and dad. Rajvi says its the best gift, I m so proud of you.Shobit says Gunjan, its your mistake, you should have thought of some nice idea like Nandini. Vanlata signs the waiter. The waiter spills water on Nandini’s saree. Nandini says its fine, I will just come. She goes. Vanlata sends Gunjan. Gunjan takes the papers and goes. Nandini finds the speech missing. Rajvi asks her to come on the stage. Chetan says come on Nandini, we are waiting for your speech. Darsh gets the paper fallen. He says its here, its Nandini’s speech, how will she give the speech now. Nandini looks around. She thinks how will I say it without a paper, even Darsh isn’t here. Nandini goes on the stage. She sees the guests and gets tensed. Rajvi asks her to begin. Nandini begins the speech. She stops by the mic disturbance. She resumes again. Darsh loses the speech and looks for the paper. He thinks of his words. Nandini gives the speech and stays tensed. Darsh says Nandini’s speech started, she looks nervous, where is the paper.Shobit comes there and walks silently. A man comes. Darsh asks him to help him find the paper, his wife’s speech is written on it.

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