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Lost in Love 26 July 2022: Sai tells Virat that when she will go away, he will have a lot of time to spend with his bestfriend Pakhi, he should ask her why she enters their room without knocking. She continues that Pakhi always feels insulted and mimics Pakhi that Sai insulted her, fan got slow and it insulted her, she enters and yells at her and walks away crying. Virat laughs and suggests her to ask Pakhi when she comes next time. Sai says he should do this brave act as she is leaving his house in a few days, asks to give her gift which he was talking about before Pakhi came. He says he doesn’t have any gift. She asks not to joke and searches it everywhere. He says he has kept her gift safely and will give it to her at a right time. She says okay and goes to bring turmeric milk for him. He thinks she is angry all the time and threatens to leave his house, prays god to make her forget that she should go once he gets well as he doesn’t know to tell her that he now loves her a lot.

Omkar gulping liquor with Omkar fumes that whatever happened today was not right. Ninad asks him to calm down. Omkar says he cannot understand how can Bhavani accept Devi so easily; Ninad knows what all he did to separate Devi and Pulkit and when he was exposed, Bhavani washed her hands off and put all the blame on him; Bhavani was a stone and melted easily seeing Devi. Ninad says its a mother’s nature and even Bhavani is a human. Omkar says jungli Sai will win Bhavani’s heart one day.Bhavani walks to Sai and says she shouldn’t think that she won her heart with today’s act, but she is happy for what she did for Devi. Sai surprised asks if she is talking to her.

Bhavani asks who else is there here. Sai says she thought of when she yelled at first but then was surprised hearing her praising her. Bhavani yells not to sit on her head. Sai murmurs Pakhi sits there. Bhavani asks what did she say, she gets anyone angry easily. Sai says only a jeweler can identify a diamond, they both are same. Bhavani says never. Sai says that is right, she is jungli mulgi and Bhavani is pride head of the family, says she knows Bhavani will never like her. She prepares milk for tumeric Virat and Bhavani, offers her and says it will soothe her throat. Bhavani fumes more thinking Sai always increases her BP.Next morning, Virat joins family for breakfast. Bhavani asks how is he now. He says better from before. Bhavani prays god for his better health. Pakhi walks in and informs Bhavani that she is going out. Bhavani says even Virat is going out and will drop her, where is she going. Pakhi says her parent’s house to take her father’s house, but Virat will have a problem.

Bhavani says he will not and asks Virat will he drop Pakhi. Virat says yes. Karishma thinks Pakhi got a chance to be with Virat. Sonali says she can read her mind and warns to stop it before Bhavani hears and punishes her. Pakhi says she will go alone. Sonali says she should go with Virat. Ashwini says why is she forcing if Pakhi doesn’t want to go with Virat. Virat says Pakhi’s house is on the way to the hospital, so he doesn’t mind dropping her and going to hospital for checkup. Pakhi thinks Sai must have gone to college, so she can spend some time with Virat; she asks Virat if they can go now itself. Virat calls Sai and says they will drop Pakhi home on the way to hospital. Sai tells Pakhi that she cannot let Virat go alone for checkup, they will drop her on the way if she doesn’t mind. Pakhi jealously waiks away saying she will go tomorrow as her parents have gone out. Sonali comments. Ashwini asks Virat to visit temple as he is getting well by god’s grace. Virat and Sai leave. Bhavani thinks don’t know what problems Sai has with Pakhi.

Virat and Sai reach hospital. Pulkit calls Sai and says he called to know about Virat’s health. Sai says Virat is fine and they came to hospital for his checkup, asks about Devi. Pulkit says Devi is very happy after Bhavani pampered her and is looking at her gifts and family photo, hopes Harini also accept Devi like Bhavani. Sai says if god wishes, Harini will accept Devi soon. Pulkit hopes so and disconnects call. Sai informs Virat what Pulkit told and gets tensed. He asks reason. She says Harini.. He asks why didn’t Harini visit them yesterday.Sonali asks Karishma if she prepared lunch. Karishma says yes and shows khichdi and fruits. Sonali asks why did she prepare fasting food. Karishma says Sai wanted to have light food, so she prepared it. Sonali yells why is she trying to impress Sai, such a simple food was never prepared in this house. Pakhi walks in for lunch. Karishma says things are changing here, Bhavani’s favorite bahu also changed and now Sai is Bhavani’s favorite bahu, so she prepared Sai’s favorite food. Bhavani walks in and asks if lunch is prepared. Karishma says since Sai has gone with Virat to hospital, she did Sai’s work. Bhavani yells that Virat is not a kid who needs Sai’s support, Sai just wastes time and doesn’t do anything. Sonali backs her. Pakhi serves her food and says its her favorite bahu’s choice.

Bhavani says she thought right, even she wanted to have a lighter food. Pakhi says she is talking about Bhavani’s favorite Sai.Sai tells Virat that she asked Pulkit not to bring Harini, he shouldn’t think much and get his check up done. Virat asks what is the issue as she is trying hard to hide truth, gives his promise and asks what is the problem. Sai says Devi got back her love but there is a bigger problem in her life now. Virat asks which problem she is talking about. Sai says there is a problem between Harini and Devi, Pulkit called her a few days ago to solve their fight, Harini doesn’t want to accept Devi as mother as her perception regarding a mother is very different.


Bhavani seeing light food/khichdi served during lunch asks if someone is fasting. Pakhi says her favorite bahu wanted to have it. Bhavani says even she wanted to have a lighter food today like her. Pakhi says she is talking about Sai as Sai is Bhavani’s favorite bahu now and their thinking match. Bhavani asks who told her this. Pakhi says Karishma told that Bhavani’s choice has changed and Sai is her favorite bahu now. Karishma gets tensed. Sonali tries to support her, but Bhavani shuts her mouth and asks Karishma when did she tell her that Sai is her favorite bahu. Karishma nervously says after what happened yesterday, she felt Bhavani’s favorite bahu is Sai and not Pakhi. Bhavani shouts why she thinks so. Pakhi says after yesterday’s event, its obvious. Bhavani shouts even Omkar thinks same, she doesn’t even consider Sai as her bahu.

Doctor checks Virat’s reports and says they are normal, he thinks Virat’s wife is taking good care of him and he is a lucky man. Virat says yes. Doctor asks to get some more tests done. Sai asks when will Virat get well. Doctor says in 3-4 days. Sai gets happy and tells Virat that she can leave Chavan Nivas in 3-4 days. Virat acts and says he is not feeling well and may take 3-4 months to recover, so she should be with him. She says there is a lizard behind him. He jumps in fear. She asks to stop joking. He says he is trying to stop her. She says they shouldn’t stretch a rubber so much that it breaks down. He says he understood Mrs always angry and says let us go to temple now. She says she will inform Ashwini aayi that she will come late or else Bhavani kaku will set up a court at home. Virat says they will have lunch on the way and visit market to buy gifts for Harini. She agrees.

While having lunch, Omkar yells seeing khichdi. Bhavani says his bahu Karishma prepared it. Ashwini informs Bhavani that Sai called and informed that they will have lunch outside. Bhavani yells that Sai is enjoying dishes and making them eat bland food. Sonali acts as scolding Karishma for preparing Sai’s favorite food. Bhavani yells she just wants Sai out of the house. Ashwini says she forgot to tell that will be late. Bhavani says why is she informing her as doesn’t care. Ashiwini says everyone are bothered about Sai, so they are talking about her even in her absence.Sai and Virat visit Devi and Pulkit’s house. Pulkit says he is so happy to see them. Sai asks how is he, and he says he is fine. Devi gets happy seeing them. Pulkit asks Virat if doctor permitted him to go outside. Sai says they just visited doctor and he told Virat is recovering well. She offers prasad to Devi and Pulkit. Virat says he didn’t come here as Devi’s brother or Pulkit’s BIL but as Harini’s uncle/mama.

Pulkit happily calls Harini. Harini greets Sai. Sai hugs her. Harini asks who is that man. Sai says he is her mama. Harini says she doesn’t have any mama. Virat says he is her mother’s younger brother. Harini asks if he is Madhuri’s brother. Virat says he is Devi’s brother. Harini says he is normal and not like Devi. Virat says Devi will be fine soon. Devi jumps happily saying she will be fine soon. Virat gives her choc and gifts. Harini thanks her. Pulkit asks her to call Virat as mama and Sai as mami. Harini says she didn’t know she has mama and mami. Virat says she has many other relatives and shows family selfie. She gets happy seeing Pulkit in it and shows it to Pulkit. Pulkit says they are part of this family and says Bhavani is her grandmother, Devi’s mother. Harini says Devi is not her mother. Pulkit asks not to say that. Harini asks Virat why did he bring her gift today as her birthday is tomorrow. Virat says he will bring better gift tomorrow. Pulkit says he was about to invite family tonight. Devi happily says she will decorate house and celebrate her daughter’s first birthday.

Harini says she is not her mother and asks not be present during her birthday as her friends will taunt her. Devi panics hearing that and cries that her daughter doesn’t consider her as mother. Virat and Sai console him. Virat tells Pulkit that he didn’t know Harini has not accept Devi yet. Pulkit says he was happy when Devi returned in his life, but is sad seeing Harini not accepting her as mother. Sai says soon Harini will accept Devi as mother. Pulkit says she should or else Devi’s mental condition will worsen.

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