Unspoken Bond update Sunday 19 June 2022


Unspoken Bond 19 June 2022: Episode starts with Rajvi scolding Nandini. Nandini asks what did I do. Rajvi says you cheated us. Nandini says I send milk to your factory, I didn’t add any water. Rajvi says you got info about us by the factory excuse, you sent this girl to insult us. She says this girl got the calls from your phone. Tosha says yes, she used to call me. She reads Baa’s message. Nandini thinks Gunjan has done this, I can’t tell about her for Bansuri’s sake. Gunjan says so you have told me to message Tosha, what if Nandini tells the truth. Baa says no way, she has to save Bansuri’s message.

Mrs. Patel thinks I have given this work to Vanlata, who is this girl. Rajvi asks who is behind this. Mrs. Patel asks why are you looking at me, I won’t stay here. Tosha and her family goes. Nandini gets sad. Rajvi asks her to get out. Nandini comes. Baa does a drama. She scolds Gunjan and acts. Nandini thinks I want to go and tell everyone at this time. Rajvi comes. Baa worries. Rajvi returns the milk cans. She says we will not let any milk supply from this locality. The suppliers ask about their mistake. Naveen comes.Rajvi says Nandini did a mistake, my son is blind, Nandini cheated and insulted them, I can’t tolerate it, he is my pride. Naveen looks on. Rajvi says this girl did a mistake, I will set an example for you all. The men ask Nandini what did she do and why. Nandini begs to Rajvi. Nandini says fine, fill the milk back into the can, its not possible like you can’t fix things after hurting Darsh, I can’t believe you are so clever, tell me, who is behind this plan, its a last chance for you.

Baa worries. Nandini doesn’t say anything. Rajvi goes. The men scold Nandini. They all boycott Naveen and his family. Naveen gets worried.He shuts the gate. He gets angry and takes a stick. Rajvi comes home and sees Darsh swimming. She says you may catch cold, did you see the time, you have broke your own records, just 52 seconds. Darsh says I have made this day better, it depends on us to remember the day, because of bad or good memories. She says fine, I will remember good things, but I won’t forget this day, I won’t forgive that girl.Naveen gets angry on Bansuri. Nandini holds the stick and stops him. She says we both aren’t scared of anyone. She says you are Bansuri’s husband, not her Lord. Baa asks what are you saying. Nandini stops her. She says you are angry on the mistake which I didn’t do, its Gunjan’s mistake, she had gone to Rajvi’s house, I took the blame on myself to save her name, I know the value of her respect, you also try to respect women.

Baa scolds them and asks them to apologize to Naveen. Nandini asks what else, will you send us back, I know Bansuri got married at the age of 30, we didn’t say yes for marriage that Bansuri is a burden on me, I had seen her love for Naveen, if she has no respect in this house, then I will take her back to my village, she doesn’t serve you people to get slapped, I m not staying here for free. Naveen scolds them.Nandini says I will fix this mistake, Rajvi will take back the milk supply from this locality, Gunjan will get alliance also, its my guarantee. Rajvi takes care of Darsh. Darsh says girls would have dreams, they would have expectations from their houses, what will I answer my wife if she asks me how does she look. Rajvi cries. Darsh says every girl can’t be like my mum, who looks really beautiful. They hear that someone has entered the house. Rajvi thinks did the milk suppliers come to take revenge. She asks Darsh to stay inside, he won’t come out. She checks the security.

Nandini comes to Darsh’s room and knocks on the window. Darsh goes to open the window and asks who is there. She asks what are you doing here. He asks what are you doing here, come inside. She gets inside. He holds her in arms. Aapki nazron….plays….Darsh saying Shobit told me everything. Nandini says I m telling you the matter. She stops the music. She asks are you mad, so much happened downstairs, didn’t you see it. He asks how did you come. She sees her pic on his desktop. She asks him to delete it. He says its a laptop, leave it, my laptop. She says done, take it, I have deleted the files. He asks her to leave. He shuts the door. She says I m not a cheat, I will tell you later, I should have met Darsh instead him. She leaves. Rajvi cries and says everything went wrong. Parul tells about her younger sister Nirali. Rajvi says I didn’t think of Nirali before, thanks Parul, this is perfect, she is Darsh’s good friend. Rajvi finds it the perfect alliance.


Nandini comes home and prays. Bansuri asks where did you go, I will sleep in the kitchen today and talk. Nandini says you are acting happy. Parul says I informed Niral, she is coming. Bansuri asks Nandini to focus on her life. She says I have become a burden on you. Nandini cheers her up. Baa worries seeing the water in the kitchen. She asks Bansuri did she leave the water tap open here. Bansuri says I had closed the tap. Baa asks am I lying. Bansuri says no. Gunjan comes and says now Bansuri will take all night to clean it. Nandini gets an idea. She says I had kept Baa’s ring near my mattress. Baa asks them to have some food and come. She says I will clean the water. Nandini takes Bansuri. Baa and Gunjan clean the floor. Nandini smiles. She says I just lied to Baa, she was trying to trouble you.

Rajvi comes to meet Darsh. She says Nirali has agreed to marry you, we won’t take the decision soon. Darsh agrees and thinks to not let Rajvi get hurt. Nandini comes to meet Rajvi. She requests the guard. Rajvi leaves. Nandini begs her to help the milk vendors. Rajvi doesn’t listen. Nandini sees Dhokebaaz written on the wall. Nirali comes home. Rajvi asks when did you come, Darsh will be happy. Nirali says I know how to answer Darsh, Parul told me everything, don’t worry, I won’t run. Rajvi says I want to give a promise, I would never want my bahu to lead a compromised life, until you adjust with Darsh, you will get my support. Nirali goes. Bansuri puts a sweet stall in front of Rajvi’s house. She sells the sweets. Vipul asks what’s all this. Nandini says sorry, Rajvi stopped taking milk from local vendors, I have opened this shop to run their houses. Vipul says don’t act oversmart, just leave from here. Dada ji says let her do anything she wants.

Darsh asks Nirali what is she hiding, what’s the unusual thing. Nirali says actually, I got married. He says I got your mangalsutra in this purse, you really eloped and married. She says so sorry, I was helpless to marry. He asks will you run away. She says no, please understand my situation. He says you are a coward, I will talk to Parul. She says no, sit, my husband has no job, we have to lie to family. He says I can’t break mum’s heart. She says just 4 days, my husband will get a job, then I will tell everything to them, for my sake. He says its unfair, I don’t like lying to mum, just 4 days. Darsh hears a girl’s voice. He says she is selling sweets outside. He sends the servant to buy all the sweets.Nandini gets happy. She goes to give the sweets to Rajvi. Rajvi throws the sweets down. Nandini looks at her.

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