Unspoken Bond update Friday 8 July 2022


Unspoken Bond 8 July 2022: Episode starts with Darsh telling about the rasam. He says its silly rasam, it has no logic. Rajvi asks why are you saying this. She asks Nandini to handle Darsh, he gets irritated when he is tired. She says elders made the rasams by thinking well, shall we start. Darsh splashes the milk water in anger. Nandini gets shocked. Parul asks Rajvi to see what he is doing, he is trying to find the ring. Gunjan and Shobit try to find the ring. Rajvi asks what are you doing, milk splashed on her face. Darsh say winning spirit, you know I have a habit to win. He shows the ring. Gunjan gets the ring and says now I will rule in the house. Rajvi says yes. Darsh says I will go to my room now, rituals are done. Rajvi says maybe he is too tired. She asks Parul to take Nandini to the room. Shobit and Gunjan go to their room. Gunjan finds him worried.

She tries to talk to him. She thinks to snatch love if she doesn’t get it. She goes to him and asks why are you shy. He asks her to freshen up. She goes. He gets a call and asks what, Charmy…. He leaves. Gunjan looks for him. Rakla talks to Vanlata. He says Darsh was angry during the rasams. He sees Shobit leaving and thinks where is he doing. Darsh eats the food. Nandini comes. She says all the rasams are silly, you got tired, did you like the food. She gets his gift. She checks the stool and says you got this for me, because I m shorter in height, now we will get equal, you don’t worry about Namrata, I m so happy, I didn’t know that I will be so lucky, you love me, I also love you, I don’t know to express. He washes his hands in the bowl. He asks her to drink that dirty water if she loves him. She looks at him.

Shobit sees Charmy from far. Doctor says we had called you here, she had taken sleeping pills, almost full bottle. He asks what, is she fine. She says she is critical, we are trying, what’s your relation with her, why did she try to commit suicide. He worries. Nandini laughs and says don’t play a prank on me on the wedding night. Darsh says it was a prank. Nandini says you were checking if I get scared. She talks to him. She says I wanted to reach mandap some how, you don’t know what I would have lost if I failed to reach. He says I know, it would have been much loss, you are smarter than I think.Nandini says Bansuri says the same, I was afraid to lose you. He says I will get this table cleared. He goes. She says maybe he is tired. He shouts why…. He recalls Charmy saying the truth. She says Nandini forced Shobit to marry Gunjan, she kept this deal in front of Rajvi. He asks what, you are talking about my wife. She says I heard Nandini’s conversation, Shobit and I wanted to marry, we love each other. Darsh says he didn’t tell me, I asked him if he has any GF, he refused. Charmy asks him to hear the recording. He hears Shobit confessing love to Charmy. She says Nandini played a big game, Shobit sacrificed his love to get you married to Nandini, I came to attend your marriage, I got to know about Shobit’s marriage, I was finding him, someone locked me in a room, I heard Nandini’s talks, she did this deal for Bansuri, to make Gunjan married, Nandini ruined Shobit and my life, she has fooled you. He gets shocked. FB ends. Darsh shouts why did you do this. He cries.


Darsh saying the one who doesn’t value my trust doesn’t value me, you have killed my trust Nandini, why did you do this, money…. you should have told me if you wanted money, I would have given you money, why did you ruin my brother’s life. He recalls Charmy’s words. He says I will never forgive you. He thinks of her. He falls down. He cries. He says what would be Shobit going through, he would be broken, he got shattered, his love got incomplete because of Nandini, you will get punished for this. Shobit says sorry Charmy, why did you do this. Doctor says your friend is lucky, she is out of danger now. He thanks the doctor. She says investigation should happen, she attempted suicide. He says fine, but can I talk to her once. She says no, she didn’t get conscious by no. He says okay, I will tell Darsh, its not right to disturb him right now.

Vipul apologizes to Rajvi. She asks him to hold ears and do sit ups. He says fine, I m sorry. She says I m joking, all is well that ends well, both our sons got married, I wish their married life is good. Nandini waits for Darsh. She says Darsh has seen me with eyes of his heart. Darsh comes there. She makes her bangles sound. She imagines a happy moment. He shouts stop this bangles sound, I will get a headache, you should go and change, we have clicked pics, go now. She gets shocked. He starts getting rude. She leaves. She gets locked in the washroom. She calls him for help. Darsh gets silent. She asks him to open the door. He gets angry and thinks I will not fall in any trap now. She says even my phone is outside. Darsh cries and says I have become a fool.

He goes away. He says I had truly loved you, you gave me a chance to hate you, it was all planned in my life, but Nandini, entire planning changed, I will make you cry and leave you alone, you will lose, you have to face my strength. He tries to go. The anklet gets stuck in the door. She asks him to open the door if he came back. He breaks the anklet and cries.Doctor says Charmy can’t handle stress right now. She gives Charmy’s phone and goes. Shobit cries seeing Charmy and says I m sorry, I didn’t know this would happen, I never wanted this, I should get punished. He slaps himself. He hears Charmy’s audio message and cries.

She says Nandini has played a big game and cheated you all, you are stupid to sacrifice your love. Nandini asks Darsh to open the door. He hurts his hand by holding the anklet.

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