Unspoken Bond update Sunday 31 July 2022


Unspoken Bond 22 July 2022:  Ritesh ask Nandini to say something poetic, he has to reply to Kinjal. Shobit hears them. Darsh is also awake and hears her poetry. Ritesh says thanks, I have sent the poetry to Kinjal, she replied that she will have a video call with me.

She ends the call and goes to sleep. Darsh gets angry. Ritesh says thanks Shobit, this poetry idea was the best. Shobit asks him to wear yellow clothes tomorrow. He goes. Its morning, Darsh wakes up Nandini and asks what did you talk to Ritesh, what were you telling him, answer me. He wakes up from this dream. He thinks I won’t ask her anything that insults our relation. He goes out. Shobit says I was going to come to you, sit, I wanted a help, Ritesh wanted a yellow colour tshirt, he said some special person asked him to wear it. Darsh says I m not okay, don’t tell anyone, Ritesh called Nandini late night, Nandini told him a poetry, I didn’t get sleep after that I m overthinking, friends can talk anytime, maybe he was worried and she was making his mood light, I would also answer any friend or Shamika’s call, you would also answer Charmy’s call. Shobit gets back and cries.

Darsh says I m sorry. Shobit says yes, but I don’t do this with Gunjan, would you give a yellow tshirt to Ritesh. Darsh says yes, you take it. He goes. Shobit cries and sees Charmy’s pic.

He says I always check your message every morning, I miss you. Vipul asks why did you decide for property division. Chetan says we decided. Rajvi asks how will we divide the temple, we will make it half, right. Parul says we don’t want Babu ji or kids to know this. Rajvi says tell me what’s the matter. Parul says we are asking for our rights. Rajvi says everything is yours. Parul says half share is ours, like your new car. Rajvi says take everything, don’t talk of getting separated. Parul goes. Vipul and Rajvi cry. Nandini sees Darsh and asks why are you not wearing your shirt. He says I don’t know what to wear. She selects his shirt. She says all the colours are suiting you, you aren’t able to do it.

He asks what’s your fav colour. She says white. He says okay, we will go and buy white shirts today, I just have 20-22 shirts. She laughs and says just that much. He asks for a white shirt. He changes. They leave. Ritesh says I m going to talk to Kinjal on video call. Shobit asks him to ask Ritesh. Ritesh asks how is this tshirt looking, Nandini. He thanks Darsh for help. Darsh says we are going late. She asks shall we get few shirts for you. Ritesh says no, I buy after trials. Gunjan sees Nandini’s bracelet. Nandini jokes on Ritesh. Shobit laughs and says your friendship is good.

A man comes to snatch Nandini’s purse. Darsh asks what happened. The man runs with the purse. Darsh picks a rock and throws at the thief. The thief falls down. Ritesh beats the man and asks how dare you touch Nandini. Darsh asks Ritesh to stop it. Ritesh says if you could see Nandini’s bleeding hand, I will not leave him. He cares for Nandini. She says I m fine, are you mad, how were you beating him. He says if anything happened to you, I took care of you as family after uncle passed away.

Shobit asks Ritesh to calm down. He asks the man to go away. Gunjan says I don’t understand, who is more dear to her, husband or friend, she is making both of them dance. Chetan gets a call. Parul asks will anything go wrong. Chetan answers. Naveen says everything is fine, did your work happen. Chetan says we are trying.

Nandini tries to calm down Darsh. Shobit says he has become insecure, Ritesh saved you when he was there, his ego is hurt, I used to create fake situation where he rescued me. She asks shall I fall into the pool then he will save me. Shobit throws her into the pool. He asks her to call out Darsh. Nandini shouts for help. Darsh comes and asks how did you fall into the pool.



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