Guddan update Sunday 19 June 2022


Guddan 19 June 2022: Rashi says what a catch dad? Never leave it. Guddan gets down. Rashi says we are best buddies, you were save from your mistake. Guddan says yes he did. Agastya says do you need help? Guddan says I needed once, but you better never help me. Money says to Agastya why do you always have to come in my way? Agastya says what are you saying? Shona says he keeps saying weird things.Rashi says to Guddan you did the tast. Pushpa says your mistake was saved today. It won’t have everyday. Go and prepare the menu for Roka. Guddan comes to the kitchen. Rashi says what’s in the lunch? Guddan says surprise. Rashi says it will be good anyway. Guddan says when I am sad I eat a lot. She says my mom was a superstar. My mama used to eat a lot when she was in stress as well. Rashi says why don’t you stay here forever. Life is so much fun with you. Guddan says I will get you a laddu. Money says give one laddu here as well. It smells so good. Guddan says they aren’t ready. He says I think you need help. I know you’re very talented but let me help you. Guddan says thanks but I will manage. He says no one can understand you here like me. Rashi says he’s free all day. He does nothing. Take his help. He would do something else. She says taste it, she gives him hot laddu.

Money shouts what did you do? shona says on phone don’t shout. Money says Rashi beta what did you do. Money runs. Rashi laughs. Guddan says you’re so naughty.The food is ready. Rashi says it’s so messy. Dadi hates mess. I don’t want you to fail. Guddan says when I cook good, I create a mess. Agastya comes there. He says rashi, there’s so much mess. Let’s go do your homework. Rashi says if dadi sees this she will be mad at Guddan. Guddan panics and says what will I do now. Pushpa says where is that Guddan. She had to bring the food. Agastya asks Guddan to take the food for tasting. They clean it.


Guddan comes with the food. Arushi says it smells so good. Pushpa says you girl these days deduce things before tasting. That’s why you don’t like any girl. Taste it first. Arushi says why are you talking about marriage. Pushpa says when will you get married? Agastya is getting married. Arushi says I can’t listen to everything negative and positive you say. Pushpa says shut up. Don’t argue with me. Saru ma has chosen a guy for you. Arushi says what? Saru comes. Pushpa says welcome saru ma. Saru says this girl is so good, she isn’t even talking in front of you. Pushpa says please taste it saru ma. She asks Niya to taste as well. Niya says sasu ma you tasted, that’s enough for me. Pushpa asks Niya to try her dress for roka. Pushpa tastes the food.

Everyone tastes it. Money says it’s delicious. Saru says in heart she used to create mess while cooking.Saru says let’s also check the place where she made this food. Saru says my heart would be at peace. Guddan is scared because it was all dirty.

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