Unspoken Bond update Wednesday 6 July 2022

Unspoken Bond 6 July 2022: Episode starts with Darsh talking to Nandini. Gunjan thinks how did Nandini reach here. Nandini tries to run. Mohan comes to her. He catches her and says you aren’t ashamed to cheat your would be husband. She says leave me, if Darsh learns, then he will never forgive you. He says shut up, he can’t do anything to me, come with me. Darsh thinks of Nandini. He asks what happened Nandini, is everything fine, I m also nervous. Gunjan asks Shobit are you fine. He says yes. She says I m very happy. She thinks I had thought to rule alone. Rajvi says I knew it, you will accept Nandini some day, none is better than her for Darsh. Namrata says Darsh’s happiness is most imp for me. Mohan lights the havan kund and makes Nandini wear garland.

He says you decide to marry by love or force. Rakla goes and calls Mohan. Nandini throws Mohan’s phone.Rakla calls Vanlata and says don’t come here, Mohan isn’t answering, he may come and tell our truth, find him, stop him there. Mohan forces Nandini and says I will take round with you today, come. He says listen to me, we have to take 6 rounds more. He takes rounds with her. Pandit asks the couples to stand for the rounds. Darsh thinks of Nandini. Namrata hopes the truth doesn’t come out. Darsh asks Rajvi can I tell my promises myself. Rajvi smiles and says wow, I didn’t know my son is so romantic. Darsh forwards his hand to Nandini. The bride holds his hand. He senses and shouts who are you. Everyone looks on. Darsh says she isn’t Nandini. Everyone is shocked. Mohan says marriage happens after 4 rounds, once marriage happens, I will fill sindoor in your maang. Nandini kicks the kerosene can. The fire catches up. Mohan falls away. He scolds Nandini.

He says if you can’t be mine, then you can’t be of anyone else. He sees the fire and drags her. She pushes him away. Rajvi asks what. Darsh says she isn’t Nandini. Darsh says I can sense it, you know my senses are strong. He shouts you aren’t Nandini. Shobit says say something Nandini. Darsh shouts where is Nandini. Rajvi asks what happened, why are you saying this. Darsh says I can touch and say, she isn’t Nandini. Darsh asks where is Nandini, what did you do with her, who are you. He lifts the bride’s ghunghat. Nandini comes there and calls him out. Everyone turns and sees Nandini. Nandini recalls pushing Mohan and running away. Mohan says I will not leave you. She runs. FB ends. Bansuri hugs Nandini and asks are you fine. Shobit takes Darsh to Nandini. Darsh holds Nandini’s hands. Rakla and Gunjan worry. Darsh asks where were you Nandini, are you fine. Rajvi lifts the bride’s ghunghat and sees Shamika. They get shocked.Rajvi getting shocked seeing Shamika. She says Shamika… how dare you make fun of my son’s marriage, you thought you will take Nandini’s place. Shobit says I can’t believe this, you disappeared Nandini to marry Darsh.

Shamika says no, I m not a criminal, its my mistake that I love Darsh, Namrata told me that Nandini cheated him and ran away, I was trying to save him from a heartbreak. Namrata says yes, I did all this. Darsh asks how dare you do this. Namrata says I can’t see you worried and hurt because of this girl, I knew you will hate me, but that’s okay, Shamika is divorced now, maybe you don’t know that, because she still loves you a lot, she isn’t able to forget you, we all know that you both were perfect for each other.Rajvi asks since when did you plan all this. Shamika says no, I came to Goa to meet Darsh once, Namrata met me outside the resort and… Namrata says I don’t like Nandini at all, when she had run away with the jewellery, I was sure that she is marrying Darsh for money, I think Shamika and Darsh are perfect for each other, I did what I felt right. She recalls meeting Shamika and requesting her, Darsh is waiting in the mandap, if he harms himself because of Nandini’s cheat. She says I know you love Darsh a lot, this is the only way to save his life, you guys were happy together, you have a chance to stay happy. Shamika recalls Darsh. She says if this is the way to rectify my mistake then…

Namrata says thanks. Shamika asks if Nandini comes back. Namrata says she is a gold digger, she had run away with the jewellery. FB ends.Namrata says I didn’t take the decision alone, I took everyone’s permission. Rajvi asks whose permission. Namrata recalls talking to Vipul, Chetan and Parul. She says Nandini has run away with jewellery. Chetan says she is right. Parul says its not right to cheat Rajvi and Darsh. Vipul says I don’t find this right, if we get Shamika and Darsh married, he may get upset with her. Namrata says Shamika said she can tolerate his hatred, but not his insult, she is ready to sit in the mandap. FB ends. Rajvi asks how did you all decide it, I have first relation with Darsh, just Darsh or I can decide on his life. Shobit says dad, we never had secrets, why didn’t you tell me. Dada ji scolds them.

Namrata asks Darsh to understand her. Darsh shouts shut up, I will raise hand now. Namrata says sorry. Shamika also apologizes. Darsh asks who are you to me that you worry for me. Shamika says because I still love you Darsh. Nandini says our marriage didn’t happen, you may change your decision if you want, if you like Shamika, then I will leave from here right away. Rajvi asks what are you saying, there is nothing like that to make a choice. Bansuri says don’t think so, I know you love Darsh a lot. Darsh says Namrata, you think Shamika is perfect for me, its wrong, she left me when I needed her the most, she came here to pity me, she thinks I will forget all the old wounds, life doesn’t give second chances, Shamika, you can see it right, look at Nandini, she doesn’t have money, but she is nice, she is better than you, I can’t see her, but we do understand each other. He answers Shamika.He says mom is right, just I have the right to decide who is perfect for my life, I have made Nandini a part of my happiness, darkness and soul. Nandini smiles. Shamika leaves.

Rajvi scolds Namrata. She says Darsh’s life would have got ruined. Namrata says ask this girl what was she doing, where was she, with whom. She asks Nandini to say with whom was she. Nandini says our locality man Mopit forcefully took me. Naveen asks what, is he here, how dare he touch my house women. Rakla worries. Nandini says I didn’t know Mopit was such a man, I didn’t know that he has such feelings for me in his heart, he used to come home to take the milk. Namrata asks didn’t you know you had a lover. Bansuri says he used to come, I didn’t know he had a reason. Namrata says it means they have some affair, he was of your class, right, but you didn’t know that Nandini will get a big lottery. Darsh shouts stop it.

Namrata asks Nandini if she got married, who knows. Naveen stops her and says you should have called me. Nandini says I had called you many times, Mopit snatched my phone. Naveen says my phone is off. Namrata says you said his phone was ringing. Nandini says you are blaming me that I ad come away by my wish, that I m lying. Namrata says yes. She asks Rajvi to ask Nandini, her character is. Rajvi shouts cut it, she is my would be bahu, your Bhabhi, you learn to talk to her with respect, you can’t ask anything, why will we question Nandini, just because she is poor, or she is a girl, look at her state, some guy had forced her, we should wipe her tears, we should be ashamed, we should question that guy who tried to force her, you all know Nandini, why don’t you say anything in her support. She says I agree that the guy was around Nandini’s house, what about Nandini’s character.She asks Naveen can’t he believe Nandini, he should trust her. She says if you think that Saas should question bahu, then I don’t want to become such Saas. Nandini looks on.

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