Unspoken Bond update Monday 20 June 2022


Unspoken Bond 20 June 2022: Episodes starts with Rajvi scolding Nandini and leaving in the car. Darsh comes and asks what do you want. Nandini complains about Rajvi. He thinks Nandini had put up the sweets stall. She returns the money. She says I was trying to earn money for locality people, what about those who has no ration in their houses, why did you stop the milk supply. He asks what, who did this. She says your mum, the vendors are now my responsibility, I have returned money to you, I will earn money for them. Rajvi calls the driver and says I m getting late for meeting. Nandini comes to help. Rajvi asks her to just leave. She gets Gopal’s call. She asks what, half an hour more, this is disgusting. Nandini says let me try once. Rajvi says fine, car shouldn’t get damaged. Nandini asks will you give me money. Rajvi says I will pay.

Nandini changes the car tyre. She says its done. Driver comes and says I got the jack, who changed the tyre soon. Nandini takes 501 rs from her and says Rajvi ruined the sweets worth 500rs, 1 rs for my hardwork. Rajvi thinks I can’t believe that this girl can be a cheater. She leaves. Darsh thinks of Nandini. Rajvi comes and says you are playing with this sound ball, why, when you can catch the ball without sound. He asks what happened to the milk vendors. She says we will talk that later, what did you talk to Nirali.He says I need few days to decide this. She says your decision will be yes, I like Nirali, take your own time. He asks her to say why did she stop milk vendors supply. She refuses to talk about it. Shobit comes. She leaves. He says mom didn’t scold me today. Darsh says she loves you. Shobit gets a call.

He says I have to introduce Charmy to Darsh. He says my friend wants to talk to you, reach the ghat. Darsh says milk vendors aren’t at fault, we should so something for them. Shobit asks did you think of something. Darsh and driver put ration packets outside the vendors’ houses. Nandini also puts the sweets packets there and prays that she helps them. Darsh goes. Nandini asks how did lights go off. He hears Nandini’s voice. He says she can’t see me here, I need to run. He leaves.Darsh gets the fuse. Gunjan says Ragla switches off the power every time. Nandini catches Darsh and asks him to show his face. She scolds him for the theft. He apologizes to her. He says I m very hungry, I couldn’t do anything. She says I will give sweets, you fix the fuse first. He thinks I can’t fix the fuse. He goes.

She asks him not to come next time to steal the fuse. She thinks my hand won’t go there. He comes back. She asks how dare you touch me. He says I came to help. She says don’t steal again. He thinks how did this girl send Tosha to our house, she talks nicely, how can she cheat us. He asks her to trust Lord and hold him, she won’t fall. Nandini takes his help. She holds him. He lifts her. Aapki nazron ne….plays… She fixes the fuse. Gunjan comes and sees them. She says what are they doing. Nandini says put me down now, thanks. Darsh goes. Its morning, the milk vendors get the milk to Nandini and thank her. Naveen looks on.Nandini asks them not to worry, no one will sleep with an empty stomach. The vendor asks her to make sweets. He says Darsh came at night and kept ration packets for us, you used your mind to get his attention. She says maybe his brother told him. Naveen asks for breakfast. Nandini says Darsh is blind, but he brings light in everyone’s life.

Darsh meets Charmy. She says we will talk once Shobit comes. They hear the cow’s loud shout and go to see if the cow is in pain. Baa says the cow shouts a lot when both the sisters aren’t at home. Nandini sells the sweets. She thinks to talk to Rajvi once again. She gives sweets to the guard. She asks can I meet Rajvi once. The guard asks her to leave. She asks him to have it, she isn’t giving him any bribe. Darsh goes to see the cow. Baa hides and sees him. She says he will take the cow, then I will send Nandini to get money. Darsh says we will take the cow to the doctor. Charmy frees the cow and takes along. Rajvi comes home and sees Nandini at her stall. Nandini gets a call. She gets shocked.

Rajvi saying I get irritated now. Vipul asks her to ignore Nandini. Nandini and Baa come there. Rajvi asks who let you come here. Nandini says I want my cow, she is also my mum, your son took my cow. Rajvi asks her to think before saying. She asks what’s this bad blame. Baa says I have seen your son taking the cow. She acts and says I couldn’t stop him. Vipul asks why would Darsh steal anyone’s cow. Nandini asks why would anyone steal it, he is like Devta, your other son has done this. Shobit asks what, I didn’t do. Rajvi calls Nandini a liar. Nandini says I will remove the stall if you hire the milk vendors, its wrong to take my cow. Baa gets a pic and says he is here, he took my cow, I asked him not to do injustice, he threatened me about removing Nandini’s shop and burning my house. Nandini gets angry.

Chetan asks Baa to just leave. Shobit calls Darsh and Charmy. He thinks where are they. Baa demands money. Rajvi insults them and gives the money. She throws the coins as well. She say beggars are habitual to count coins. Nandini says I told you not to ask money. She asks Rajvi not to insult Baa. Rajvi scolds her. She asks Nandini to do anything she wants, but get out right now. Baa fumes on the insult. She takes the coins in her hand. She says your pride will also shatter, I will throw these coins on your face, I will wait for the day. Nandini takes her. Darsh and Charmy take the cow to the vet. He says I will go and get medicines.

Charmy says I will go. He says I m habitual to these roads, I will hear it first and then cross the round. She says I m not doubting you, I will go. He says just relax. Charmy reads Nandini’s message tag on the cow. She calls Nandini. Nandini says we are poor, but we have respect also, why did you ask for money, I will drop you home and then file a complaint. Charmy says its your cow, right, we took the cow to the vet. Nandini gets worried. Baa asks Nandini to go and get the cow. She runs on the road. Darsh gets the medicines. He comes in front of the car. He picks the medicines and gets away from the car. He comes to the vet clinic. Nandini sees him and catches his collar. She asks where is my cow, what did you do. He asks is it your cow. She says I would have removed the sweet stall, you have seen my stall, we villagers are poor, don’t we have respect, why did you do this with my cow. She pushes him. Ragla and Gunjan have icecreams. They see Nandini with Darsh. He says I will just go and see them, they are romancing in the middle of the road.

Nandini says if anything happens to my family then… Darsh asks her to stop it, listen to her. Ragla comes clapping and jokes on their love story. He asks what’s happening here. She recalls Ragla and Gunjan. She asks what are you doing here. Ragla insults her. Darsh says I met you already. Ragla says that day you said big things to respect women and today you are doing this. Darsh says mind your language.Ragla says Darsh is trapping our village’s innocent girl. Nandini says you were laughing at me that day. Ragla hurts her and pushes her down. Darsh thinks how did he raise hand on a girl. He punches Ragla’s face. He scolds Ragla. Ragla catches his collar. Darsh fights him. Gunjan looks on and hides. Ragla beats Darsh. Darsh catches him and beats him.

He asks Ragla not to insult any girl. Nandini says leave him. Gunjan worries and goes.Darsh scolds Ragla. Charmy comes and looks on. She asks Darsh to leave him. She calls Shobit and asks him to come with the police. Ragla runs away. Nandini stops Darsh. She scolds him. She asks Darsh to learn it from Darsh, he is so kind-hearted. She scolds him. Shobit comes with the police. Charmy says that guy went that side. Nandini scolds Darsh for trying to kick the cow. She says you can see the cow, right. Shobit says you are mistaken. Darsh’s glasses fall down. He sits to pick the glasses. He says I m Darsh Rawal, and yes, I m blind. Nandini gets shocked.

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