Anupama update Saturday 20 August 2022

Anupama 20 August 2022: Vanraj sings O Manjhi Re… song while Advaith plays bansuri/flute. After finishing song, he tells Advaith that he cannot leave Anupama in this condition and she is not understanding at all, if he is wrong. Advaith says he is not wrong, but he feels Anu is right as sometimes they need to stay away to be near and anyways there is a baggage of years on their relationship. Vanraj says he is ready to carry the baggage. Advaith says its clear that baggage is not on Vanraj but only on Anupama with betrayal, tears, sorrows, etc.; now she is tired and wants to clear off this baggage. Vanraj says if its wrong if he wants to stay with her. Advaith says its a mistake of their thinking which describes what they want; just sometime ago he didn’t want to stay with Anu, did he ask what she wanted; its not his fault as boys are given much preferential treatment, but for a change he should ask himself what Anu needs; even after divorce, they can be together as a friend.

Vanraj asks what he wants to live like more than friend. Advaith says for that he has to end the old story and create new one.Anu goes to meet Kavya with Samar and Nandini’s shagun. Kavya says she should give it to Nandini’s mom. Anu says she spoke to Nandini’s mother who is happy with his alliance, but cannot attend engagement due to some reason, and since maasi/aunt is like mother, she came to give her shagun and invite her for pooja. Kavya says she is participate in happy events as always, but don’t know when will happiness find its way to her. Anu says soon it will. Kavya thinks even after knowing divorce date, Anu is not reacting at all; this husband and wife duo will not stop playing family family until she provokes them. Anu asks if she will come. Kavya says of course she will from bride’s son and will wait for tomorrow morning.

Next morning, Anu makes pooja arrangement. Baa asks where is gangajal. Pakhi brings it. Anu says she will get bhog prasad. Baa stops her and asks what happened. Anu says nothing happened. Baa asks if she will not inform her. Vanraj enters ready for pooja. Pakhi says he is looking handsome. Baa noticing their awkwardness says they both have to sit together for pooja. Anu says as parents, they will. Kavya gets ready for pooja thinking she needs to provoke Vanraj and Anu for divorce. Bapuji video calls Anu and watches pre-engagement pooja ritual. Anu performs mirror ritual and asks Samar and Nandini to look at each other in mirror. Baa says she will perform all the rituals when she missed in Toshu and Kinjal’s wedding and explains its importance. Anu says hey both have to look at each other and into each other’s eyes. Pakhi says this ritual is so cool. Bapuji says he remembered his days seeing this ritual and says nowadays people consider it as superstition, but there is a science behind it. Samar asks what kind of ritual. Bapuji says haldi is applied to bride and groom for its antibiotic nature. Anu says bride is applied mehandi to keep her stress free with its smell.

Kinjal enters with Dolly and says she didn’t know about it at all. Anu and whole family get happy seeing them and hugs Kinju. Kinjal says her illness. Anu warns her not to cry and shed happy tears if she wants to. She says now there will be only happiness with Samar and Nandini’s engagement. Kinjal jokes that Samar and Nandini were so eager for engagement. Nandini shies. Bapuji says its good that Sanjay took Mamaji to Bapuji as Bapuji was feeling bored alone. Dolly says Sanjay informed that they reached and asks Vanraj not to let anything happen to bhabhi. Kinjal touches Baa’s feet. Baa jokes that good she didn’t bring her mother or else they would be confused whether to play shehnayi or been. They all laugh. Baa says let us start next ritual and asks Samar and Nandini to hold coconut in their hand sand promise each other that they will support each other whole life and forgive each other’s mistakes and shortfalls. They repeat same. Baa asks them to tie the coconut in red cloth. They do same. Baaa then asks Anu and Vanraj to tie coconuts to the nearby tree. They both walk towards tree hesitantly Din Shagna plays in the background. Dolly says good that Kavya didn’t come and for her, Anu is her bhabhi and will be forever.

Kavya gets jealous seeing Anu and Vanraj together and thinks they didn’t inform family about divorce date yet, so she has to inform them even if she has to spoil Samar and Nandini’s engagement. Vanraj walks for next ritual and extends his hand towards Anu, but she backs off. They both perform ritual together, give gifts, and feed sweets. Baa asks them to feed sweet to each other now. They do same hesitantly. Everyone clap. Baa says pooja is finished now and let starts engagement arrangements. Kavya enters and says there no point in it as they need to cancel this engagement. Everyone stand fuming. Kavya says this engagement cannot happen. Baa scolds if she has determined to ruin their happiness, why did she call uninvited. Anu stops Baa. Nandini confronts Kavya that Anu called her for pooja and not to break engagement. Kavya repeats. Dolly asks how dare she is to say this. Anu warns why is she creating drama again. Kavya says she came here to tell truth.

Kinjal asks her to respect at least her niece’s engagement. Kavya performs Vanraj and Anu’s nazar smirking at them and then performs her nazar and drops stuff in havan fire. Dolly angrily tries to walk towards her. Kinjal stops her. Kavya says she performed thier nazar so that there won’t be any hurdles in their lives and Anu/Vanraj’s divorce should happen easily tomorrow. Family stands shocked hearing that.Kavya informs Shah family that Samar and Nandini’s engagement cannot happen tomorrow as Vanraj and Anupama’s divorce date is tomorrow. Baa is shocked to hear that and asks how will engagement happen tomorrow. Anu says both engagement and divorce will happen tomorrow, new relationship will be welcomed happily and old one will be broken silently tomorrow. Vanraj angrily looks at Kavya while she smirks and leaves. Nandini follows Kavya. Anu stops her in vain. Dolly says let her go as there should be someone to confront Kavya. Anu ays not at this time and tries to walk behind Nandini. Baa stops her and says she spoke a lot, now its her turn as she is her MIL/saas. She says fate decides happiness and sorrows, but she got a chance to choose between happiness and sorrows; she will not let her choose sorrows, and its her saas’ order to choose engagement and not divorce tomorrow.

Kavya returns to her cottage. Nandini walks to her and why she ruins other’s happiness, she cannot tolerate Anu aunty and her family’s happiness, she didn’t even spare her niece and ruined her happiness, she doesn’t deserve family and deserves loneliness, Anu and Vanraj’s divorce is their personally issue and why did she go there and ruined their celebration. Kavya justifies herself saying they will realize the pain only when thorn is pricked in their own feet, today Nandini got angry when her happiness is ruined, imagine how she would be feeling when her happiness is ruined repeatedly, she is not mad to burn other’s happiness and only crossed limits always when she is hurt; when Anu can seek divorce for her happiness, why can’t she inform divorce date to Vanraj’s family for her happiness; always she is blamed as a home breaker, but she is not; she made a mistake of having an affair with a married man and if people are hell bent to consider another woman as wrong, their opinion will not change; wishes someone should look issue from her point of view.

Baa asks Anu why should she try to understand her justification being her saas, god made her angry when Anu is ill or else she would have given her a tight slap under he ear to teach her a lesson; she can take divorce later; when happiness come to her door after a long time, why she wants to return it. Dolly says mummy is right, she can take divorce later. Kinjal says what is the of use of scratching a healing wound repeatedly by delaying divorce. Baa asks them to stop and let her speak and pleads Anu. Anu asks not to get sin on her by pleading her. Baa asks what about the pain she is giving. Anu says she is tired of explaining. Baa continues and sasys she is her mother and its a daughter’s duty to accept mother’s orders. Anu says even its daughter’s right to get adamant. They both hug each other and cry vigorously. Vanraj walks away fuming at Kavya.

Kavya voices message Anirudh that she wants to share a good news that Vanraj and Anu is going to be divorced tomorrow, she is happy that finally she will get her happiness and can stay with Vanraj like a couple, she is very happy and he should call when he gets this message. She then draws sindoor and mangalsutra on mirror with lipstick. Vanraj noticing that throws water on it.Anu on the other side apologizes Samar for ruining his happiness because of her. Samar says mummy please. She says truth is truth; after 43 years, she has taken her own decision as her mother and family took decisions for her till now, at least now she should be let to take her own decision, there is fight always and complains, she doesn’t know how many days she will leave, they did so much to keep her happy and shouldn’t restrict her; she is also in deep pain with this divorce process and it increases with their adamancy; why she should convince them repeatedly, she is parting ways with 25 years of her precious life and is in more pain than them.

She finally says tomorrow is divorce and it will happen for sure and walks away from there. Baa sits crying loudly. Dolly and Kinjal console her. Kinjal says everything will be fine. Dolly says until Kavya is there, nothing can be right; she cannot understand how can bhai love such a selfish woman and hopes she gets out of bhai’s live. Kinjal walks to Anu, but Anu stops her and walks away. Kinjal thinks tin this situation, a friend helps and hopes mummy’s friend should have been here.Anu steps on stone pebbles and picks them. She then starts performing tandav nritya/dance.Kavya tells Vanraj that she knows he is upset, but whatever she did today she had to do it for hersef. She knows he is confused and is unable to take decision, but when Anu doesn’t want to stay with him, why he is forcing her; this pain and confusion is short lived and will be gone, he will thank her later for her act; Anu’s happiness is in divorce and her happiness is in V, Anu will be happy with her family and V will be happy with her, there is a bright future for him after divorce.

Anu continues dancing vigorously reminiscing all the recent events happened in resort. Kavya asks if he is so upset that he will not speak to her. He whisks her and says he came to speak, she tried her best to stop his and Anu’s divorce but failed; he warned her to stay away from his family, but she didn’t listen to him and did what she liked, now he will do what he wants and will not divorce Anu tomorrow; he will neither go to court tomorrow and divorce Anu nor he will come near Kavya; Kavya ruined his happiness and he will splash water on her wishes and desires just like he splashed water on mirror.Anu continues dancing reminiscing Vanraj insulting her repeatedly and falls down. Advaith walks to her clapping and says he wanted his patient to vent out her pain; girls are always taught to tolerate pain and injustice on them; he wants them to react; always girls have to sacrifice their milk glass for their brother, sacrifice studies for marriage, sacrifice job for egoistic husband and self-respect for saas; all this leaves a scar on the girl’s mind; she needs to clear the pain and scar from her mind like Anu did now; if they squeeze a heart, lot of sorrows and frustration will come out and they should get rid off it like Anu did.Vanraj vents out his anger on a wooden log and thinks earlier he used to think he did wrong by marrying Anu and now thinks he did wrong by loving Kavya, why did he betray Anu.He himself is responsible for all the problems in life; he will not divorce Anu and repeat his mistake and now will do what he wants.

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