Unspoken Bond update Saturday 18 June 2022


Unspoken Bond 18 June 2022: Episode starts with Darsh holding the laddoo plate. He thinks Nandini. Nandini hears he is Darsh. She says I would have given the phone, but Gunjan kept it. Gunjan takes her selfies and sends to Ragla. She calls him. He answers the call. She scolds him for not liking his pic. He says I m working hard to run house after marriage, I love you, sorry, I will recharge your phone tomorrow, I m going for interview. The man asks doe she know you are marrying today. Ragla says I shouldn’t tell everything to everyone. Gunjan says I will have breakfast and go. Everyone is happy. Rajvi takes Tosha with her. Shobit asks them to talk to Rajvi about Charmy. She asks for Darsh. Darsh hears talking about the challenge, Rajvi has fed money to girl’s dad and got the challenge fulfilled, poor girl’s life got ruined. Darsh drops the driver’s uniform. Vipul asks Rajvi to attend the guests. Tosha sings a bhajan. Charmy says I have seen Tosha somewhere. Shobit says spare my family from your detective mode.

Nandini makes the chappan bhog ready. She talks to Kanha. Gunjan comes. She says you have made all this. Nandini says yes, I have made this in an hour. Gunjan asks money. Nandini says I won’t take money when its about Kanha. Gunjan asks her to get silent. She asks manager for money. Manager says she said she will do it for free. Gunjan scolds him and asks for 5000rs. She takes the money. Manager asks Laxman to take the bhog, Darsh will keep bhog for Dwarkadeesh. Nandini says I will give phone to Darsh and come. Gunjan gives the phone. Pandit calls Darsh there. Darsh comes and asks pandit for bhog. He touches the bhog. Nandini comes there. She looks for Darsh.Darsh says you convinced Tosha for marriage to fulfill the challenge, you don’t need to hide anything from me, you know I will do what you want. Rajvi says I didn’t wish to hide it from you, I want to do this for your happiness. He says I want to call Tosha once. She asks right now? He says please, take me to her. She says fine. He meets Tosha and asks why did you get ready for this marriage, knowing I m blind, you belong to a rich family, what’s the reason for this, are you pitying me. Pandit gets prasad.

Rajvi says we will talk later. Darsh takes prasad and takes it. Tosha forwards hands. Rajvi and everyone get shocked. Rajvi asks can’t you see pandit is here. Tosha says sorry, I m also blind, how can I see pandit ji. They get shocked.Darsh says it means you are like me. Tosha says yes, I m also blind, so I want to marry you. Nandini comes to see. Tosha says why would anyone marry us. Nandini asks why is she saying so, everyone has a right to love. Servant says yes, you can go and clean your dress. Nandini goes. Rajvi scolds Mr. Mehta and says you have hidden a big truth. Mehta says I thought you are sensible and know it, why would anyone get his daughter’s relation for your blind son, she will be the same, right. Darsh asks what’s happening. Vipul says Mehta wanted to cheat us, he didn’t tell us that Tosha is blind, he wanted to cheat us by well planning, right. Shobit says you are insulting my mum and dad.

Rajvi asks why did you lie to us, we don’t want to keep relations with liars. Tosha cries. She goes and gets hurt. She says please take me home.Rajvi says I have no objection that Tosha is blind, I object that you have lied. The lady comes clapping and says we don’t know what talks happened between Mehta and your family, you rejected a blind girl, we did the same, you praised your son, you have seen the same weakness in the girl and refused for the alliance. Parul asks her to just go the puja and leave, no need to talk. The family defends Rajvi. Dadu says Rajvi taught me that no one is normal or abnormal to be blind, but Mehta cheated us. The lady argues. Rajvi says be it about business or relations, we don’t keep relations with cheaters. She asks Darsh to come with her. The lady says your ethics are to get a blind guy married to a normal girl to make her life dark, Darsh you tell me, is your mum right, she rejected Tosha.

She asks everyone to say if she is right. Rajvi says I respect the blind, if he told us the truth and this alliance happened, then I would have loved Tosha, but they have lied again and again, I reject this alliance. Shobit gets a call. He goes. The lady says you said you will get Darsh married in 30 days, but you found a similar girl, accept that there is the truth for special cases like your son. Rajvi shouts shut up. She throws things and goes.Charmy says I need to talk something urgent. Shobit says that girl is blind, her parents didn’t say. Charmy says I know that girl, something is wrong, I will meet you after some time. Nandini looks for bathroom. She hears Rajvi crying. She passes the tissue. She says you are crying as you aren’t fine, I don’t know you, if there is a big sorrow in your life, then its because you are being tested by Kanha, just you have the strength to fight, you are making the problem bigger by crying, stop crying and face the problem, I will go, take care.


She goes. Rajvi wipes her tears. Nandini says I didn’t wash off the dress. She sees Tosha going and says she may collide. Tosha isn’t blind. She says don’t know, who is the blind, who kept it here. Nandini thinks she cheated Tosha, she was acting blind, no I can’t let this happen.Rajvi refusing for the alliance. Rakshita’s mum argues with them. She says you find every blind person abnormal, else you would have not rejected Tosha. Darsh comes and says I m ready to marry Tosha, but I will not hear a single word against my mum. Baa asks the men to get their money after few days, she will clear all the dues. She asks the men to just renovate her house. The man asks did you get any lottery. Baa says bank has come to my house.

Tosha calls Baa and says Rajvi got insulted, she can’t refuse now. Baa says just do the acting, I will get all the cash. Tosha asks will I also get the money. Baa says yes, you know what to do if you they caught. Tosha says yes. She praises her acting. Baa thinks this should go right. Rajvi says this alliance won’t happen. Darsh says I thought I will never marry, I thought that the girl will be like me, two weak people can’t lead a happy life, mum made me realize that my weakness is my strength, Mrs. Patel is showing the concern, but feeling happy seeing her sad, its a strong sense that you all don’t have, I m sure Tosha will also have strong senses. Rajvi says I won’t let you ruin your life. Vipul says yes, such imp decisions shouldn’t be taken in anger.

Mrs. Patel gets Tosha and says she had gone to commit suicide, I brought her on time. Darsh asks Tosha to never think of suicide. Tosha says you have supported me now, just what about the alliance. Tosha’s dad says Tosha and Darsh’s roka should happen right away. Rajvi says this can’t happen. Darsh says I accept. Baa asks Gunjan to do her work before leaving from Rawal house. Darsh goes to the temple and gets prasad. Shobit says Charmy didn’t tell me anything. Nandini comes to him. He asks her to take money from manager. She asks him to give phone to Darsh. He asks how did you get it. She says its a long story, listen to me about that girl… Charmy comes and takes Shobit along. Nandini says its imp to tell him. Mrs. Patel asks Rajvi to do the rasam.

Rajvi asks why are you doing this, how is this girl related to you. Darsh asks pandit to start the rasam. Rajvi says this girl isn’t right for you, I won’t let this alliance happen. Darsh says fine, I will take the vow myself, I have to show that my mum isn’t a cheater. Rajvi says I won’t let it happen. She beats a plate. She says I will not let Darsh’s vow fall in anyone’s ear. Darsh shouts aloud to make a vow. Gunjan comes there to take Nandini. Nandini gets a jerk. The decoration stand falls on Tosha. Tosha sees it and saves herself. Everyone gets shocked. Rajvi says you can’t see, how did you know that the stand is falling on you. Nandini thinks its good Rajvi got to know that the girl can see. She says why did Gunjan give this bag to me and go. Darsh asks why did you lie. Rajvi says mum’s heart never lies. Shobit says Tosha was acting blind, I don’t know why, my friend is a cosmetologist, Tosha is her patient. Charmy says yes, she has no problem in her eyes. Darsh asks what was your plan. Tosha says I m a struggling actress, I had to go to Mumbai, I was told that I will get one lakh to insult your family. Darsh scolds her. Rajvi holds him. He says sorry and goes. Rajvi cries.

Baa says she would be caught by now, I won’t get a rupee now. She makes excuses in front of the men. She asks them to leave, they will pay money soon. Rajvi asks who wants to take revenge on me and my family.Mrs. Patel asks why are you looking at me, as if I have hired Tosha to do this. Rajvi scolds Tosha. Tosha gives a number and says a woman called me from this number and asked me to do this.Rajvi asks Chetan to call on the number. Nandini answers the call. Rajvi comes. Nandini asks what happened.

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