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Unspoken Bond 17 June 2022: The Episode starts with Darsh coming to have food with the family. Rajvi asks Darsh to sit on the head of the family’s chair. Darsh asks why. Vipul says we learn something from the head of the family. Parul says you have won an award in Paris, you are our role model. Darsh says I will always be Rajvi’s son, she is my role model, she will sit there. Rajvi says I want you to sit there. Darsh says cut it, else life will get cut in talks. She hugs him. Nandini holds the umbrella for Gunjan. Gunjan says you can’t run after me with this umbrella. A guy comes and says Nandini, you are in Dwarka, what are you doing here, did you come to sell milk. Nandini says my sister got married in Dwarka, so I m living here, you can come and collect the milk from here itself. He gives the milk can and pays the money. Gunjan asks did the cow run away, maybe the door was open, go fast.

Unspoken Bond 16 June 2022

Nandini says Kaki asked me to stay with you. Gunjan says I had run away 7 times and came back, give me your stuff, and go fast. Nandini gives her the money and goes. Gunjan takes the money and smiles.Rajvi meets a matchmaker. The lady says Darsh comes in special category, we have to find a flexible girl. Rajvi says find a girl who adjusts here, we will keep her well. The lady says Rawal family is famous, but I get profiles of normal girls. Rajvi asks what’s normal, find a special girl for Darsh, he is special, make those girls meet Darsh once, they will know what they are losing. The lady says fine, but if they refuse, then it will look good. Rajvi leaves in angry. She says what do they think, children can’t meet their life partners because of such match makers, I will see who is that girl who isn’t impressed on meeting him, I will talk to Darsh, he will agree for the marriage.

Nandini looks for the cow. She says Gunjan has lied to me. She talks to Kanha. She says I don’t have time for marriage, make me look ugly until Gunjan gets married. Darsh is around. He hears her and says its the same girl’s voice, materialistic girl, why does she want to get ugly for someone else’s marriage. She goes. He turns and says where did she go. He calls her out. He says its me, Lafanga, I met you at the ghat. Driver comes and says there was no one here. Darsh says I heard her voice here, is she in some problem. Nandini goes to the shop.She says Gunjan lied to me again. Gunjan meets her lover. She gets angry. He flirts with her. He romances her and throws the milk can away. Nandini gets the milk can. Gunjan says you don’t want to marry right, I m going. He takes her dupatta. She asks him to return it. Nandini sees them.

Gunjan thinks she will tell the truth to dad. Nandini asks the guy to show his face. He runs away. Nandini scolds Gunjan. Gunjan scolds her back. She asks her not to tell anyone at home, else Bansuri will have to answer, she took the responsibility. She says you know no girl goes without dupatta, now see how I go now. Nandini stops her and throws dupatta over her. Gunjan signs her lover. Nandini says wear my dupatta and come. Gunjan thinks what will you do now. Her lover teases Nandini and holds her hand. Nandini’s dress gets torn by mistake. Gunjan smiles. She says she gave her dupatta to save my respect, how will sh go home in these torn clothes.

Nandini falls in some pit. People gather there. Nandini prays to Kanha to send someone who saves her from their sight, make a miracle happen. Darsh comes there. Driver stops the car and says don’t know why is the crowd here. Darsh hears the people laughing on some girl, who fell there. He says they should be ashamed. He asks driver to wait. He goes to see. He scolds them for laughing on someone in trouble. The man says there is a pit ahead. Darsh follows the instructions on his watch and mobile. He keeps his phone back. He hears Nandini crying. He sits there and says don’t worry, hold my hand and come up, nothing will happen to you. Nandini closes eyes. She holds his hand. He feels the same touch by holding her hand. He brings her out of the pit. Gunjan’s lover says your clothes got spoiled, I will buy a dupatta for you. Darsh shouts shut up. He covers up Nandini with his jacket. She doesn’t see Darsh. She gets scared and runs away. Darsh claps and scolds the guy. He says if you can’t respect any girl, then don’t insult her. The guy says I will see you and goes. Darsh says I feel this girl was the same who I met on the ghat.


He gets her anklet there. He asks whose anklet is this, what’s the connection with her that I always meet her. Rajvi meeting Darsh at the temple. She asks pandit to take the sheet touched by Darsh. Rajvi and Darsh pray. He says we are not seeing Dwarkadeesh since 3 years, I m not seeing because of my situation, you aren’t seeing because of your stubbornness. She asks him to not be stubborn. He asks how shall I agree for marriage, that girl will compromise, she will always see my flaw. Rajvi says I got hurt by this new sandal. He says throw it. She says its a new one, good design. He says we will get a new one. She says we can’t reject it, this feels like hurting me, but I feel its a little pain, its not about sight, but perception. Darsh recalls Nandini’s words and says okay fine, I lose, you win, I can’t promise to marry but meet the girl you like, maybe she changes my perception. She says fine, promise me. He says cut it. She asks how did you get hurt. Pandit gets prasad. Anklet falls from his pocket. Darsh says I have to go now, go home, I will meet you there. She says maybe Darsh likes someone, I should talk to her. She goes to Darsh and says I will go in your car, you go in my car. He asks why. She sends him.

She asks driver about the anklet. Driver says I know. Gunjan comes home dancing. Naveen looks on. He scolds her. She starts her drama. She complains about Nandini. Nandini comes home. Baa asks whose coat are you wearing. Nandini says some rich guy came to help me and gave me his coat when I fell in a pit. Baa scolds her. Naveen says if Gunjan’s alliance gets any problem, then I will send you two out of here. Bansuri asks Nandini to come. Nandini says Gunjan is wearing my dupatta, I fell into big trouble to save her. She cries. Baa says thanks, I will ask the rich guy’s mum to take you as bahu. Nandini goes crying. Baa turns and sees Rajvi there. She welcomes her. She says I m looking for the girl, its her anklet. Baa says its Gunjan’s anklet. Rajvi smiles. She says Darsh had helped you come out of the pit. Gunjan says this anklet…. Baa makes stories. Gunjan and Baa do a drama. Baa says I will make her wear it. Rajvi doesn’t see other anklet in Gunjan’s feet. She stops Baa.

She asks where is your other anklet. Baa and Gunjan make excuse. Nandini takes the anklet back from them. She tries it on Gunjan. She finds the anklet shorter. She says lying is an art, one who doesn’t know it gets trapped in it. Baa asks what did we lie. Rajvi says cut it, I understood its not your anklet. Baa acts. Rajvi says what’s in your fate will come to your house, what’s not in your fate will return from the door. She goes. Baa says she was Rajvi Rawal, Rawals are very rich, my dream broke. Nandini cries. Bansuri comes to console her. She applies a band aid to her finger and makes her smile.

Nandini talks to the cow. Rajvi looks for the girl. She hears Nandini and smiles. Rajvi asks does she understand you. Nandini touches her feet and says this is my cow, I deliver the milk to your factory. Rajvi asks is this your anklet. Nandini says yes, how did you get it. Rajvi says I met people who lied to me, I have to check your feet. Nandini says you can’t touch my feet, sorry, I have to go. She goes. Rajvi smiles. Darsh comes and touches her feet. She asks what are you doing here. He says driver told me that you are finding that girl. He says I got sandals for you. She says don’t be silly, I will come home and try it. He says I said I will meet that girl, why do you think I have any affair, that girl was in trouble, I helped her, I kept her anklet and you got it. Rajvi says you said you will meet any girl I want. He says yes. She says I will get a line of alliances for you. Rajvi takes care of the family. She says blue colour suits Darsh a lot. She keeps his clothes. She sees Darsh sleeping. Its morning, Naveen tells Baa about the alliance. He says the family would ask Gunjan to sing a bhajan, you both teach her a bhajan. Baa laughs. Nandini thinks to do it for Bansuri’s sake.

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