Unspoken Bond update Monday 22 August 2022

Unspoken Bond 22 August 2022: The Episode starts with Charmy asking Darsh to help her. Vini comes to call him. Nandini says I have an online meeting then we will go shopping. Vini says I m upset with you. Nandini says then I will go alone. Vini says I will come. Nandini goes with her. Charmy comes to take Darsh. Darsh thinks I love Nandini so much, why am I getting attracted towards Ishani. Nandini thinks to leave the house soon. Charmy asks Darsh to help her select the wedding lahenga. Darsh gets a call from school. The man says Nandini didn’t come in the function today, so I thought to talk to you. Darsh says she is here. The man says she has come online, she is in front of me. Darsh asks what. The man ends call. Charmy asks what happened. Darsh says nothing, you get ready. Nandini attends the function. Chetan says you can use this laptop. Vini gets ready and comes. She asks can’t we see Darsh’s wedding today. Nandini says we have to get the princess dress and come, then we will see the wedding. Chetan asks Vini to come with her. He goes.

Nandini says I will go with Vini, then I will never come back. Charmy thinks of Darsh and Nandini. She shuts the door. Shobit comes from the window to meet her. He says this marriage can’t happen, you are doing wrong, you can’t destroy their life, I did the same, why are you separating them. She says you did this for myself, I m doing this for Darsh’s betterment. He says you know Nandini is alive, still you are marrying her, don’t marry him. She asks why shall I make sacrifices always, you married Gunjan, you decided to keep relation with Gunjan, I decided to stay with Darsh as Nandini always, just go, else I will shout and call everyone. Shobit leaves. Charmy cries.Darsh comes to Nandini. She asks him to knock and come. He says you didn’t answer me, why did you apply the sindoor, answer me. She asks why shall I answer you. He picks her purse. She says you can’t come in my room like this, go from here. He asks are you running from my question, I will wait for my answer. He leaves. She cries.

Her inner self appears and asks her not to run away like a coward. Nandini says yes, I m running away from him, because I still love him a lot. She cries. Someone comes to Nandini and uses chloroform to faint her. Shobit is leaving the house. He recalls Rajvi’s words. He says I have to break your promise, I can’t let Darsh pay a big price, I have to bring Nandini’s truth out. Rajvi makes Charmy ready and compliments her. Charmy says I feel uncomfortable, why didn’t Nandini go from here. Rajvi says don’t worry, I know Nandini, she won’t tell him anything. Charmy says I asked Darsh asking her about sindoor. Rajvi says calm down, stay happy, its your marriage today. Vini comes to see Nandini. Shobit looks on.He says Nandini isn’t here, how will I talk to her. Nandini is tied up somewhere. She gets conscious. She thinks who can do this. The kidnapper says I have the would be bride, I have put the current wire in the water bowl, Darsh will put his foot in the water and die, he will not get saved now. Nandini hears this and gets shocked. The kidnapper laughs. She thinks who wants to kill Darsh, I have to leave from here some way. Darsh gets ready. Rajvi helps him. She prays that marriage happens without any hurdle. Darsh says I feel strange, nervous. Rajvi says you already married that girl.

Darsh says I thought when I get my eyesight, life will be perfect, now I feel that I used to see things clearly when I was blind, anyways, you may leave, I will come. Nandini thinks what to do, the rope isn’t opening. Gunjan comes and greets everyone. Shobit says I will go and talk to Darsh. He hears some sound from the storeroom. He goes to check. He gets Nandini’s watch there. Charmy comes. Gunjan thinks Charmy left Shobit and got Darsh. Rajvi says Darsh will just come. Nandini prays for Darsh. Darsh comes. Darsh coming to his mandap. Shobit enters the storeroom. He looks around. He thinks Vini said Nandini isn’t at home, is she here. He looks for her. He calls her out. Nandini hears him. Rajvi says do the rituals of washing your feet and then sit in the mandap. Darsh looks on. Shobit asks are you here. Nandini struggles. She gets the tape off her mouth. She shouts Shobit. He runs to see her. He looks for her in the darkness. He finds her tied up. He frees her from the ropes. Nandini shouts for Darsh and runs out of the storeroom. Shobit looks on. Darsh goes towards the water bowl. Shobit also goes after Nandini. Nandini runs inside the house. Darsh removes the shoe to put his foot inside the water bowl. Nandini comes there and shouts Musibat ji.

Darsh turns to her. She runs to him and stops him. Everyone gets shocked seeing the wire in the water bowl. Nandini holds Darsh. She asks are you fine, someone tried to kill you, I was scared, if your foot touched the water and anything happened to you. Shobit comes. Nandini gets back. Darsh asks how long would you hide it Nandini. Everyone gets shocked. Shobit smiles. Darsh asks how can I do this marriage, she is my Nandini. Nandini goes away from him. He says just you could risk your life to save my life, it was my planning, I got Nandini kidnapped and made her know that my life is in danger, sorry, I had no other way to know the truth. He recalls seeing Nandini attending the school online meeting. He gets shocked.

He says if this marriage happened today, how would I fulfill my vow, when I met you in Porbandar, I was confused, I felt I have to fulfill a promise to you, today all my confusion is clear, I got to see Nandini today. Charmy and Rajvi cry. Darsh says like Krishna and Radha are called Radha Krishna, same way Nandini and Darsh will be called Nandini Darsh, Nandini’s name will always come before Darsh, I had promised this to you. Nandini cries. Rajvi sees Charmy in the mandap. Darsh says if this marriage happened, then how would I fulfill my promise to you.He goes to Charmy. He says I tried to convince myself that you are my Nandini, now I know why I couldn’t accept you, I was cursing myself that I m unable to keep my promise to you, you are a stranger for me. Rajvi says Darsh…. Darsh asks what did you do, you are my mum, you knew all this. She tries to say. He shouts why.

Darsh gets angry on the family’s lies. Everyone feels sorry. He asks who are you, how dare you think that you can take Nandini’s place in my life, I was insecure when I was blind, I thought people will cheat me, but real cheaters look into the eyes and cheat. Rajvi says Darsh, its not Charmy’s mistake. Darsh asks is she Charmy, Shobit’s Charmy? Is she alive?He asks why did you make Shobit’s ex-GF my wife, its unbelievable, my family is so twisted. He goes to Shobit. He says you wanted to separate Nandini and me to take revenge for Charmy’s death, but Charmy is alive, did you confirm her death before plotting all that, I wish to slap you, how can you be so foolish.He goes to Charmy and asks don’t you have a conscience or not, what did you think and come to take someone’s identity, you are a doctor, right, did you leave the practice, does your family know it, why are you doing this, what’s your helplessness. Rajvi tries to say. He shouts don’t even try to give any explanation, I used to say that you are my heaven, my temple, my heart and everything. Rajvi cries. He says you were my eyes, how did you cheat me, I have always worshipped you. She says you shouldn’t cry, you can’t get tears in your eyes. He says mum is given Lord’s status, but does Lord cheat us, I lost faith on you.

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