Lost in Love update Wednesday 3 August 2022

Lost in Love 3 August 2022: Pakhi reminds Bhavani that when she asked Devi to thank her, Devi told she doesn’t like her as she interferes between Virat and Sai. Sai says she doesn’t know if Devi told that. Bhavani says she knows only what she likes and provoked Devi against her and Pakhi. Sai says she never provoked Devi against them; though Devi is mentally unstable, she can differentiate between right and wrong; when Devi can notice that, even others must have noticed that; Devi is like a kid and kids don’t lie; Devi warned her when she came to this house to beware of Pakhi as she is eyeing on Virat, know she realized that Chavan family women eye on their devars; she ignored Devi at that time, but whatever she is telling today is true and she doesn’t lie like them. Virat asks when did he lie. She says he is not accepting truth and what she saw from her eyes will not change. He asks what did she see. He says he doesn’t have courage to tell truth or else he wouldn’t have hidden what is happening.

She tells Pakhi that now she must have experienced how it feels when someone wrongly alleges them; she is courageous to give a befitting reply to Pakhi, but Pakhi doesn’t have that courage; she doesn’t have much time to waste on her as she needs to go to college. She tells Virat that she thought she will provoke him to tell truth, but failed. She picks her bag and leaves.Pakhi says they all made her feel like a criminal, nobody stopped Sai from insulting her. She tells Virat that she considers him as her friend, then why didn’t he stand against his wife for her; she will never forget whatever happened to her today.Virat standing in balcony reminisces Sai’s words. His senior calls him and asks how is he now. He says he is fine. Senior asks him to rest and not be in a hurry to join the duty. He says he is fit now to join back the duty. Senior says he heard he recovered soon because of his wife.

He thinks Sai is taking good care of him for the time being, tells senior that he will meet him soon, thinks why Sai is alleging him and not understanding there is nothing between him and Pakhi. On the other side, Karishma tells Mohit that they found out first about Pakhi and Virat and hid it, but Sai exposed it royally today. Mohit says one should learn how to set fire from her. Karishma says she is excited to see the new drama Sai will create after returning from college, there is no lack of entertainment in this house. Mohit warns its Virat and Sai’s problem and if she speaks against Sai again, he will kick her out of the room. She snatches his script and says its nothing in front of life’s real drama which has mystery, suspense, romance, etc., and starts her sensational commentary.

Omkar comes for dinner. Sonali tells seeing today’s drama, she doesn’t think anyone will have food today; says today she found out that there is something between Pakhi and Virat and Sai is right, people say right that a boy and a girl cannot be just friends. Omkar yells that a rotten fish Sai has spoilt even her. Sonali says she feels bad for Sai and thinks Virat and Sai don’t stay together even in the same room. He asks what does she mean. She says Sai and Virat don’t want to stay together. Bhavani with Omkar walks in and says she is right, nobody wants to stay with Sai. Ashwini serves them food worried for Sai. Ninad asks if she will not speak in her DIL’s favor. Bhavani says why don’t she speak when her DIL is wrong, where is her DIL. Ashwini says she is worried for Sai, don’t know if she had food since morning or not. In college, Pulkit tells Sai that he cannot see her in this condition and insists her to accompany him to his house and have food together, her mood will be good if she meets Harini and Devi. Sai says its already evening. He insists.

Back at home, Bhavani yells that Ashwini cannot see her bahu’s mistakes and is worried for her instead. Ninad says let Sai go to hell. Omkar yells if his bahu is ill mannered like Sai, he doesn’t know what he would have done. Sonali asks not to compare Sai with their bahu, she agrees that Karishma is a fool but is not ill mannered like Sai. Karishma walks to Bhavani and says Pakhi didn’t have anything since morning and is sitting in her room, she is worried for her. Sonali asks why don’t she take food for her then. Karishma says Pakhi scolded her last time, so she will not go. Ashwini says she is surprised with their dual nature, they are worried for one bahu and hate another.

Bhavani forcefully takes Pakhi to Virat’s room and says she didn’t have anything since morning because of his arrogant and shameless wife who insulted Pakhi. Virat asks if Sai returned from college. Pakhi yells that Virat is blind folded in his wife’s love and cannot she her wrongdoings, she cannot see all this and will go to her room. Bhavani stops her and tells Virat that his wife hasn’t yet returned from college, if she didn’t call and inform her, she forgot that Sai does what she wants. She provokes him against Sai and says no college will be open till this time; she just came here to inform him that Pakhi is deeply hurt; what is wrong if he and Pakhi were in love before marriage, Sai shouldn’t have created an issue out of it.

Ashwini informs Bhavani that Sai called and informed her, they wrongly call her irresponsible. Bhavani yells that Sai did wrong by calling Ashwini and not her as if Ashwini is head of the family. Ashwini asks not to make an issue out of it. Sonali says why didn’t Sai inform before, they could never stop her. Karishma says she thought Sai threatens to leave the house to garner everyone’s attention, but she meant it; she means how can Sai live in Devi’s house. Sonali says she doesn’t know what Sai does, this time even Virat will not go to convince her. Ashwini says they should be happy that Sai is fine and is staying in dear one’s house. Sonali asks if she is spellbound by Sai. Bhavani says she is right.Sai picks food and cries remembering Virat’s words. Virat also picks food and stops remembering Sai’s argument. Harini feeds Sai. Ashwini brings milk for Ninad saying he didn’t have anything since morning. He says so sweet of her, she cares for him so much, but why she is not worried that her bahu will not return home whole night. She says forget it. He asks if she doesn’t have any answer. She says she has answer for this and morning’s question or else he and Bhavani would have to hide their face in shame. He asks what does she mean. She says she doesn’t want her bahu to suffer like her.

He laughs sarcastically and says he was thinking why she didn’t raise this issue, elders are following youngster’s steps in this house. She says Sai spoke right. He yells that he wants to throw this milk on her face. She asks to do that. He says he did some sin to get a jungli mulgi like Sai. She says she is happy to have Sai as bahu as only she can correct him and Bhavani’s sins. He says she repeats same thing after so much explanation, now he doesn’t feel like shouting at her, she should remember her limits or else he will send her where she came from.Virat misses Sai and remembering her care thinks she cares for him so much but didn’t even call him to inform that she will not come home tonight. Sunny calls him and asks how is situation at home. Virat informs that Sai stayed at Devi’s house. Sunny says he felt something happened between them, but couldn’t comment in the morning. Virat says he doesn’t want to discuss about Sai and disconnects call. Ashwini walks in and asks why didn’t he have food yet, he shouldn’t worry about Sai as she called him and informed that she will return home tomorrow. He thinks why didn’t Sai call him. Sai in sleep blabbers if Virat sir had his medicine. Harini wakes her up and asks if she is missing Viru mamu, she will call him. Sai stops her and sleeps back. Harini messages Virat from Sai’s number to have his medicine on time and then switches it off. Virat reads it. Ashwini taunts him and says Sai is worried for him even when she is angry on him, so he should call her and sort out his issues. He calls Sai and fumes seeing her phone switched off. Ashwini says she knows about him and Pakhi from before, but never discussed about it as she didn’t want his past to affect his present and his and Sai’s relationship, but before things could move on, Sai’s patience gave up and she thinks Sai is right. He asks if she didn’t see what Sai did. She says after so much happened, Sai messaged him to have his medicine; he had informed Sai about his promise made to Pakhi, then why did Sai feeling bad now. He says he doesn’t want to talk about it.

She says Sai is feeling bad because she… Pakhi walks in. Ashwini says now she cannot support Pakhi this time as she finds a chance to meet him, why did she come now. Pakhi says she came to find out if Virat is going to hospital for his checkup as he spoke to his senior about rejoining duty, and since Sai is not here, she came to ask if she can accompany him. Ashwini says nobody knows about it, then how did she find out, if Virat told her this or her ears are always in Virat’s room; she wants to ask her why she is eyeing on married Virat. Pakhi says she is not eyeing on anyone but just wants to help Virat as she cares for him a lot. Ashwini asks who else she cares, will she care for him even when Samrat returns; she should understand that Virat’s mother, father, and whole family is there to take care of him in Sai’s absence and she doesn’t have to. Virat says situation is not right at this time and hence she shouldn’t discuss this issue. He tells Pakhi that he will mange alone and she need not bother. Ashwini says Virat told he will manage, so Pakhi should leave. Pakhi walks away feeling insulted. Ashwini thinks when will Pakhi stop bothering Virat.

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