This is fate update Saturday 30 July 2022


This is fate 30 July 2022: Sonakshi says to Pihu that she is her mother, Preeta in anger turns warning her to remain quiet, Preeta then advises Kritika to take Pihu inside, Preeta questions why is Sonakshi saying this all, Pihu is her child and she should not confuse her, Sonakshi realizes she is just trying to reveal the truth, Karina questions why is Preeta even listening to her as they all know that she is lying, Sonakshi replies that she was not telling any lie as when the last time she came, she was about to leave the country with her child, it was her father who was lying and thought she would be able to live her entire life with the child, she was able to finalize all the formalities but then on the last day she found out that some family had already adopted her child, she with a lot of difficulty managed to find

out the truth and was shocked to know that her father is the one who adopted his own daughter, Karan in anger questions what is she saying because they don’t want to listen to anything, Karina asks why are they fighting because she wants to live with them after telling a lie, Sonakshi tries to mention she has the papers, Karina exclaims they can have these papers made after giving the money, she has understood the planning of Sonakshi as she would have found out about the adoption so thought of entering the life of Karan by removing Preeta, Sonakshi requests her to not blame her as she is not that heinous.
Sonakshi assures she has just come to take her child with her, Karina explains that she is not the mother of Pihu as karan and Preeta are the real parents, she is adamant to throw her out when Sonakshi explains if they don’t believe her then should call the NGO as they would reveal the true story, Bani Dadi calls Gaitri requesting her to come to their house urgently as it relates to Pihu, Gaitri assures she is coming soon after dropping the children to school, Dadi mentions she has called Gaitri who knows the entire truth about Pihu so when she comes everything would be sorted, Dadi asks Karina to come inside as she needs to talk with her, Rakhi also says she needs to have a conversation with her, Preeta leaves after seeing Sonakshi.

Sarla is standing when Sonakshi tries to talk with her, Sarla says she should not look at her like this, questioning why she is doing this because Karan and Preeta have gotten some peace after so long so why is she trying to do this to her family, she calls herself a friend even then has ruined everything, she doesnot know why is Sonakshi doing this, she doesnot want to talk with her, Karan takes Sarla to the couch, Sonakshi once again tries to talk when Sameer stops her questioning why is she trying to hurt the sentiments of mother even when she has already ruined the image of Karan.

Karina in the room asks what do they all want to talk about, Dadi says she wants an answer to her question, Dadi explains she has some questions which she feels are true, she doesnot want that when Gaitri comes and reveals the truth it worries everyone, Dadi says she remembers that Karina was the one who gave the idea of adoption to karan and Preeta, Karina replies they all were really happy till yesterday. Rakhi explains they are even really happy as because of her suggestion they got back the love and Preeta became a mother, but what about Sonakshi who is claiming that she is the mother of Pihu.

Dadi once again asks Karina what she is hiding because Sonakshi has the proof, Karina says they can have the papers made with money, so she only knows what they all already know, she has no idea who gave birth to Pihu, she just thought of bringing Pihu through the NGO, Shristhi comes saying that the people from NGO have come, they all leave.

Preeta asks where Pihu is, Shristhi replies she tried to stop her but Pihu just ran downstairs after seeing the car and so ran to meet them, Preeta replies she is really worried about what would happen as she has not given birth to her, Shristhi questions why is she being worried because the people from the NGO would reveal that Sonakshi is not the mother, she is even suspicious of her actions as Sonakshi first said that her child was born dead but is now claiming Pihu is her daughter, they should however go downstairs before they miss anything.

Preeta reaches when Pihu immediately hugs Preeta, Nitu says that Pihu was constantly talking about Preeta so she loves her a lot, Shristhi asks Pihu to play catch with her so she would now run however Pihu catches her before she is able to run away, Kritika then asks her to catch her aunt, they then run away.

Nitu mentions Gaitri was not able to come so send her in her place, Dadi asks who was the birth mother of Pihu, Nitu jee says they don’t know the name of every mother, she will check the details but the case of Pihu is different because Pihu was not taken as they foud her outside the orphanage, Sonakshi says it is not the truth as her father gave Pihu in their NGO, Nitu exclaims it is a lie, but when Sonakshi insists she checks the data so says that her files also prove that Pihu was left outside the NGO, Karina questions what more proof does she want because she can say one thing clearly that Sonakshi is a really good actor, so much that even her mother started to believe her, Sonakshi replies it is because she knows those who lie are suspicious.

Sonakshi then questions Nitu jee asking why is she lying as she herself is a mother so how can she do this to her, Sonakshi once again questions the Luthra family asking whya re they not trusting her, she takes out the report showing it to Nitu, asking if the NGO is not the same, she clarifies that she also gave birth at the same date when Pihu was born, she clarifies they are the original papers, she must not ask how she got them, Sonakshi even has a witness, her father who himself went to drop the child at the orphanage as he did not wanted her to be single mother because of their reputation but now when it is this serious he would stand with her, she threatens Nitu jee mentioning when her lies will be proven wrong, her NGO would be blacklisted and then they would not be able to give any child for adoption, Sonakshi threatens to call her father.

Karan standing at the door hears them so questions what they are saying, he threatens to file a complaint at the NGO for how the information about the family did who adopted the child got leaked, he also explains he has called the commissioner who would throw Sonakshi out of the house, Nitu jee says that even Karina jee knew about the truth.

The entire Luthra family starts questioning Karina who starts weeping, she finally reveals she knew the truth, and clarifies she only got to know at the moment when Preeta asked them all to go and sit in the bus, she went to use the bathroom when she heard Mr Raichand quarreling with someone, she went near the room where she heard him fighting with Sonakshi who blamed him for hiding such truths when he said if she had revealed who was the father of the child, he would have got her married to Karna after that her daughter would be living a life just as their own standards, he revealed that her child is alive and in an orphanage, she was shocked to realize the truth.

Mr Raichand says she did whatever she wanted in her life, but in order to get the love she ruined her life and for the sake of the her stubbornness, she ruined her future, he would not let her do it all over again, she must forget the child thinking of her just as a bad memory, what will she do after raising her child as a single mother because the society would ask her questions, if she speaks the truth they would taunt her, he explains he did what he thought best, Sonakshi exclaims she always did the wrong thing, she questions if he even has a heart, He replies he has a heart which is why he kept the child away and is always taking care of the child, she is once again making him go in a stubborn area which he cannot bear, he has some respect and she is asking about the address of the NGO which he would not do because she will then bring the child and try to raise her as a single mother which he would not allow, Sonakshi replies he has always done what he thought best, she would not listen to him and will herself find the address.


Sonakshi leaves the room, Karina smiles so walking in the room questions where is the daughter of Karan, Harshvardhan questions why is she talking like this because they all know the child was born dead, Karina warns him to not talk in this manner with her as she is Karina Luthra, he would not have thought what she can do, he questions her when Karina replies she would call her daughter in front of him and will ask her to question him while the media is present, so then his respect would be ruined, she asks if he knows what would happen then as Sonakshi would find her daughter, she would then leave him to live her life on her own terms, then he will be living alone with his respect while Sonakshi would be happy in her life, Karina exclaims that the first option is better, Harshvardhan asks her to promise that she would not reveal anything to the family, she vows she would also not tell Sonakshi, he then exclaimed her name is Pihu and she is in an orphan, she got to know the name, Karina explains this is when she found out Pihu is daughter, she was not able to reveal anything as their lives had gotten in ruins because even Preeta cannot be a mother, she was worried because after the miscarriage of Sherlin, Mahesh went into depression for three months while Rakhi would spend her days in the child room, Karan exclaims this is not the way, Karina replies she never planned anything, but just went to see the child of Karan once, she then was worried if someone would adopt her then the daughter of the Luthra’s would always stay in an orphan, she only did this for the sake of her family as she was not able to see them in such pain.

Karina exclaims that her only mistake is that she thought the better of her family, she first thought of talking with karan and Preeta, they also accepted to adopt a child, then they got to have a child which brought their family the happiness which was missing, Karina questions what did Sonakshi as a mother did because even when her father left Pihu at the orphan, she did not press it hard enough, Sonakshi insists on taking Pihu as she is her child, however Karan yells at her saying that Pihu is the daughter of Preeta and him, Sonakshi exclaims they have a big family who are always there for each other, she only had Pihu to live the rest of her life with.

Shristhi is with Pihu asking that she first coloured the micky mouse then the Donald duck and now they would colour the tweety, Preeta is not able to control herself so rushes to come and hug Pihu with all her might, she is not able to stop crying when Sarla comes to stop her, saying that must not cry because Pihu is her daughter and no one would be able to take her away from Preeta, Preeta is however worried that Sonakshi has come to take her, Shristhi asks if it has been proved that Sonakshi is her mother, they all nod with her, Preeta asks Karan that he must stand with her because she never asked anything from him but now he must promise that he would make sure Pihu would always remain with her because she is her mother, she even turns to Rakhi mentioning she must make sure that no one takes Pihu away from her, Rakhi agrees that no one has any right to take her away as she is the only mother of Pihu, Preeta also once again turns to Sarla saying no one should take her daughter away from her, Karan seeing her condition asks her to calm down saying that she must not be worried, Rakhi then leaves.

Shristhi suggests they also should go down and see what has happened, Rakhi then questions Sonakshi what is she not understanding because Sonakshi would not be able to take her granddaughter away from her, Sonakshi says they were first not believing her but now are not able to accept that she is the mother even after so many proofs, Bani Dadi says she is not the mother of Pihu, Sonakshi questions if she has to get a DNA test in order to prove the truth, Mahesh replies she doesnot need to do anything of the sort because they have given her a family and Pihu has accepted them as a family, no one can take Pihu from them so it is better that she leave their house.

Sonakshi exclaims she has given birth to Pihu, Karina questions what happens if she gave birth because Preeta is really the mother of Pihu, Rakhi asks what more she wants because she got to know from somewhere that her daughter is alive and in their house so she came to make a demand for her, Rakhi replies they have been trying to make her realize the truth however she is adamant on her stance so now she would speak using the clauses of law which states that if a family adopts a child then no one can come to take her away from the family even if the biological parents arrive, Nitu agrees with Rakhi saying this is what law says, it is another matter that Karina new but this has nothing to do with the adoption and no one can take her away until the parents who have adopted give up the child, Nitu says she cannot do anything, but she herself agreed to give her child for adoption, Nitu shows that her father sent them this paper requesting them to give Pihu up for adoption as soon as possible, Karina questions if she recognizes her sign.

Sonakshi recalls when her father asked her to sign, saying that he will attend the meetings on her behalf as it is really difficult to run such a huge business empire, he suggested her to first check the papers but Sonakshi exclaimed she trusts him so signed the papers, Karina exclaims she is lying once again and will say they are not her signatures, Sonakshi exclaims that she was cheated, Karina asks why did she not read them and so she will say she is really innocent, Sonakshi says this is why she is standing here otherwise why would she have signed her own blood to someone else, Karina exclaims even after whatever she is saying, she doesnot have any right over Pihu because now she is the daughter of Preeta and Karan.

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