Bridal Material update Monday 20 June 2022


Bridal Material 20 June 2022: Chandelier slips down. Vivan holds rope. Meera runs and hugs him. Vivan leaves rope. Sunny escapes and chandelier falls down.

Vivan reminisces reading Meera’s note behind his blazer that she is doing all this to save him from Sunny. He pulls Sunn up and says he was making drama and trusts Meera a lot. He confronts that being a brother, he killed his mother and his sister’s condition is bad because of him. He punches and says this is for troubling Meera. Meera slaps him next for troubling Vivan. Sunny falls down and pulls electric wire under Vivan’s feet.

Vivan gets electroducted. Sunny catches Meera and drags her from there saying even Ram cannot save her. He throws her in car and leavs. Vivan runs behind car. Sunny takes Meera into a godown and sayss nobody can save her now, not even god. Meera says Vivan will come to save her. He sets fire around her and says it is her lakshman rekha.

Sunny kidnaps Meera and takes her to a godown, ties her and sets fire around her saying this is Lakshman rekha and nobody can cross it to save her. Meera shouts Vivan will save her. Vivan enters. Sunny sets fireo on his way. He crosses fire and reaches Meera and saves her. Sunny locks them and walks away. Vivan breaks door open. Sunny says he will not let their love win and throws gas cylinder in. Cylinder blasts. Meera and Vivan shout.

Meera’s family rush severely injured Meera and Vivan to hospital. Dolly and Amar fume if Sunny is found, they will kill him. Sunny walks in disguised as nurse in front of them, they don’t identify him at all. Dolly goes to temple to pray for Meera and Vivan’s life. A fortune teller lady says there is only dark in front and Dolly will return to her seeking help.

Doctor treat Vivan and Meera. Meera is blindfolded due to her eye injuries. Vivan goes into coma. Meera wakes up shouting Vivaan….and asks to take her to Vian. Sunny walks into Vivan’s room and removes his oxygen mask. Vivan gasps for air. Meera walks in blindfolded and searches Vivan. Sunny mimics her silently. Meera finds Vivan and senses him not breathing. She shouts and calls doctors. Doctors enter and seeing Vivan pulseless. They give him defibrillator shocks and try to resuscitate him. He breathes…

Doctor tries to resuscitate Vivan with defibrillator shocks and says he is no more Meera cries and pleads Vivan to open eyes. Vivan breathes again. Dolly thinks that temple lady was right, she needs to meet her. Doctor opens oxygen valve and asks who must have done this. Mera says an evil whom she has to end soon.


Doctor asks her to go and get her eye bandage removed. She says she will wait. Vivan looks at her and calls her. Meera asks to remove her bandage, she wants to see Vivan’s smiling face. Nurse removes bandage. Meera asks why lights are switched off. Amar says lights are on. Meera says she cannot see anything. Family is shocked to learn that Meera is blind.

Meera is taken home. She reminisces time spent with Vivan. Tu saans hai tu dard hai.. tu hi dawa…song..plays

in the background. Mera sits for breakfast. Vivan asks her to feed him breakfast. She breaks roti and dips it in curd. Vivan says he does not like curd and likes sabji and her love. He walks aside crying. Dolly consoles him that he is Meera’s hope, if he loses hope, what about them. He says she is right, he will try his best to revive Meera’s eyes. He walks to Meer and teaches number steps to reach each place of house. A romantic song plays in the background. He finally gets her down steps and says she learned so easily.
Vivan gets a call and says his wife is unwell and he cannot come. Meera asks whose phone it was. He says someone wanted to discuss about Soni Kudi academy/SKA. Meera says he should go as SKA was mummyji/Pammi’s dream project and says he has taught her a lot. He asks to press button if she needs help and leaves. Meera goes to home temple and lights lamp. She burns her hand with matchstick. Dolly rushes to her help and says she knows her daughter is very courageous and will not accept defeat. She says she will go to temple and complete her mannat/oath. Meera thinks Vivan has taught her to walk around house well, asks Dolly to go, she will manage.

Vivan meets Pammi’s friend who says SKA was her and Pammi’s dream project which she wants to pursue. Vivan says it is a good idea. Doctor comes to meet him. Vivan says his wife Meera went blind and he is tensed. Doctor says god sends help onn time, yesterday a donor wanted to donate eyes only for a needy person like Meera. Vivan gets happy hearing that.

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